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It sounds like it's making money off of WiiU..

That's always good.

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Yeah, for as great as playstation is doing, it's a shame Sony is still bleeding money.

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No, you don't understand.

Hate WiiU because, logic!

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Twilight was really good.

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That subspace emissary was epic.

Dropping that was lame.

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Stupid sony and MS making people pay for internet service!!

They've gone too far this time!

See? I can do it too

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Man, it must suck not to care about that.

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We were talking about decent "hardware" which Shovel Knight doesn't require.

I'm talking about how shitty all these games are for people who "don't" get shafted on hardware. If you're as "old school" as you claim, than how are specs even a factor for you? You're clearly contradicting yourself. You're just another sheep in the herd of Nintendon'ts. You can't fool me bub. I've been around a lot longer than you kn...

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Create a voucher system.

Let us buy the figures now, send them when they're available.

That's the only way to scalp the scalpers.

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Yes, let's purposefully lose money, for the sake of making the product that we want to make money off of, seem more popular.

You should keep your thoughts to yourself.

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You are failing at making any good use of your bubble

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Like every console ever.

GameCube was superior hardware and didn't get anywhere.

To be honest, gamers are losing sight of why they're gamers. Much like you, you are more interested in how a game looks rather than whether it's actually worth playing. Gamers like you are posers, more interested in eye-candy, gore, violence than actual gameplay.

I'll take Shovel Knight over any "next-gen" crap you can muster.

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Now what would your friends think if they found out you were playing Nintendo?

You're not interested "because" you're insecure.

WiiU has the best exclusives, but you're not interested?


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It's so funny to see fanboys pretending not to be fanboys. Even the most die-hard gamers can attest to Nintendo's superior software development abilities. It sounds like you're trying to convince yourself more than you're trying to convince us, which is ironic all the same.

Speaking of irony, you should look up the word "gimmick".

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That was a fun read. I can sympathize though, I paid 24 dollars for Fox last week.

Nintendo should do what Star Wars did with it's action figures...

START A VOUCHER SYSTEM. Let customers buy your figures now, and send them out when they're ready.

I don't want all of them, just the essentials. I still need CapFal, Pit, MetaKnight, Mac...
And I knew I wasn't going to get my hands on Pac-man...

... ...

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Ps4 is horrifically boring either way you slice it.

I think Sony fans just say they're content with Ps4 because it's a new Playstation.

There's just no unique experience to be had, whether you admit it or not.

And for the record, it's the Sony fans that started the "Nintendo releases the same games" mantra, yet continues to buy the annual CoD.

Nintendo games are more fun and innovative which is w...

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It's just an all around better experience.

Ps4 sells because it's Playstation, not because it offers anything unique.

It's boring to me.

People like to exalt the Ps2 sales and at the same time, criticize Wii for being "gimmicky", when most people bought the Ps2 because it had a DVD player, which is defined as a "gimmick".

Exclusives or not, WiiU still offers more.

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84 for Rosogun?...

It's not a bad game, but that's a bit high

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Zelda games always get delayed so...

The joke's on you.

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