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Actually GR started in Denmark. Then came to Norway. Then Sweden. Followed by Finland, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal in that order. It's headquartered in Denmark. #2.4
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Nothing about it is misleading. Your save file can be deleted via Share Play. #1.1
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First hands-on with Watch Dogs was late summer I believe. I think the PR schedule with Watch Dogs got shock up by the delay, so there's likely not a lot left they want to show before release. Maybe they'll do a round of hands-on previews with a near finished code in the last month. #1.1
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Review retracted

"Yesterday we published a translated review of Housemarque's Dead Nation (due out soon on PSN), but today we pulled it offline. Due to internal miscommunication a preview code was treated as review code. We extend our apologies to both readers, developer and publisher for this mix up. A separate text will be written once the full game is av... #13
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Yes it's played with controller. Only the Matrix level was playable with Kinect at TGS. #2
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He was referring to the size of the game world... it was a joke... one you obviously didn't get. #1.1
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In-game screens?
All of these screens have been ripped from the 3D screen Game Informer posted. Poor quality and yesterday's news. #23
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You know...
... he's not writing about your mothers. It's a video game. It's going to have flaws or elements some people enjoy more than others. Overall I felt it was very positive regardless.

Good on Kotaku for holding back a bit on the review until they have had time to play multiplayer online outside of the beta. #32
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Great post mortem. Gives insight into the varying problems that may occur that you sometimes don't think too much about, like localisation and office politics. #2
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It's called Phantasy Star Portable. Though Phantasy Star Universe Portable might be a more appropriate title... #3
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I don't think it's a bad idea to go back and look at old scores. Any review is current as of the day it was written and games age differently. Some age like vintage wine, others don't. #15
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I think there is a lot of old IP's that will struggle too. Tomb Raider: Underworld is the perfect example of a great game where players have grown tired of the IP (perhaps after one too many let downs). Same thing goes for Need for Speed: Undercover. I think fresh new IP's can do great in 2009, but the risks are obviously always higher with new IP.

As with regards to Sega I think The Conduit will do better than HOTD: Overkill for instance. And I'm sure that if Prototype and Br... #5
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This news is more than a week old... #4
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