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That's why you never buy at launch.
High cost, few games, defects. You should always wait a year at the least.
Launch sales are almost all hype, so why not just make your money? #9.1
Haters gonna hate an unfinished game. #10
I looooooooove that game #8.1.1
I didnt really care for the first one. #16
It was rhetorical.
WiiU is the best console out. Ps4 is all hype and no bite.
Smash is kick-ass #9.2.1
I pity anyone that doesn't own one.

It's still top notch. #2
Hmm.. so many to choose from... here's my top five off the top of my head, in no order.

-I think lvl 8 from the original is a classic.

-The green island dungeon from Zelda 2 is up there.

-A Link to the Past had the dark forest dungeon, but the water dungeon was cool too.

-The nightmare dungeon from Ocarina was slick.

-And maybe finish up with the cloud dungeon from Twilight... #1
Agreed. No need to improve on perfection.
The more control schemes, the better. #8.1
Rayman on WiiU is still top notch.

I think Nintendo also has the best CoD experience. It's a shame that the community isn't there. #2
What's WiiU? #9

Traditional, wavebird, knockoffs, all of them. #5.1
I always appreciate the opportunity to point out that the failure to stay with the 'PSeye' or 'Move' is insulting. The PlayStation brand isn't Nintendo, just as XBox is neither the former.

I enjoy WiiU way more than Ps4, but I know it won't stay that way. #13.2.1
Nobody noticed the soundgarden reference. #6.1.3
I was thinking the same thing. #5.2
totally agree.
Shovel Knight is superb.

I dont care about sales, WiiU is by far the best experience.
Ps4 is all hype and no bite. #5.1.2
What can I say that hasn't already been said?
I'm officially psyched up!!

Melee will always be their favorite.

It'd be nice to have a Super Smash Bros. Tag Team... #12
WiiU will stay where it's at until next year. It's making them plenty of money.

Ps4 is all hype and no bite regardless of the numbers. It's stupid how boring it really is. #9.1
Ummm.... what? #21.1
Everybody already knows PC is the way to go for 3rd party devs... but N4G is all about the GAMERS!!

I don't understand the "lack of 3rd party games" argument for WiiU anyway. Some of the Indie games are spectacular. #10.6.1
People forget that Nintendo was the only one out of the 3 to make a profit last gen.

Sure it's about the numbers, but it's more about the money.

The Xbox brand has yet to yield ANY profit for MS, wildly. #5.4.1
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