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I think a lot of the most popular Marvel brands (X-Men, Avengers + Spidey) are a bit too family friendly for Telltale to get stuck into as they're (Telltale) at their best when going darker. My non-movie Marvel knowledge is pants though. Give me another season of Wolf Among Us though for sure. #2
Read the post and find out (but yes) #15.1
Yeah, we always get stung for adopting early. But at least we can take advantages for offers on the other consoles. I'm just hoping Nintendo get in on the price war shiz too. They should be after the money of gamer's looking to get a 'second' new console. There's more logic in picking up a Wii U to go with your PS4/XO today. #1.1.1
The lack of a story mode is just balls. But if you only want to play MP (some people do), this might be a decent preorder price. £45 elsewhere. If EA and DICE can get people to pay £40 for a Battlefield game, then another £40 on a Season Pass, I'd expect a royal shilling from Star Wars getting in on that mix. #3
Both consoles have come down so much since launch. And they've both had better starts than their last-gen counterparts. Good times for gamers. #1
From what I've heard overall, Solid State drives don't have much of a speed impact on consoles compared to the way they do in PCs. You're paying a lot more money than a standard hard drive and not getting a lot of extra performance for it. Also, a 256GB drive is waaaaay too small. Most people's default 500GB drives are filling up now if they've had the console for a year or more thanks to huge installs from discs, large downloads, fat patches and PS+. I'd get a 1TB at... #9.1
Yeah, I like reading more about the lore as it's really buried in the game itself. Fingers crossed there are plenty of unique screens as it'd be sad if a select few just loop over. Feel free to taunt me with gear I don't have yet so I can track it down. then be sad because my Arcane rating is pants and I can't use it. #3.1
I'm too stingy with my electric bill to leave my PS4 on for 12 hours to test if the boss glitch has been fixed. Guess if people wanted to cheat, they could always delete the game data and not download any patches when they play next time. Or, yanno, play the thing properly - with blood tears running down your face and the DS4 in pieces out the window. #2
The last screenshot in this piece has too much awesome in it for the human brain to handle. I don't understand this, but I want it. #1
For now. Doesn't mean something similar won't appear further down the line. The article talks about why it could and what would need to change. #2.1
Think it'll be Black Friday before you see that price. But hey, that could include 5 games too if last year was anything to go by! I'm planning on grabbing an XO or a Wii U around then. Or both. Ha, like I even half time to play half the stuff I have on PS4. #1.2
Can't see it going cheaper than that before launch tbh. But then again, I've been tempted to play through the first two again just before Knight arrives. By the time I've got around to doing that it may have been out a while and even cheaper. I should try and finish Origins too, but then again, I'm playing these things to have fun. Origins does not do 'fun'. Except for double-ended grappling hooks and exploding canisters that is. #1
The current lineup of consoles are all getting cheaper now. It's time to own them all! Then just play with one of them... #1
Quitting doesn't always mean that at all. Essentially, if they wanted to carry on making Batman games, I'm sure Warner would let them.

If you're at a job and want to do a different one, you 'quit' your current job. It's just language. Nobody, including this article, can accuse Rocksteady of half-assing their Batman games at all. #2.1
There are some sweet prices here, especially given many of the scalpers on eBay are charging £20. £7.99 should be the RRP for these tbh. That said, people are throwing their cash at them whatever the price. £19.85 for a Woolly Yoshi at ST the other day. Shocking. You deserve to be beaten with a bar of soap in a sock if you pay that much #2
Not bad at all, I've briefly seen physical version for about £39, but most sites are selling around £45 #1
This looks sweet, but I'm guessing if my NEW laptop is struggling to play a youtube vid properly, it would fall to pieces if I put this game on it. Frame-rate and mods aside though, I've watched a few screen-wipe comparisons with the PCvsPS4vsPS3 and think the PS4 version isn't too far behind the PC one. So not all bad. #1
Played the first game on PS3, was way more fun than I expected and much better than the Dynasty Warriors games. Double the enemies? That's gonna be insane! #1
Nice. The free 200cc update should bring some players back in and £7 sounds like a fair deal for eight tracks and extras. Liking how the four remakes aren't just slight polishes of Wii tracks. They're old enough to feel new to most of us. #4
Na, they're solid over at CD Keys. We've used them a lot with no complaints. Unfair comparing them to G2A #3
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