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I've set myself a limit of £30 for this one. Think I'm going to be waiting a while though. Damn you high-scoring reviews! Suppose I'll just work through 'the pile' for now. #2
I don't even want a 3DS, but that's a hot price. So soon too. Think I might wait until I've heard how awful/good that second analogue thingy is. Tbh, it pisses me off just looking at it. #2
It's been pretty good for COD prices in recent weeks. In past years you'd never see less than £30 for about 6 months. #5
Yep, Bungie charging half the price of their full game for DLC drop with no new planets isn't cool. . #3
Working ok for me at the moment. #1.1
I'm planning on falling into Fallout Vegas for the next month. Just got the Ultimate GOTY thingy version. Pretty sure I can wait for getting my ass handed to me at COD for a while. #2
What! I played it yesterday and while the challenges are online, I couldn't connect to a single MP race. Tried for over an hour. I played it at launch, held off two weeks before reviewing it - still bad then -. #2.1
I should really get this on eBay while it's still worth something. #8
If only we could trade in digital copies... #1
I've been keeping my eye out all year and it's a bit sad this is the best I've been able to find. I think last year I used the same facebook code trick. My PS Plus expires on the 27th, so I may just have to get this one. Beginning to think the deals are thinning out now, especially for games. Console deals seem pretty hot still. #1.1
Some kid is gonna crap his pants on Xmas morning with that deal! #1
If the final Crew game is anything like the Beta, the writing will be too damn small for me to see all the gross micro-transaction crew dollar in-game currency amount stuff. #2
I should really go back to this. I had so much fun last time I played it. Better learn how to fly those helicopters though instead of killing half my team by cartwheeling across the mountains though.

The patches seem to have fixed the issues that caused it to be such a mess around launch. I know it's a different dev team for Hardline, but I hope they don't balls it up like Dice did. At least they pulled it back to 2015 to work on it some more, a good call I wish more... #1
This is still quite pricey for me. I found GTAV a bit of a slog on PS3 (so much commuting!), so that's not going to change on PS4.

That said, I've always loved GTA. Why hasn't it clicked for me yet. Maybe a new lick of paint is the answer for V and me. FPS mode looks sweet too. I could always sell my PS3 version for about £15 (worth less and less every day now) and put the cash towards this one. #1
I never got into the first game, I gave it five hours and then gave up. Sure five hours isn't much in an RPG, but life is short. Then fans didn't like DA2, so I didn't bother either. But this one... I really want it. Videos looked great and I like the idea of being able to swap between regular and tactical controls. Think I'll check out a few reviews, then maybe take a dip. This might be the best price before Xmas too. #1
Does it really take up much of your time. A few seconds at most. US articles don't have to be labeled as such, so you might just have to deal with it. Also every article ever submitted on n4g is because someone wants hits. #2.2
Boom! :). But yeah, the greatness is coming. Maybe. Just, erm not for a while yet. #1.1.1
Boobisoft have really messed up with Unity. A shame for the first new-gen-only title, but with any luck they won't balls it up as badly next year.

They should have just slapped some boobs on the male animation rigs, it'd been fine. It's not like the male characters are built like rugby players is it? #2
I'd be quite up for this on PS4, as I only played ME1 when I eventually got a 360 years after it came out. Not had time to pick up the sequels and the PS3 version of the Trilogy has always been a bit pricey. That said, I don't think I'd fork out £40 for a PS4 version when I could pick up 2+3 for about £6-8 each. #2
@SniperControl: Wish granted! XO for £289.99. #1.1.4
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