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hey death,
PS3 20GB $499 at launch price drop to PS3 40GB $399
PS3 60GB $599 at launch price drop to PS3 80GB $499.

all product only get one product. WTH you talking about.

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9 ways to ditch blu. 101 ways to become a sour loser.

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Microsoft want you to worry about Sony. Just look at their PR statement.

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Mint Royale,
Not everybody think alike with you. Other may see 347k is a good thing, others don't. People can have their own opinion. If you say it's spinning, then you too are guilty as charged. You can say spin it to a positive those SDF spin it to the negative. It's all down to the people opinion that How Microsoft and Sony will do in the future. You can have yours and others can have theirs. If you don't like to see them, easy, don't look at the comment.

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FirstKnight forgot about Europe is PS3 territory even Microsoft admit that, and Japan, PS3 beat XBOX 360 for 8 month and XBOX 360 finally won a month, don't think than a month win can make up to 8 month loss. You dont' want to add worldwide number. Trust me on this one.

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the pricecut cause XBOX 360 from gain to a stale. PS3 on the other hand still collecting from profit, 223k of profit from hardware sales or 347k of stale. The good news is all company get their money back from software and Microsoft does get more back from there.. Nobody in lost now. All should be happy.

But since Microsoft really wanna to be winner, let give it to them when credit is due. Good job, MS though didn't stop Sony Momentum since Sony sales still pretty stable and incr...

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LOL right, fighter and JRPG now. Wow you're one good flip flop.
I saw you defend your almighty XBOX 360 so often. The PS3 you have there is not going to do anything except a blu-ray player but you support HD-DVD either. Being here long enough, telling me you like nothing about PS3. I wonder why you bought it in the first place.

In conclusion, either XBOX 360 fanboy trying to sneak into the "KEWL" group, or just some XBOX 360 fanboy in denial.

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yup anything to do with PS3, you wouldn't.

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wait a minute, this dude was preaching that he doesn't like online and community in LBP and now he talked about Across game chat, network ability...Amazingly flip-flop.

This dude is pretty much XBOX 360 fanboy. From time to time again, he will attack PS3 and defend XBOX 360. Both in polite manner. He claimed that he has 3 consoles.. most likely he does but it doesnt mean he's not a xbox 360 fanboy. Just looks at his history and you will know it, it follows the same trend, defen...

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keyword, HAD.
XBOX had all the feature. now it's all gone.

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he just give himself an excuse to not become one. So that deep inside he think he chose not to be not can't be.

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@5.1, "Yeah he can be at times but your just as annoying to be honest. As a matter fact haters are always annoying to me so nothing personal."

Better not look at the mirror, you will become a gigantic emo.

Edit: yeah the multiple account that took your bubble away, we all banding together to take your bubble away. It's all our fault. I see, it work out that way, when we hate a game, we are hater, when you hate PS3 games, that's the truth... ohh we are so ...

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at least it's a USB cable, try charge a xbox 360 controller without the dongle cable. Don't see any hate of that?

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FirstKnight vs Disney,

now that's a real one-sided LMAO.

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Sony is trying to maintain the price point, play games with consumer head.

So a clueless consumer will go into electronic store, and shop for consoles.

"WOW PS3 has blu-ray, a high def DVD, 80GB hard disk, motion sensing(eventhough is a total gimmick) dual shock, $399.. but it's expensive"

when comparing with $199 XBOX 360.
"Hmm $199, old DVD, I already have that. NO HARD DISK!!, no motion sensing!!! hmmmmm, I think this is a ...

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it helped the media promote their site, MEDIA site will be very happy ;)

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Themart and co will celebrate their 100 unit last week win.
A WIN is still A WIN.... Well deserved, hard-fought, 2 year in the making, 4 week in a row, $199 vs $399 but 100 unit more win.

champagne anyone?

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arrrghhh, it worked on me.
now the vault will be open again for Blu-Ray

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yeah but i guess Blu-Ray can overtake DVD in 2 year, and then dead in another 3 year.!?

Why?? According to samsung, the world end at 2013. That's why. Who need the crystal skulls, when we have Samsung.

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