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Unless this new PS4 mouse/mini-keyboard was compatible with every FPS, I can't see it being worth the effort. More to the point people that want this could just carry on with their PC games. Is there really a massive desire to play Shadow Fall with a mouse?

Personally, I've only briefly tried keyboard controls on a basic FPS. It's not for me. Knuckles went stiff using WASD. Happy enough with my controller options. #1
An interesting point of view. Well put. I hope they do take on feedback to improve as they go. On the other hand, couldn't demos/betas do that?

The Final Fantasy (OK, paid) demo seems to be serving the same purpose, which I think is a great approach to fan feedback #13.1
Read the article. Author mentions all of those games. Basically, they had a clear set of release windows in comparison to Hitman. Some good, some poor. #14.1
It's still mainly ports we're seeing on the Vita tbh, but at least it is getting used.

Dusted mine off recently to try latest batch of PS+ titles but wasn't gripped by anything really. Luftrausers was ok until I hit a wall thanks to my lame skills. #1
Yeah, it's not the prettiest of games is it? Made me pine for King of Monsters on the Mega-Drive/Genesis instead. #1.1
We've updated the story with [UPDATE: The code only seems to work if eBay have emailed it to you (although it's the same code for everyone. Still, it's worth checking to see if you've been sent one.]

Changed the title to be clearer too. #1.1
I was going to get this on XO for the mods, but seeing as they're not an exclusive anymore, I'm not sure. Not sure how long they'll take to get to PS4 as I know they're 'coming first' to Xbox.

I just hope both versions run better than the series did on PS3/360. Man they were rough. #2
Yeah, I don't wanna bite now, then there be a sweet Halo/Tomb Raider bundle mocking my face later this year. #1.1
Try again now maybe? Seems to be working ok for me. #3.1
Really unsure if I want a sequel. I like the ambiguity of the ending as it is. So new characters only maybe, that said, I really like Joel and Ellie.

It's a tough decision either way for Naughty Dog, especially as they seem to be wrapping up Uncharted with U4. Is a new Jak & Daxter even likely in today's gaming climate (because apparently we don't like platformers any more)? #1
Read much @Flames76? The article focuses on how the store exclusivity is the main issue as they will charge £130 while other UK sites were happy to sell it at £100 before it became an exclusive. #8.2
Assuming it does end up being an exclusive, other retailers (online generally, as that's where the best prices are) stocking the item would encourage some of them to knock money off the price to stay competitive. One seller = no incentive to discount the price. Sounds like Game are the only winners. Gamers pay more. MS have a smaller audience. #1.1
Ok, how about going in as a complete newb? Which should I go for first? The anime on netflix, or the game? #1.1.1
It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad. I mean come on Nintendo, we want to give you money. Just do a proper game. #1
How are people getting on? Some of us have managed to get it working on PS4 as full game, others are saying it only works as a trial. PS3 version doesn't want to download for me, but PS4 was fine. #3
Hmmm, really not sure. Leave Joel/Ellie's story alone and maybe start with new characters. I think a prequel exploring the gap between the prologue and main game for Joel could be interesting, but potentially too similar to regular zombie game/movie/TV timelines. #1
I love the futuristic direction the series is taking, but at the same time, I think a new WWII-era game is long overdue. Enemy Front was awful though. #1.1.2
Better than Ghosts at least. Although Dog vs Helicopter was so bad it was good. #1.1
I feel bad that they just dumped 8 month's of work though. Am interested as to what direction she was originally taking it that seemed so different to what Druckmann and Straley wanted.

That said, I'm still just as psyched for the new game and will always love the first three. Very excited to see what Hennig brings to a Star Wars game too. #4
That's a decent offer, especially compared to those RRP ones. If you're paying full whack, you're getting screwed by not just buying a regular model and then picking up a SATA hard-drive separately. #1
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