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Does the game come with juiced up players?
Nevermind, I'll stick with "Bases Loaded".

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I would think that they don't really care at this point. Why anyone who owns a Ps3 should care at this point is laughable. They sold a broken game, that's why. I would say it'll go down as one of the biggest blunders in gaming history. What's worse than not playing Skyrim? -- playing Skyrim half-way through and not being able to finish it. Hmm... why won't they talk about it?...

Way to go on the rhetorics n4g...

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This seems a bit like a conspiracy. Who doesn't want WiiU to do well in the UK? And why all the confusion? Shouldn't there be a definitive answer to all of this?
It makes no sense why there's so much runaround, the truth is yet to be revealed.

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Yeah, they had their comedic roles as a kids cartoon, but it was such a blast to see them all interacting with each other. Looking back, of course it was lame.

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Unfortunately for Nintendo, most of these games are not taken seriously. You really do have to "fish-out" the monster library of boring Wii games. Fortunately, Wii U has brought a second chance to the stellar games that do stand out.

But enough about that, where's the new stuff?!?
Give me more innovation!!
They need FF, GTA, Dead Space, RE, Crysis, ME, Borderlands...


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Is anyone going to be suprised?
I mean, I think it's far too early to tell if Wii U will be "half" as successful as its predecessor. Don't get me wrong, I love Nintendo, but they are dragging their feet in so many ways. I would give it a year before Wii U really gets on its feet. They'd better make a big splash because a year from now is the next gen storm.
They're going to need to make a big push with some software or we might see some trade ins. You...

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Anyone that thinks otherwise underestimates the experience of Nintendo.
They've risen and fallen in the most extreme ways. Nintendo has one thing going for it that their competitors lack: software. There's no denying they're in this for the long haul, and if one tradition rings true, it's that Nintendo stands out among the rest. Expect "most" gamers to possess reluctant enthusiasm for Wii U simply because it's "not adult oriented". The mistake i...

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You can always count on EA to give Nintendo gamers a lousy port.
I'm sure they'll blame everyone but themselves for lackluster sales on Wii U.
Why not just sabatogé your own success? Save other developers' time taking chances with Nintendo by pointing to a lazy, half-assed version of a great game. I can hear it now...
"Deciding not to put the ME Trilogy on Wii U was the right decision"...


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It's NINTENDO!! They actually "make" games... DUH!!

I think after 30 years, they know wtf they're doing. Any thought to the contrary is laughable. It'll fail to win over the "mature" gamers that demand adult content.
Hell, I would love to play Dead Space on Wii U, but it would seem 'Nintendo is for kids' has been the mantra for over a decade.

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@jmc8888 Bubble UP!!

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It's not going to matter on December 21!!

HA!! HA!!
! ! \ l /
8 - [l__)

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I'm still waiting to hear how it was better.
Sure, flash was ok for a few years, but they don't do updates unless you do it manually.

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That's good news. Make it appropriate.
I'm surprised how immature gamers are, though I know I shouldn't be. Gamers don't care how vulgar they are.
Let's grow up a little bit!!

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Nintendo already have a slew of games it's holding back in this regard. The Gamepad is light enough to lift in peripheral with the television many times duering gameplay. There are so many possibilities when playing with other people, I would think Nintendo is having a blast coming up with all their new ideas.

I can't see how people don't recognize the innovation in this idea. This is ideal for any type of game, it doesn't matter what it is. This would allow...

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Wii's browser was always better than Ps3.

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Yeah guys, you could always try 'Smart Glass' because Wii U doesn't come with a tablet controller...


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I don't like the idea of not having many more LucasArts games. 4 out of 5 are worth a look, even as a non-Star Wars fan...

Jedi Outcast
Force Unleashed
Rogue Squadron
Bounty Hunter
hell, Revenge of the Sith wasn't bad

pretty much anything not racing...

I weep

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You do understand that lifting a controller repeatedly, would require it to be light. You're getting "disagrees" because it seems that you're just looking for a reason not to like it. Your main complaint isn't gameplay, graphics, or the controller is uncomfortable... it's that it's too light. "Felt cheap"? They weren't saying that about the original 360's either, and we all know how that turned out.

I thought it felt cheap too...

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Reading these comments make me not want to play the game.
I probably will, though I want to wait and see what it's like on Wii U.
I couldn't wait for ME3.

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