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Urgh, that's a bit sneaky. I've updated the post with the new price. Ta for the heads up.

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Nice, loved this back on PC

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Been bending time a little yourself ahead of next month a bit :p

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The code itself changes often though :)

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Someone's clearly still buying these games if they keep getting released in the West. Not my thing last time I played (on PS3 maybe), would try a demo though to see if anything's changed.

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About time the retro obsession remembered the scrolling beat 'em up. Hard to believe Streets of Rage hasn't been bested in all these years.

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Looks sweet, been looking for something to fill the Dragon's Crown-shaped void :)

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Just in time! I've just finished Far Cry: Primal and I need more caveman games now!

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Seems stupid to leave it so late on. The new Fable was almost ready FFS, even if it wasn't going to be great, MS could have at least let them finish.

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Before I got a cheap refurb XO, the white one was in my sights too, but I went for the money-saver in the end. That Sunset Overdrive bundle was the one I really wanted though.

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Building a PC has been on my to do list forever, the games are so much cheaper. But building a rig is very offputting for a newb like me and faffing around with settings etc is something I just don't have time for, so I'll probably stick with consoles for the near future.

If the Steam machines hadn't been so ludicrously priced (and there wasn't so many of them), I would have been happy to dive in that way. Still hope they can sort something out that way though...

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I've used them myself a few times for PS+, Xbox Gold and a few digital console titles without issue. No complaints from our readers either in the years we've highlighted the site. Full disclosure, I posted the deal article in question.

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Will keep an eye on this one, wasn't on my radar before.

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I'll wait until all the episodes are out for this one before diving in.

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Mainly play on PS4, but yeah that's always an option on XO. Although I probably wouldn't bother as I've got enough wires and plugs all over the place as is!

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Yeah, official bundles for PS4/XO should always be using the 1TB from now on I reckon. Oh, well, suppose it's kept the cost down a bit for this bundle.

Regarding hard drive space, would be nice if we could leave some games installed, but ask them not to receive patch updates until we say so. That'd help save some space. That or devs could stop forcing massive content patches on everyone for upcoming DLC packs whether we're buying them or not.

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Still need to find out more about this game. MS haven't really pushed it as much as I thought they would considering it's their main exclusive for a while (PC notwithstanding).

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Oh, come on, Ubisoft. That's not even subtle. Well spotted guys. I enjoyed the game, maybe even more so than FC4, but that's a bit cheeky to say the least.

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Good to see all platforms getting considered. Exclusives for indies just seems stupid nowadays.

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Laura's been one of the main characters I've used outside of the usual lot. Nice fluid moves and easy to remember. So glad she handles the way she does, had a horrible feeling she was going to have similar inputs to Zangief.

Looking forward to the March updates but Capcom arguably need to add an old fashioned arcade mode or even just a VS mode to fight the AI. Survival mode is too long winded and unbalanced

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