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@SniperControl: Wish granted! XO for £289.99. #1.1.4
Yeah, I mean the odd retailer may go a little bit cheaper. But if people are buying as a present, it's best not to gamble by waiting. That said, better value deals will probably appear bundling in a game or two which could save you some extra £££. COD and Driveclub for example. #1.1.1
Also @Abriel regarding your report: if you bothered to read the piece I at no point mislead the reader that I have seen the game in action. Previews have always been a wide-ranging term too in my experience writing/reading. Buy anyway, it's 'fixed' now. Enjoy the view on all us commoners from your high horse pal. #2
Before someone beats me to it: Yep, Kai and Senua's noses look a little different in the comparison shot (which uses concept art for Senua). But the CG images look more similar. #1
And I thought Destiny and Far Cry 4 were going to be taking up all my time in a few months. Really liking to new additions to COD today though. Well until, I realise I still don't have the skills. Or maybe I'm going to be a dodging ninja *prepares for not being any sort of ninja*. May as well see what this Crysis 3 lark is all about on PS Plus while I wait. #1
These prices make me so sad, being a purely console gamer. I don't have the patience / cash to build a decent rig though. Think I'll always prefer just knowing I can put a disc in and it'll play without issue on an Xbox or PlayStation etc. That's what I tell myself at least when pushing my nose against the glass at the Steam sale. #1.1

Yeah, I think that sort of pay-to-win (pay per punch) stuff put me off loading up Tekken Revolution (the ftp one on PSN) as I heard it was all based on paid boosters for MP. Nobody needs that.

Guess I'll just have to keep an eye on Mortal Kombat X. I suppose Injustice was pretty good. #7.1.3
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I think we all know what's actually happened is that the Trico creature from The Last Guardian has ate the game and has been ill with 40 miffed brawlers battling inside it for the last few years. #8
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I've never been into Tekken, but love SF. the contrasting control methods seem like a nightmare to put in one game.

Think I'd much prefer Street Fighter V. No, not an Ultra Super Duper SFIV with Turbo Boobs or whatever. #7.1.1
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Some of the indie stuff has been a bit pricey for me on PS4, but at least a lot of them have been freebies with PS+. That reminds me, I should check out Lone Survivor and give Mercenary Kings another go. #1
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Well said, it seems everyone here has forgotten about them saying these things, which raised my expectations of the PS Plus edition in the first place. But yeah, facts give trolls sore bellies. #19.1
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That was in September last year. In the comments section of the cited article (from this week) in the Dealspwn feature, the same guy says you can't get the Platinum Trophy with PS Plus Edition. #8.1
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I can see the point buying physical copies of cheap games because you could sell them on. But what's the point in having a digital game if you're not going to play it? #4.1
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I know! That's a weird guest appearance, just on the Sunday I think. #1.1
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Out of stock at these sites now, but Tesco have it for £339 via a promotion code. #15
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What sort of speeds do you get around there? I pay through the nose for a connection that randomly gives me 16-60Mb. £40 (about $66) per month with Virgin Media.

Would be interesting to hear prices/speeds folks get.

EDIT: @MIKE32UK. Yeah, that £40 includes compulsory line rental for a landline that never gets used. #2.1
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You have to wonder 'why bother' after the dismal showing of the Ouya. Plus, why would you play a mobile title on your TV?

Video streaming shiz makes sense though.

How about a Steam Box rival though, i.e. a 'proper mini pc'? No? I'll see myself out. #1.1
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Yeah, they seem to have plenty of stock in the UK too, but they're charging way more than they are in the States. How much are the cameras in Germany? #4.1
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Ha, someone's just commented on the original story with:

"Dear writer allow me to answer your question.
The PS4 has this app called "U-Stream" that allows for completely uncensored live streams.
I'm not even sure you need the camera as far as streaming games are concerned unless you want to show your face.

But to answer your question people are getting the camera in order to start their own adult oriented love stream s... #5
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Think I'll wait for a while. I enjoyed a few games on the Move (on PS3), but Sony seem slow to get it going on PS4.

I've been hearing a rumour that they'll bundle the camera with the new VR headset, so it may be worth hanging on until then. Fingers crossed that bundle actually includes a discount. #2.1
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