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Wait until the game comes out and play it first.
Then get on n4g and gripe if you have to.
It's like these pansies have nothing to play, so they get on n4g and whine about whatever is happening with Nintendo

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You'd be right if vita came with 4 shoulder buttons and didn't require an internet connection.

Those memory cards though.. can't bitch enough about that.

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Well handhelds are phones now.
If you're going to go that route, you have to know what you're doing, and you're still going to have challenges.

Vita and 3ds are the same price now.
That's all the proof you need that better hardware doesn't trump games.

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I'm certain that the parts for Switch and the Mini's aren't similar in any way. And aren't influenced by the other at all

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If you fail to make a profit, it's a failure.
This is a business.
Both PS3 and 360 lost billions

But failures of WIIU and GameCube made Nintendo a good bit of money.

Define "failure"

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That's a rather extensive list of reasons not to take it personally.

Switch is a different animal.
It's selling.
It will beat WiiU's total sales by next summer.

Wiiu also wasn't a handheld.

To say that it's not last generation performance means that you're taking nintendo's success very personally.
That's such a fanboy thing to say.

I own a PS4 and I ha...

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It seems like Nintendo has to pick a shortage in the US or Japan. Maybe it's going back and forth.

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The game was announced for Switch.

Why not read the article, that way people don't mistake you for being illiterate or stupid.

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I won mine from Taco Bell

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Getting a game with the Switch at $300 is a price drop.
It'll happen by next xmas for sure.

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Slowly "turning" into a fantastic portable multiplayer machine.
There isn't a lot to choose from at the moment.
It's just not worth buying right now.
Eventually it will be.
Shelling out over $400 for this and a game isn't working for me.

Still a fan. Happy it's doing well
But I'll wait.

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As a fan, I wouldn't say that they're drowning in offers.

The situation is a welcome improvement.
Maybe there's a good dampening rain, but no drowning.

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I hear that it's not that good.
It's another good sign for 3rd party support though.

Can we have the FFVII remake instead??

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I think the article should be "unsuspected"

It makes it sound like games are coming to Switch surprisingly without their knowledge.

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Well, when wolfenstein 2 does come out, it'll still technically be an older game.

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I think time will tell.
The WiiU seemed like a well deserved slap in the face learning experience for them. Don't get me wrong, it's one of my favorite systems, but it just didn't do what it was meant to. I really wish they would rerelease the complete BotW version as it was meant to be on the system so we can see what that was going to be about, but whatever I guess.
I think they're careful to make sure people get their money's worth.

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I agree that they're missing out on sharing the Japanese games that they seem to think that we aren't interested in. It took years of bitching to get XenoChron over and they sold through 800k copies easy.

I actually bought the essential Amiibo characters because I like them and they're fun just to look at. The added functionality is just a plus.

I thought MP3 was epic.
That game is still ahead of it's time.
The motion...

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The article is examining Nintendo's practices that other companies have been doing for awhile, so it's not just about Nintendo.

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I've played the snapmap feature.
It's not that cool to me.
People don't make very good levels.
They could always bring it back if enough people want it, which is unlikely.

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