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Always good for a laugh these games,especially in co-op #1
Um, what? It's £40.99 for £50. Save £9.01 #1.1
How often does anyone use AA batteries for anything else other than old controllers? I find the life of the rechargeable ones I have dying out because they rarely get used. Hence proposing that wired would be the way to go if I found myself needing a new 360 controller as I'm just buying more rechargeable packs/AA for nothing. #6
I did! Ta for spotting that #1.1
Yeah, the pricing on some of the PC > console games is just nuts. Really about time I put a rig together #2
I'm thinking of buying it just in-case I get a cheap Wii U in a year or two, as I'd hate for Bayonetta 2 to become rarer and then more expensive. Not the same scenario, but the original Xenoblade on the first Wii is at least £30 preowned nowadays. #5.1.1
Can't wait for this to come to console. Didn't enjoy WRC5 and the Seb Loeb Rally demo didn't do it for me either. #1
Not sure TBH, I assumed they were. Maybe it'll happen in the next few months. I remember the Magma Red version was an EU release first too. You might have to import if any of the retailers in the article ship to the US. #2
Looking forwards to this one, more off the back of Alan Wake. Still not sure about the TV thing. Will be better than Defiance at least! #10
The article isn't promoting the PSN version. It's linking to a UK retailer that's selling it for £19.99. #3.1
Never been into mobile gaming, but sometimes it's easy money for devs and publishers and hopefully goes towards funding console titles. #26
I was never that bothered about 60fps, then I played a few remasters that went from 30 to 60 and realised how much better it was. #5
I'd be surprised if they managed to beat the PS2 numbers as most gamers had one of those back in the day. The original Xbox was way behind the PS2's numbers, but Microsoft has made up some serious ground over the years, especially with the 360. That said, the PS4 has continued to pull away from the XO throughout 2015, with minor blips around Halo 5 natch. #8
Just tried this with a friend. He downloaded the beta after playing my copy of the game via shareplay but when he tries to load it up, it asks for a valid Uncharted Collection save file? #15.1.1
Really, just how obsessed are you with any deal I post? I've been doing this for years at multiple sites and have promoted them here for ages too. You're the only one that seems to have a problem.

Affiliate and Associate links are a thing. Everyone knows this. And FYI, there's a disclaimer on the About Me section of the website. #2.1
Hang in there. Think they've got slammed with the extra traffic today. Discount code is good through the weekend #4.1
You can change the currency via top right corner. Seems to go to $15.28. Presumably you'd pay shipping too. I can't see as my account is UK-based.

Or go via Amazon US. $18.11 delivered. #1.2
What's GCU? I'm in the UK. BTW,on US sites like Amazon, Target etc, does your $ price on there include tax, or do you get stung at checkout? #1.1
Brilliant, that's me sold on all that proof. You're a winner. #2.2.4
So, despite Polygon not mentioning CD Keys at all, YOU have decided they're just as bad as G2A and Kinguin, despite them never having a scandal reported on them? #2.2.2
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