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This is a really good list. While I was going through them, I knew Psycho Mantis had to be at least in the top ten. Glad you picked it as the number one. Kojima-san's input was exactly the way I felt, but he didn't talk about when Mantis would turn you screen to the "Hideo" screen. When he first did that, I though Mantis actually destroyed my TV and I turned off the game lol.

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@ ShabbaRanks,

Kojima-san is actually an older man than he appears. I believe he just reached his 50th birthday this year. English is taught in Japan at a high school level, but maybe in his time at school, it was not required to be taught in such depth as it is now.

Many of the Japanese men my father worked with at Sony here in the states could not speak English fluently and most of them are around Kojima-san's age. Only the younger one around my age (23...

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^^^Most up-to-date TVs now have a game mode feature I presume. At least my 46" Samsung 3D Led TV does. It puts what ever connection you use to run your game down to 60HZ. I bought this TV a year ago as well.

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I wouldn't doubt the main cause of discrepantcy is the type of system you have, fat or silm, and then the actual serial/HDD package. Thats my hunch at least because my 60gig fat lags a little more than my 120gig slim. The 60gig actually doesn't have a 60gig HDD in it but a 320gig as well.

I know its a RAM memory leak issue, but like I said its a hunch. I'm no tech wiz. It also depends on the person telling of the lag. Some people over-exaggerate and come to the in...

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I can understand why people are upset though. Its not completely the the lag that bothers them, but Bethesda's sneakiness on the whole issue. For one, they didn't give out any PS3 review copies to anyone only PC/360, and they're being very vague and quiet on the whole subject.

It begs the question. Did they know the PS3 version was like this before or after release? If its before, then PS3 user were sold a faulty product and deserve refunds. If its after, then the...

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I think I had a quest glitch unless they rezzed this dude back to life somehow.


Skjor from the Companions dies in one of the first quest after becoming a werewolf, but after becoming the Harbinger of the companions, he suddenly came back from the grave like Lazareus. It was weird to say the least, but it doesn't really bother me I guess.

*End Spoilers*

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I agree that the PS3 version needs work to make it run better, but it is far from unplayable. Just look at it this way, Bethesda is promoting you resetting your game to get you out of your chair/couch and moving around some. Keep it positive.

As far as the graphics debate goes, if you want the stellar graphics on this game, start saving up for a gaming rig. Once you've got it running on PC in a couple of months, Mods will have fixed everything Bethesda "overlooked.&q...

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It will for most MISC quest, but some it won't give an arrow marker. Take finding Red-eagle's sword quest which comes from a book in the game. I click to active quest on both instances, but no arrow marker. However, you can press show location when in the map and quest menus and it will give you the general area the quest is located in.

You actually have to explore and figure out where some of these MISC quests take place. It's in the game's design.

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Yes, Elder Dragons. You don't won't to mess with those beasties unless your of decent level and even then they're still pretty tough. I have my difficulty on the hardest setting as well.

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I haven't crashed in a game once so far and the only problems I've had is the framerate dropping really quickly and stuttering when I play for long periods of time.

Read a tip today that said to delete your game data, skip the 1.01 patch, install the game data, then patch it after the game data has installed. Going to try it when I get home to see if it helps.

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Thanks for the tip. I'll try this out to see if it runs better for me. Once, I've been in the game for about 10 hours or long periods of time I guess, the framerate drops fast and starts to stutter.

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You bet. The best one is to put a pot on a shopkeeps head and then sneak around undetected stealing all his junk, frickin' hilarious.

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As far as nominee's for game of the year especially on Spike's VGA event:

1) Portal 2
2) Arkham City
3) Uncharted 3
4) Skyrim
5) Gears of War 3

Usually they have 5 nominees. 1 xbox exclusive, 1 PS3 exclusive, and 3 multi-plats. You could replace Batman or Portal with Dark Souls, but I think the Souls series is still one of those sleeper hit series and hasn't really hit the main stream yet. IMO its a duke out between...

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Stop right there, criminal scum!!!

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I don't play Elder Scrolls for its difficulty. Hell, Morrowind wasn't hard after getting to later levels, not to mention Mark,Retract, and Levitate spells.

Elder Scrolls is basically a game of epic moments when you somehow take out enemies or a finish a quest using your on creative methods like killing Dagoth Ur, decked out in full daedric armor and carry a sword that looks like fire on fire, with one hit.

I'm pretty sure their will be some epic ...

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I've got to the point now where after this fall, my gaming purchase are going to plummet to maybe 1-3 games a year next year. I'm going to stick with the games that deliver long hours of gameplay with multiple playthroughs like Bethesda RPGs or a shooter like Dust 514 where it will constantly be updated and I won't need another shooter due to clan involvement.

This keeping content out of used games and even new now with all this pre-order crap is just getting plai...

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In Morrowind, I finished the main quest, all side quests, both expansions, found every weapon, was a vampire and werewolf at the same time, wore all daedric armor, and I carried a sword that looked like fire on fire.

Needless to say, no man was left alive when I finished that game. Once a Sith, Always a Sith.

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^^^I actually agree with you. If your more of a support and assault guy, then your accuracy is definitely going to be lower than say a CQB or sniper guy. I should have said I test people on accuracy and reaction based on their role in the game.

You wouldn't want a sniper with a accuracy percentage of 50% in your clan would you? or a CQB guy with a slow reaction time. Depending on their role, I look for a minimum value that I'm looking to pass in a persons skill and d...

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I think the best representations of skill in an FPS is your 1) accuracy percentage, 2) your reaction time, 3) your time playing the objective, and 4) the time you spend fulfilling your role. Your K/D plays some importance, but it can be easily outweighed by 3 and 4.

These are the four things I was tested on and now test on when in competitive clans.

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Wolverine would more than likely dominate the fight unless Kratos got a hold of his head like he did with Apollo. Decapitated Wolverine=Dead Wolverine.

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