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The amount of content and different routes to take in gameplay makes it worth replaying several times over.

I'm sure the bugs will be almost non-existent when it's all said and done, which would be a huge deal as these games are notorious for them.

Having Skyrim on the go is worth the price of admission for Switch alone.

I hope it sells.
I think a million would be a success.
Maybe Switch could get fallout ...

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Do you enjoy licking the salt and sweat off of Sony's balls?

Make sure you get the vita 2 so you can get your 2 years of Sony support before the god of gaming makes a fool out of you and your offering to the deity you serve like a slave.

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Lol 😂 😂

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(In response to below)

I own a PS4 and I like it, but the only games I really enjoy are on PC anyway.
I don't really have time for video game politics anymore, but I always love to butcher a hypocrite when I see one.

I don't own a switch, and I don't want one right now.
I just think it's funny how Sony/Ninty fanboys started out.

"64 has better graphics!"

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*enter the haters*

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Enjoy your gorgeous graphics console with lackluster gameplay.

Nintendo doesn't need to wow people with stunning visuals to sell games.
And last I checked 3rd party games are the annual irritatingly rehashed nothing new software scheme that the hypocritical Sony crowd adamantly bemoans, but loves to buy.

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Maybe he has no games to play

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Corruption was gold. The first Metroid was the most important one. Nintendo makes games that really try not to disappoint.
I bet the WiiU version is now for switch

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I think they could fit the tech in a bulky handheld and offered downloadable games that have already been bought.
Sony could implement a recharge using kinetic technology that some watches utilize, or even solar. I'm sure it'd only add a few extra minutes but it's a thought.

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I'm a Nintendo fan and I must concur with your assessment that their online service is less than adequate.

Anally inserted smoke deserved.

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But I don't get on here and complain about another company's missteps or good news.
I barely comment at all anymore because of little cry babies like you.
Yea I have a problem with Sony, Nintendo and MS business practices, but I still want them all to do well.
You're not even trying to further the discussion. You've lost respect for them and everyone else is better.
No thoughtfulness or suggestions.
You're just trying to be...

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Notice how you have Nintendo fanboy glasses because you said that the Switch is doing something right?? Lol

That my friend, is the smell of fear. Fanboy fear.
Or hateboy fear, idk

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I don't understand why dissenters get on here to voice their disagreement.
Nobody's opinion has ever changed because of what is posted on here.
Competition is a good thing!!
Sony had gotten just as complacent and stubborn as Nintendo used to be, and then came out with an awesome PS4. Wouldn't it be great to have a Ps4P?

Switch's adoption demographics are young adult men, which isn't young children. Most gamers aren't fa...

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Why not just wish them well and hope that Sony does something similar?
Wouldn't it be awesome to have a Ps4P?
The demographic for Switch adopters are males in their mid 20's. It's in direct competition for now.
Yeah WiiU sales were laughable but so were Vitas, and now Switch could very well just locked down the handheld market with a home console.
That shouldn't be written off.
Blabbering about WiiU's failures isn't goi...

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I just like to see fanboys get on here and bitch about Nintendo

Because that means you're bitching about Nintendo and not playing any games.

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The puzzles in this game are more challenging and plentiful than the rest of the series.

Unique weapons are still there even if they aren't traditional.

I see what you're saying about the dungeons and I felt the same way initially, but I feel like the vastness of the open world, labyrinths, shrines and unique territories make up for the change in the formula. The divine beasts are still a thrill as well even though they constitute maybe 1 1/2 temp...

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That's what I was thinking.

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Why are people trolling instead of wishing them well?
Don't you have mass effect to play?

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I think the point he's trying to make is that most console consumers aren't 4K tv consumers.
Why spend $400 on a console and $1200 on a tv when you can spend $1000 on a decent gaming PC that can last just as long.

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He's a celebrity, hated or not. Invest in CoD and Assassins creed, because those make money, whether they're good or not.

All he's really saying is that Nintendo sucks, and people eat it up.

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