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No wife. No spider-child. No one knows his secret identity. Everything else is gravy.

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, um. . .Andromeda?

I know. I know. I take crazy risks that way.

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Little more than click bait; don't bother reading it. According to the article, the answer to the headline is, "No comment".

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There's one simple reason why "AC II" is the best in the series, and that reason can be summed up in two words:

Patrice Desilets

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Gee, I wonder whether they'd accept a consumer paying them $30 upon release and making additional payments as content is released.

Yeah, thought so.

They should feel free to fuck the fuck off as far as my money is concerned.

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This is in response to your comment, 1.1.1, above:

Because we gaming fans continue to subsidize mediocrity and decreasing standards of competence--never mind professionalism--by shelling out hard-earned cash for substandard, unfinished products.

That's why.

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I prefer that the current Bioware stay the hell away from the KOTOR universe. Otherwise, we'll likely get a long, drawn out, completely pointless game where vapid pseudo-political intrigue and gender-bending soap operatic roles culminate in a half-baked conclusion that's rehashed from a previous piece of DLC or is vague and inconclusive because, you know, they're pursuing their "artistic vision". With $20 DLC two months later, of course.

EA-ware: don&#...

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"In fact, the majority of consumers (22%) buy a game based off of an interesting story and 15% buy a game because the price is right."

22% is a majority? Someone didn't pay attention to math in third grade.

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That headline should read, "Star Wars: Battlefront TRAILER Just a Month Away". As it reads, it makes it appear that the game is a month from release.

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I stopped buying these games after Patrice Desilets left the company. I knew then that the story would unravel quickly and promptly auger into a big steaming pile of story-telling dung.

And, voila!

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Personally, I think that remakes in movies and "remasters" in video games generally contribute to a decline in creativity in both media, but a remastered version of the series would be a smart marketing move, especially since "Uncharted 4" has been delayed.

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I'd be very happy to learn that it's "Silent Hill 2".

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I played it and finished it this past weekend. Wait for the price drop; the game is certainly not worth $60, in my opinion (my copy is on ebay as we speak so that I can recoup some of the cost). The characterizations are weak and inconsistent and the story is half-baked. If a developer makes a narrative-driven game, they really should make sure that the narrative is written well and provides enough background information and closure to feel like a complete story. I don't want to includ...

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I finished the game last weekend and, knowing what I do now, I'd not pay more than $20 for it. The characterizations were weak and the overall story was half-baked. If a developer makes a narrative-driven game, they really should make sure that the narrative is written well. I don't want to include any examples that might be spoilers, but I can say this.

1. I have no idea why some of the characters do what they do. Igraine and the Lord Chancellor are the prime exampl...

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Complimentary, adj. - given free as a gift or courtesy

If something is complimentary, you don't, by definition, buy it. Poor word usage in the headline.

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You can't NOT take away from single-player content when you also have multi-player because you have finite resources. Even if a different studio works on the multi-player side, those are still resources you could have devoted to single-player content.

After the debacle that was "Mass Effect 3"--caused in large part by the departure of Drew Karpyshyn during development of "Mass Effect 2"--I expect nothing but more of the same crap we got last time.

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As a single-player only player, I sure hope that they're not dead--although they do seem to be dying a slow but sure death.

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A new Star Wars RPG might be a lot of fun--but it definitely should NOT involve Revan and "the rest of the gang". Their story arc is done. Let them go.

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I'm with him. ^

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Wait. So, the guy who's helping design the game (and a Bioware employee) is talking about how great the game looks?


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