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Not my fault I've got no interest in anything else.Sad to see that MY opinion on these games offended you so much.

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Duh,I know it not a port but it may as well be.And everyone knows japanese handheld games are either about hentai girls,hunting monsters or ports.

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Why don't people just get over this game? There are plenty of games that shit on this junk!

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Halo 4.Everything else looks awful.

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People really need to get out more.Then you won't be jizzing yourself over a lady in a game.

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I don't really care.I'll support MicroSofts decisions and not whine about it.

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Never liked these games.I mean,a bunch of spikey hair trannies saving the world? How exciting/s

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I'm getting this.Halo 4 will probably be the last great game this gen.So excited.

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2 ports and a game with a flying hentai girl isn't worth almost $300.

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Why not just buy a console and leave the crap handhelds to the Nintendo kiddies.My iPhone can do anything the Vita can and more.

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360 has almost no ports.Every game is made for that and then ported to PS3 and PC.

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I think you mean down the toilet waiting to be flushed.

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You've only yourself to blame.People tried to tell you Vita was DOA and you ignored them.Next time buy something that will be supported for more than 5 minutes.You could have got a 360 and Kinect for the price of that POS.

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Wii U has too many ports.

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I haven't seen anything on this that looks anywhere near Halo 4 or,to a lesser extent,Uncharted 3 on PS3.I guess I'll just wait for the NextBox.

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COD should not even be in the same sentence as Halo4.No,just no.

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I love when PS3 gamers pick on Bethesda.Why not just buy a 360 and play the game and stop complaining?

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Who cares what some random Irish guy thinks? Multiplayer is now more important than single player.FACT! Do they even get videogames in Ireland? Kid should stop talking about stuff he has no idea about.

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