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You should just start another account and get some more bubbles. #10.1

I don't mean to pile on, but the Playstation 3, XBox 360, and Vita were all "commercial failures", as they lost billions of dollars. Yet GameCube made lots of profit. So "success" is a broad term.

This isn't a productive discussion for you, as you seem "emotionally invested." #3.1.4
Wait, I don't live in Europe. What about us? #2
How is this opinion relavant?

"Will Sony bankrupt itself?"

"Will the XBox brand ever make money?"

"Is N4G full of blatently idiotic graphic fiends who don't game on PC?"
Let's forget about 3ds and make it about brand popularity.
See?... I can do it too.

Nobody really cares about "loyalty", and "fans", they just want your money. #1
I played it myself, and it blew me away. #1.1.1
Yeah i didn't read it either #1.3.1
I'm just saying, nothing was bundled with Ps4. Sony took no risks with Ps4 besides losing 60 dollars per console and waiting for the investment return. Move is not supported with KillZone or any other Ps4 game I know of. Yet Nintendo gets no credit for remote compatability. They have a half-dozen control peripherals which is one of the main reasons why Nintendo should continue making hardware. #2.1.4
Playstation is fine. Sony will restructure. Such an interesting market. #4.2
Anybody tell me how I can play this clip on Ps4? It says I need to update flash player #1
He has no games to play, and he's mad tha WiiU will have the superior WatchDogs experience. #11.3.1
He's saving face for his n4g buddies. #3.2.1
Your loss. Innovation doesn't suit everyone. #1.1.2
There's more than five. #5
I still have a hard time believing it. #1.1.1
Man... Sony ditches the pseye, and the move, and now the kinect?

I can see why these guys think Nintendo should drop the gamepad. Fortunately, that's not how they roll. #2
Hmmm... "best since N64?"... but still "8 / 10?"

They must not really care for the series.

To each his own, I suppose. #1
The damage is done. WiiU was mismanaged and poorly recieved no matter how you look at it. The ones who need saved are the fanboy sheep that have nothing to do but troll Nintendo. Really though, nobody is doing great right now. Where's the "Five ways to save Sony?" articles. Oh yeah, that's not "gaming news."

I haven't enjoyed a console this much since the PS1. The "Wii" brand name either confuses consumers or repels non-loyalist gamer... #1
Nailed it #12.1
I'm waiting for the more interactive, lower graphics, WiiU version. Hopefully by July or August. #4.2.4
Yeah, way too insulting to make up such a thing. But one must reject such speculation, to spare potential disappointment. #2.1
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