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As a new IP? Yes.

As a GTA game? Nope.

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This is actually a smart idea.

I just hope they do it right.

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Activision continue to lower my interest in the series as a whole.

Infinite Warfare already looks generic as hell, and now they're not supporting a charity event because streamers wanted to play a far better CoD game than IW?

What a way to say "Screw you" to the community...

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Sounds like Quantum Break didn't sell as well as Remedy had hoped, especially since a lot of cash went into this great game...

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How is it disappointing when it's FREE?!

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Gears of War is not about Marcus, anymore. It's now about JD and the next generation, such as Kait and Del.

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I REALLY doubt that.

It's EA, after all.

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I have every reason to believe that one of those games is Beyond Good & Evil 2. The fact that Ubisoft asked for the NX exclusivity rumor to be taken just adds more fuel to the fire, and probably legit.

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This doesn't surprise me at all.

EA has the exclusive rights to make Star Wars games, so they had the rights to take this down. At least Frontwire's gonna make their own universe now.

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I'm not complaining. In fact, BG&E 2 would be a big opportunity for Nintendo.

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Probably also Beyond Good & Evil 2 as a true exclusive, like what Bayonetta 2 was on Wii U.

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Half-Life 3 has been hyped up so much that even seeing it would be a miracle. Valve know this and they know it's not going to live up to the hype.

Also, what does Valve have to gain money-wise? They're already making tons of profit from selling the games of other studios/publishers thanks to Steam and games like Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are still going strong today, despite the runaway success of Overwatch. Also, with VR on the way, they&...

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Beyond Good & Evil was great. A really good chance to play this game now if you missed it the first time.

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We are promised more later this year.

I'd expect a full gameplay reveal on N7 Day.

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The final expansion pack will be 'Rogue One: Scarif'. They've already confirmed both Jyn and Krennic will be playable in that DLC.

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Given the official site now has a countdown, which does include #StageUp....

I guarantee you it's Evolve 2.

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Mark my words: Some of those games are gonna get delayed.

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I'm practically happy with what I've got, at the moment.

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Adding something like this would get me interested again.

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I like it. A lot.

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