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What did I just read?

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Missed out the £2000 six foot AC3 Conner figure from the Ubistore *swoon*

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Wow so if you we're doing your shopping and couldn't save yourself £12 by thinking the price in store would be the same as the online (still can't get my head round this, see aforementioned retard comment) you would then leave your shopping and not buy anything.
Wow your time must be of very low value if you would have nothing better to do, plus what about the poor sucker earning minimum wage who will have to put it all back, because it won't be he manager.

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Plus if you really gave a flying fuck about your gaming hobby, you wouldn't be buying your games from Tesco. (or shitty Wii U)

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Price in shop more expensive than online horror!
Dude you're a deuchebag, of course it will be cheaper online than in store, how retarded do you sound.

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Defiantly Ezio, Conner was cardboard, and flat I couldn't connect with him at all.
It would have been awesome to have played as Desmond more in the current time period, could have enjoyed playing as him, rather than making him feel like a DEUCHBAG.

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She will watch hours of shit tv whilst I game.
I'm at peace pumping hours into gaming, she knew what she was getting herself in for!

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Disagree dude.
I'm 28 and can still happily play eight hours straight, it just seldom happens what with work and the wife.

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I have to agree, during my first play through every fault listed I agree with BUT on the replay bat the ame glitches, I barely noticed.

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Wow gaming at your house must be fun.

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Wow that article sucked.

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Yeah i agree, to many games out at Christmas, I wish they'd release them in the summer to, I don't mind not going out in the sun.

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