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What's all the hype about this game anyway? Looks bland as shit and runs like it too, even on PC.

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God of war, spiderman, days gone, detroit, dreams and more all set for 2018 release. It really is packed. Than You still have last of us part 2, ghosts of tsushima and death stranding to still come after that. Insane exclusive lineup. On top of that we get all the 3rd party games aswell.

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Losing out to ps4 on launch month is pretty embarrassing. I thought they would atleast win launch month in US but the PS4 is just too strong. Next year is looking really bleak for microsoft.

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The only way xbox could even have a chance at beating playstation is if it was half the price and has atleast a year head start but even that might not be enough.

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A really great franchise. I hope sony make more but let it rest for atleast 5 years.

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Are you kidding? Those switch npd wins, ps4 was within 20k of switch but ps4 just outsold switch by 800k in November. That's dominating. Even xbox one outsold switch almost 2 to 1. Switch really cannot be a threat to ps4 when it doesn't have the top selling games in the US, which are all 3rd party games not on switch. November sales prove that.

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Yeah but that ain't gonna stop desperate xbox fanboys trying to make out like it was the worst thing ever and playstation is dying.

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I agree. I think Greg Miller is getting arrogant and thinks he's way bigger and successful than he actually is. He's damn lucky sony even invited him at all.

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What showing? There's wasn't a conference or a showcase like sony said. It was just a nice extra for playstation fans with panels and discussions with developers. If you payed more attention you would have known what to expect.

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I doubt that. Majority of people will play it on the original ps4 so it would be a dumb move by sony to gimp it too much.

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Bahahahahaha. . What the hell is wrong with you? Who even talks like that? Go out and get some fresh air kid.. damn! Sounds like you've been stuck in one same room for the last 6 months. I can literally sense your isolation through your comment.

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It's even more better seeing the Nintendo fanboys crying because the switch sold a measly 770k on November npd being outsold by ps4 2 to 1 but sure.. If the switch had the stock it would have sold 10 billion right? Hell, even the xbox one gave the switch a beating but why wouldn't it? It actually has new 3rd party games and not ports of 6 year old games that have al ready released on like 6 different platforms.

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I think it should have one atleast one award but it's all meaningless anyway. The game reviewed well and sold really well and gave birth to a new franchise that could go on for years to come. This game pushed guerrilla games to new heights.

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PS4 is so good you should get one for every room! Xbox one s is cheaper than PS4 by the way. Unfortunately, Nobody wants even one of those.

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Lol yeah.. " demand for xbox one is unprecedented and we had the best launch hour for xbox one x in xbox history". In other words, we're getting our asses kicked.

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Underpowered? Have you not seen the graphics on those exclusives? How can sony have some of the best looking games ever made and at the same time have an underpowered console? stop looking at the number of teraflops and start looking at the actual games.

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Best black friday in playstations history, 2017 best selling year for playstation 4 since launch. . Ps4 is selling faster and faster and not slowing down. Playstation brand is pretty much unstoppable at this point. When ps4 passes 100m, sony will have the top 3 best selling home consoles of all time.

1. PS2
2. PS4
3. PS1

What a beast. Sony have owned this industry since they came into it.

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Exactly. As soon as you hear "analyst" you know really that just means the guy doesn't know what he's talking about and is full of shit.

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True.. xbox one does actually have an exclusive library but like you said, they suck donkey dick so nobody cares about them. The reason everyone is always going on about ps4 exclusives is because they look top quality and people actually want to play them. Problem for microsoft is nobody wants another garbage halo or forza. Make some new games ffs.

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Why are some xbox fanboys saying exclusives don't matter and don't sell as much as multiplats? That's complete BS. exclusives like uncharted, mario, zelda, god of war, last of us and gran turismo sell close to or over 10m copies so wtf are you guys talking about? AND they do it on only one platform. How many multiplats can you name that sell like that being on 3 or more platforms? It just shows how delusional and ignorant some of you are. It's like xbox fanboys hate games!

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