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Yeah, what a great incentive for budding designers/programmers. I imagine this was originally a very expensive piece of kit and now anyone can give it a go.

Man, you'd be pissed if you've paid for it recently though. #1.1
Yeah, I've been tempted to dust off Soul Sacrifice for a while. So much brown though. #1.2.1
Man I wish this series would come to Vita. Don't even try to convince me about Freedom Wars *spits* #1
I imagine all the hoop-jumping on consoles is why it takes so long for PC indie games to get there, rather than development issues. A shame really. #2
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Nice, a lot of people have been waiting for this to happen for a while. #1
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If they don't release it with a blue gel blob controller though, I'm not bothering ;) #3.1.1
At the end of the day if you enjoy the game. It's all good. I guess if I was annoyed that the game ended so soon must have been enjoying it. Too much watching instead of playing though. #10
For any game this short/controversial I think rental is the best option (if you can in your area/country). You'll be able to finish it and if you enjoy it and want to own a copy you can wait a few months and pick it up at a cheaper price. But yeah, I'm hoping for a sequel that will take on some fan feedback. #8
While I generally prefer turn-based JRPGs, I'll certainly give this a go. The Tales of.. games I've played on PS3 have been action-RPGs and have been pretty good.

It's a shame the RPG is something of a nervous release for western publishers nowadays. Namco have been flying the flag proudly though with Tales and Ni No Kuni. NIS America too (super niche though). If only Square hadn't screwed the pooch with the FFXIII trilogy. #3
Yeah I tried to get into Fable years after the fact. But it's just so...rough. Picked up Fable 3 when it was going for free during an XBL glitch, still not played it. Considering Mass Effect 2/3 are still on my list, I think I should finish those first.

Would give Legends a go though, looks sort of fun for a bit. Going f2p looks like a smart move too. To be honest they might have got away by it going for £10-£15, unless it was going to be a cheap release origina... #2
Yeah, sounds about right. I think The Order's ripe with potential. It's been selling well apparently, so hopefully enough to greenlight a sequel. I say it's been selling well, but mine went straight onto ebay after a quick 2 plays for the Platinum and I imagine others have done the same. Poor replay value. #1.1
Ah man, tempted by this. But then if I really get into the 3DS library I'm going to end up being annoyed I didn't get the New 3DS.

This is the problem Ninty, I know you've always got something better around the corner. I'll wait a year, buy a New 3DS and then you'll go and announce a brand new handheld. #3
I've been eyeing one of those. The price difference between the US and UK puts me off though. Not a fan of getting gouged just because I'm in the UK. #2.2.1
£1.85? I've sold my shame for less before. *shame buys* #1
Yeah cheap Steam machine to get me into PC gaming is what I'm after.

Would these things still 'be a PC' too though? So would I be able to use it with windows, MS Word and all my usual stuff or would it be more of a console box? #2
Believe it when we see it Rockstar. If these turn out to be any good I might upgrade to the PS4 version. Haven't played my PS3 copy since about a month after launch. #1
About time the series had a game to do it justice. Graphics look great on the new consoles too. And a decent camera! Right, now where's that Fullmetal Alchemist game I've just made up? #1
You're braver than me. I'm terrified of any electrical equipment spontaneously combusting if it's left plugged in while I'm on holiday. I also get the feeling if my Vita can't handle a different room, a new continent isn't going to agree with it either. Oh well, I can at least fire it up for some 'near' miles. *sigh* whatever they're useful for. #2.1.1
As someone else said on a comment on the website. Ninty had a rough start with the 3DS, but they stuck with it and now the 3DS is thriving.

So Ninty managed to successfully turn around a console that gives you headaches and has seriously dated hardware in terms of graphical output (I've no shame in my shallowness there). Yet Sony can't get behind a handheld that can make games almost on a par with the PS3. This makes me all sorts of sad.

As a Day 1 Vi... #4
Hearing a lot of mixed reports about Remote Play. For me, it's been balls. Even with a wired PS4 connection. Don't think my modem's too shabby either. Seriously, it could barely handle Lego Marvel without stuttering every minute or so. Anyone else? #2
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