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Incorrect headline. The underlying article states that Obsidian has created a 30-40 page pitch, but says nothing about having presented that pitch to Sega.

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Honest to God, I couldn't have put it better, myself. Well said and thanks!

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Ugh. Same boring fetch-quest fest with vague "protect humanity" story. Same cringe-inducing dialogue. Same "something for everyone" game (which means nothing for anyone). Same Nu-Bioware.

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Not one word about the most important element, the one that is the actual engine of the game: the story.

The fact that this isn't even mentioned tells you all you need to know.

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Pish tosh. Who cares about story telling or characterization when you can market a shooter as an RPG and still make gobs of money without actually making the effort to tell a well thought out story peopled by memorable characters?

Silly rational person.

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"The third-person action adventure survival game will let players 'relive the early story of mankind with a documentary twist.'”

Almost as if the protagonist could relive the history of an ancestor, maybe by using a machine of some sort to access genetic memories. . .

I thought his idea for Assassins Creed was original and interesting, but I'm getting the impression that Desilets is a one-trick pony.

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Yes. Because human beings are tribal, naked apes.

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Thank you! I hate bullshit "articles" like this. "What to expect" implies that CDPR have already announced "The Witcher 4".

Clickbait. Skip it.

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As a consumer, I'm far more interested in interesting games being released on time and with as few bugs as possible (day-one patches are ridiculous and insulting). Once developers and publishers master these mind-numbingly obvious principles of commerce, they can focus all they like on the gender identity of NPCs. But until then, they should focus on giving consumers fair value for the price paid.

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You are most certainly not wrong.


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Ha ha ha! Well. . .I was trying to be polite. The truth is that I see fat and ugly at my local mall, too.

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"Sara and Scott Ryder are a pair of pleasantly average RPG protagonists."

I don't want "pleasantly average" in an RPG. I want escapism (which is the point of playing it in the first place). I want "heroically above average". If I want "pleasantly average", I'll go to the nearest shopping mall.

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Not a chance. After "Dragon Age: Inquisition" and "Mass Effect 3", I learned my lesson. Mac Walters--and David Gaider, to a lesser extent--can't write for shit.

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And midgets. They should also be compared to midgets. Or trolls. Because their body proportions are off. The heads are too large for the bodies, or the limbs are too short for the heads. See?


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Wow. Those are some ugly characters. I want to see stunningly hot characters in games. I play games for escapism. If I want to see ugly folk in reality, I'll just go to Wal-mart, or find pics of this game's developers.

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I hope that these developers don't actually get to make too many games because they seem to miss the point. RPGs are SUPPOSED to be escapist power fantasies. How is this even a discussion? People play those games in order to forget about being mostly powerless, average, and generally unimportant in life. Who the hell wants to play a game that reflects that?

I do not.

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"The premise of the story is based upon the fact that the fate of the entire galaxy lies upon your shoulders, and should you fail in your mission it would mean the end of not only humans , but all the other creatures in the galaxy. Here is what he had to say:

'So we want to have high stakes, and there are high stakes in the sense that if you don’t succeed in your role, that’s it for humanity, and potentially every other species that came from the Milky Way in Andr...

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No overarching threat means the story has no engine to move it forward. You can call it cliche or old--and you'd be right--but so what? It's also effective, which is why it's old (and, I'd say, absolutely necessary for dramatic tension). In ME:A you'll probably wind up coasting from pointless interaction to pointless interaction with no real motivation to *do* anything and no sense of increasing accomplishment for a dramatic payoff.

Additionally, Ma...

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I want every single game that I play, regardless of genre, to have only women who look like this--and for no other reason than that it's incredibly hot.

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I stand corrected about Bioware bit having made sequels prior to their acquisition by EA.

As for the rest of your post. . .you're kind of an angry little turd, aren't you?

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