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You retard obviously didn't read the Nvidia article

It said Nvidia didn't want the job to work on the PS4 cause it doesn't fit with their future and current business plans cause they want to do their own things.
And every effort they put in the PS4 aka a product that isn't theirs holds the development of their own stuff back.

Retards like you are annoying.No clue about anything and want to spread false information and believe themselve... #1.6.1
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Who cares?
Are people so excited about a console that is focusing on 3489374 Copy+Paste Halo Games and tons of Kinect Fitnessgames?

Get a PS4 and get all the awesome CORE GAMES!
Not that piece of casualcrap. #39
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As long as Naughty Dog isn't making it exclusive for the PS4 i don't care

Activision will probably give Crash tons of weapons and let him scream " USA USA USA WE KILL EVERYONE" the whole time.
And of course he will be bald.

Give the IP to Naughty Dog or let the franchise sleep. #26
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The team is fine.
The community they made the games are for is not.
Revelations was made for a Japanese Community and didn't suck.
Everything else was made for idiots aka Xbox/CoD/Halo people and they sucked....COINCIDENCE!!!NOT!
Sames goes for SquareEnix

Capcom said themself they want to get the attention of the CoD/Xbox Community and changed their style to suit those "players"
As it looks they are back on the Sony train... #1.5.2
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@JB Sleek

Japan is airing the Football Worldcup 2014 in 4k
Most of their stuff is going to be aired in 4k and they even already test RIGHT NOW 8k.

In Europe they will push it with Football/PayTV like they did years ago with Full HD.

In the USA Sony said will deliver a library and everything they own will be in 4k in the future.

(Full) HD Ready in the 90s(YES IT WAS ALREADY AROUND THEN) did cost the same as 4k or 8k no... #1.7
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Don't forget Sony is getting discounts cause they buy so much.
399$ for the best and only TRUE NextGen Console is pretty nice and reasonable. #41
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Da fuck?
Microsoft talks about being the leader?
They aren't - Sony is ahead of them and destroyed them even after Microsoft did put all this effort and had a really good start into this Gen.
The last years the PS3 raped the 360 and Sony got on the 1st place in terms of HD Consoles and at least on 2nd place if you count the Wii.

In no chart the 360 is first.
Its the PS3 or the Wii and thats a fact. #18
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Definitely better than Sly4,God of War A. The Last of Us,Beyond Two Souls(2 NEW EXPENSIVE Highquality IPs from 2 of the best devs in this gen with untouched genres)
Oh and NiNoKuni,Tales of Xillia and some other Japanese PS3 Exclusives...

Man those Kinect and Arcade so envy.

Such an article shows how deluded and how stupid the Microsoft Fanboys are.
Give them copy+paste shooters like Failo and COD every year plus a bunch of shovelw... #20
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It will be a complete different scenario this time

The PS4 won't come 1 year late
It won't be as expensive as the PS3 - It will probably cost as much as the NextBox.People can afford = more potential buyers.
Sony is changing the architecture completely.From their unique Cell stuff to an architecture that is nearly the same as the NextBox one.
We are going more and more into a direction of PCs where only some parts are different.

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No it isn't - Its a garbage console
If he should get one its the PS3 aka the console who is getting tons of Exclusives this year while the 360 gets another Copy+paste shooter of their 3 franchises they have and release every damn year. #1.12
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Said it since day 1 this started.

J-RPG and in general Japanese Game fans don't want their games playing like western stuff and especially not on the wrong console.
They were the 1st to learn this after Vesperia on the 360 nearly destroyed them cause no one cared.They went back and did better than they could have imagined.
Team Nomura at SquareEnix always knew this but Wada is so retarded and desperate he wants to succeed on the wrong console and is destro... #38
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CoD will still use an engine from 1999 and that is your most important franchise.
Again 7 years with only the Copy+Paste shooters.

You don't need a new console Gen anyway.You are happy with that garbage franchise.
Sony actually has developers who want to push limitations and offer new experiences cause the Sonny Community is hungry for them. #43.1
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Naughty Dog could even push a SNES so hard it will produce better graphics than the NextBox.

But well - We got the better hardware anyway and of course the better Developers with Naughty Dog,Guerilla Games,Santa Monica Studios,PD,SuckerPunch and many others who prefer the Sony Platform.
CoD will still look like shit - Even on a PC from the future cause it will still use an Engine from 1999 aka the most important game of the Microsoft Console.They don't need a new... #59
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The PS3 has some of the best games ever created coming out in this year.
Alone "The Last of Us" and "Beyond Two souls" will be 2 games that will define the whole gaming industry in a complete new way.
They do so much new things no one could have thought is possible with such old hardware.And im not talking only about graphics > The Last of Us will have the best AI in Console Gaming ever created.

The... #1.1.6
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Witcher 3 will be better on PC and Gran Turismo or Project Cars are far superior to the unrealistic and lame Forza Series.
Get a PC and PS4.Only good choice if you want the best games in the best quality and a lot of variety. #4.1
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Get it for PC
No need for a Xbox...Support Remedy and their favorite platform.They did fight like they want to leave hell that they can bring Alan Wake 1 for PC after the 360 version FLOPPED so hard. #1.4
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Look at The Last of Us,the PS3 Exclusive

It focus heavy on an insanely good AI(best AI in gaming right now) combined with probably the best console graphics ever achieved.

The AI of that game should be a stepping stone for the Next Gen and i hope a lot of developers try to at least get on that level.
Cause hopefully Naughty Dog can't be the only one who is able to achieve such crazyness. #2.1.1
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In the end the only thing that matters here is that the PC Version runs at 60FPS like the old Devil May Cry Games and not on 30fps like DmC does on consoles.

For such games 30 or 60FPS is an insane difference especially if you are into skill combos and perfectly executed moves where you need every frame. #5.3.1
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Glad this is Sony
Guerialla Games,Santa Monica Studios and a few others are already working on new Next Gen IPs besides their recognized and well established IPs.

This is why Sony and the Sony Community are the LAST REAL GAMERS LEFT.
On the other side you have CoD DLC and the REALLY LAST TRILOGY of Failo and Gears....for the next 7 years...again =) #4.2
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BF3 is just the best Shooter of this Gen

Ultra Settings,64 Players,a Next Gen Engine and all the nice stuff you need for a game in this year.
BF4 will be even superior.

Of course only on PC but people shouldn't expect 7 year old hardware to run a game that is made to push PCs to its core.
Not everyone is in need to downgrade for the 360 cause PC People buy their games if they are good*cough* CoD garbage*cough* #1.1.2
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