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Because it doesn't matter how bad Nintendo does, they always do well.

They're forever an inevitability which is why you have gamers that are adamantly for anything that isn't Nintendo.

Fanboys are still mad about Wii winning last gen, and ps360 losing billions.

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The sad thing is.. WiiU is my favorite console ever.
Anybody who doesn't like it is just a mindless fanboy.
The games are so much more fun than anything else, it's absurd.

That being said, Nintendo doesn't need third party games. Just subsidize the necessary ones like Rayman, COD, and GTA... And I'm sure they'd make their money back.

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Yeah, the irony is that all of these "graphics" guys don't game on PC, or they wouldn't be trolling Nintendo articles.

Shovel Knight proves why the insistence on having the best graphics is destroying software development. Gaming has become so political that it's become less about being "fun", and more about being "visually impressive."

I own a Ps4 and it's the most overhyped console ever.
Being anti-Nin...

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It's like they have no games to play.. Lol

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The irony is, nobody has any other good games that are on any other console.

Everything that's not on Nintendo is on PC.

Which is why all of you flood n4g.. You have nothing to play.

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Because a "gimmick" is an add-on that has nothing to do with it's primary function.

A watch with a radio.

A radio with a clock.

A lighter with a bottle opener.

A console with a web browser, blu ray, CD player...
That's what a gimmick is, and they aren't bad by any stretch.
The word "gimmick" just sounds condescending.

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Ps1 had just as much, if not more shovelware.

And Sony fans were never about graphics until PS3 came out.

GameCube was everything Sony fans were bitching about, better graphics, even 3rd party support, but they can't just admit that they hate Nintendo no matter what they do.

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You need to look up the word "gimmick"

The ps2 sales were great because of a "gimmick," not Wii sales.

DVD players on consoles are gimmicks, not controllers.

Web browser, blu ray, CD player, those are gimmicks. Lol


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Yea, ps1 was shitty hardware but everybody said "but look at all the games!!"

Ps1 adopters should've loved Wii, but they're more about the politics than the games.

Never mind ps2 sold so well because of a "gimmick" DVD player

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I love how people still think they know what's best for Nintendo.

I'm really happy with the system, WiiU easily the best console ever.

It's a shame really, because gamers need to be reminded that video games were always about being fun, not pretty.

And the majority of gamers prioritize image over content, which is why the majority of video games (90%) aren't worth the plastic they're printed on.


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me too

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Yeah, you're right, it's a kiddy game with primitive graphics.



Haha, silly Nintendo

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what do you game wise is special

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yeah, Im being silly

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wait!! so Mario IS in this game!!

.. I KNEW IT!!

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Nintendo is the best software developer, without power. That's how they compete. Last I checked, their competitors haven't come close to being able to compete.

Billion dollar losses isn't competing no matter how you slice it.

Which is why all of you flood n4g to fill the site with anti-nintendo propaganda. Does it make you feel better? cause i know those lackluster games sure don't.

You want to talk about bias reviews and rehas...

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Maybe they can ask for a cut from MS and Sony when they release their Splatoon rip-off.

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They're comparing multiplayer action.

I enjoy splatoon, never played Evolve.

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No, Sony's game division is still bleeding money.

It'll turn around in a year or two though.

But it'll take more than the Ps4's success to mitigate the horrendously awful losses that the PS3 and Vita brought.

And The Xbox brand has yet to yield any profit at all.

Nintendo is always on top regardless of their "success."
There is a reason why they are the king of software, no matter what.

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