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As long as it's 30fps locked, I don't think people will mind.

It's a new console, so it's not going to achieve 60fps right away.

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They're not gonna sell that many on day 1. Many fans have lost faith in the series, especially after RE6.

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It's like The Division.

Steep's mainly mean't for online, so Ubisoft wants to hold back review copies until they open the servers.

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A Goldeneye remake would be sweet, but it's never going to happen. They would need Rare to make it, who are A. Not as good as they used to be anymore and B. Owned by Microsoft.

The others could still happen, though...

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No Konami to stop him this time.

Congratulations to Kojima!

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It's Agents of Mayhem. It's set in the same universe as Saints Row.

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Shame, Halo 3 was my favorite game in the series.

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They're obviously talking about Beyond Good & Evil 2.

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Fairly certain that Activision paid critics to give it good scores.

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My guess is that they're aiming for a reveal similar to what Bethesda did with Fallout 4 last year.

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Chris Pratt would be perfect for the role of Nate.

Just look at his performances in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World.

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Please. No more Uncharted with Drake.

UC4 ended his story perfectly!

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Remedy do want to make a sequel, but I doubt they're in a rush to do it, because the first game didn't sell as much as they wanted.

Same thing's gonna happen to Quantum Break, too. That too left room for a sequel but, like Alan Wake, it under-performed.

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You know Activision's gonna pay some reviewers to give it good scores.

Also, with Modern Warfare Remastered included for £70-£80, they'll do anything to make that piece of garbage worth buying.

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I doubt the Switch would be able to handle it anyway.

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I honestly don't think it's fair to compare the Switch against the Pro and Scorpio. The latter two are obviously going to be better in specs and support, leaving Nintendo in the dust yet again.

Switch might be cheaper, but that's basically it.

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Technical Issues? Pfft, yeah right.

What really happened is that Ubisoft lost faith in the game, and Nintendo stepped in to fund it, securing it as an NX exclusive.

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If it's indeed Red Dead, that'd be way too soon.

GTA V took nearly two years to release after it's first announcement (November 2011 - September 2013). Rockstar's known for their quality, so if it's a big title, there's no way it'll release next year.

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This is the same scenario that happened with Black Ops III. That had no story mode on Xbox 360/PS3 and looked worse than current-gen.

When you get something like this, it's a clear sign that it's time to leave last-gen behind. There's nothing more you can do for those consoles.

I hope that FIFA 18 will be current-gen only, but being EA, that's not going to happen. Hell, the PS2 continued to get FIFA games after the PS3 until FIFA 14, which...

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As a new IP? Yes.

As a GTA game? Nope.

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