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Those were my thoughts. It's too bad they shied away from the pressure sensitive triggers. It could've easily carried over to the wand and 'chuk. It definitely had more potential. DS4 is utilizing the technology now, it's pretty bad ass. Id love to play Sony/MS games with a GameCube controller. #3.2
Total travesty if it isn't true #18
The author commented above. You should read my response #11.1
Yeah, people bitch about rehashed Nintendo games, meanwhile AC, CoD and GTA sell the most software.

... oh the irony #9.1.1
You're over generalizing Nintendo's software. It's not just Donkey Kong you're forgetting. W101, Pikmin, are not easy. Even Metroid allows you to turn off the hint system.

There are other reasons why your article screams fanboy.

It's not Nintendo that thinks we're stupid, it's you. #2.3.1
Let's not forget transgender inclusion. Yoshi does lay eggs #1.2.1
Only make software? #11.1
WiiU is actually my favorite console ever, despite being a total disaster. Anybody who says they aren't hardcore is just a mindless, graphic, fanboy that doesn't PC. I always thought gameplay made you hardcore, not muture violent eye candy. Wii still has some of the best games out. I pity any "gamer" that doesn't know it. #9
I'm sure graphical power is more easily known, while gameplay requires some personal hands-on play. #4.1
That's why I'm waiting for it on Nintendo... duh.. #5
It's only because a lot of gamers have been waiting a long time for this game. #12.1.2
Losing billions of dollars is clueless #6.2
Because Mature games have such great gameplay #7.1
Nintendo gamers do buy third party games when they are worth buying and they know about them #3.3
Im replaying the trilogy now. No need to rush. The motion controls are most innovative. Other m wasn't terrible either despite the critics.

Take your time. Nintendo has plenty right now. #12
You have a good point, but then again, I don't ever see these games being advertised for WiiU. Besides that, I'm hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn't enjoy the Nintendo versions more than the others aside from the lack of the online community for CoD.

I'm sure no-one's going to be vocal about a superior WiiU version, just because it does sound silly whether it's true or not. #12.1.2
Because it will be the superior version. #7.3
The less graphical, more innovative version. I'll be getting it on Nintendo because it will have the best gameplay.

Rayman sold best on Nintendo, so, whoops. #12
They make good games.

The only games worth playing get delayed. #7
Meat for the herd. #12
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