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Bah.. Im the biggest fan of battle mode, I actually kind of like it. It's not the luck of the items anymore. Having tracks makes it less jumbled.

It is dumb that Diddy, Dry Bones, AND Boo didn't make it??

I smell free DLC. #1
Well, since most gamers are actually using PC, I won't bother reading the article.

This is not relevant to a console site!!

"and/or console"...

GTF OUT!!!.. haha!! #2
I'm not a big mariokart fan, but the game is phenomenal. You sound like you don't have any games.

I'll take Indies over 3rd party forever. If you like 3rd party games then PC is the way to go. Consoles are for exclusives, but you already knew that because you work at gamestop... sizzle #1.1.6
Dont be a sheep #8.2.1
It'll be the best version anyway #7.1
Ill wait for the better version #3.1.1

Yeah, my expectations were high for MK8 and somehow those expectations were completely shattered. I don't really even care for MK that much, but it's stupid how good that game is. #8.2.2
Dont make bust out the vac #2
Oh, I see, I wouldve put a comma in between "it" and "bankruptcy".

Maybe thats why I didnt notice the sarcasm. #3.2
ummm... what?

dude, you know last gen for MS/Sony lost billions right?

Nintendo will profit from WiiU, which already makes it more successful than last gen consoles because the PS360 consoles lost money.

try again #3.1
You should add me as well.

... maybe get an n4g clan going... :] #8.1.1
Yeah, the players were a bit laughable.

My screenname on WiiU is "Benjaminkno" if you'd like to play together.
I skipped ghosts but I'll be getting this one.

I think getting every other COD is better than buying one annually. There's just not much difference with each addition. #8.2
Ummm... we'd rather just play right now. Not a lot of free time to blog at the moment. #1
Fanboy blinders??.. I don't know if you've been looking around but Nintendo is not losing billions of dollars a year. Last generation was a complete disaster from a business standpoint. Sony and MS are in a bit more of a situation with their consoles than Nintendo. Ps2 was the last console to yield a profit, and those profits were erased by the Ps3.

GameCube was dubbed a "failure" even though it was more poweful than its competitors, yet made a boat load of... #4.2
well you don't own a WiiU so you're just guessing.

I own a Ps4 as well, and I'm much more frustrated with Sony right now. My PsN games should transfer at the least, but they don't. #12.4

I was actually referring to Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo's losses are in the hundreds of millions, not billions... with a "B". #6.3
Keep the hate coming. Nintendo is still on top... yes, I know it burns....

Sizzle, sizzle.. fanboys #7
With abysmal Kinect, move, PSeye, Vita support.. and a giant hole that's billions of dollars deep... your rhetoric is a bit ironic.

If you don't appreciate WiiU then you just don't want to. #4.1
Indies are third party. I'll take Indies over any "AAA" third party games you can muster. #1.5.1
W1o1 is like 25 bucks on eBay #3.5.1
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