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yeah, Im being silly

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wait!! so Mario IS in this game!!

.. I KNEW IT!!

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Nintendo is the best software developer, without power. That's how they compete. Last I checked, their competitors haven't come close to being able to compete.

Billion dollar losses isn't competing no matter how you slice it.

Which is why all of you flood n4g to fill the site with anti-nintendo propaganda. Does it make you feel better? cause i know those lackluster games sure don't.

You want to talk about bias reviews and rehas...

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Maybe they can ask for a cut from MS and Sony when they release their Splatoon rip-off.

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They're comparing multiplayer action.

I enjoy splatoon, never played Evolve.

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No, Sony's game division is still bleeding money.

It'll turn around in a year or two though.

But it'll take more than the Ps4's success to mitigate the horrendously awful losses that the PS3 and Vita brought.

And The Xbox brand has yet to yield any profit at all.

Nintendo is always on top regardless of their "success."
There is a reason why they are the king of software, no matter what.

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It's only been 5 hours...

I mean...

Allow me..

Umm.. WiiU sucks, those aren't that good of sales. Give it a few weeks and ps4 will be back on top again. The game would've looked better on my console because I'm a graphics whor3. Splatoon is a joke because I'm a mindless call of duty freak.
Haha, I can play Witcher 3 on my inferior to PC console.

Hardcore porn, I mean, gamers rule.

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... Politics..

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It sounds like it's making money off of WiiU..

That's always good.

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Yeah, for as great as playstation is doing, it's a shame Sony is still bleeding money.

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No, you don't understand.

Hate WiiU because, logic!

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Twilight was really good.

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That subspace emissary was epic.

Dropping that was lame.

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Stupid sony and MS making people pay for internet service!!

They've gone too far this time!

See? I can do it too

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Man, it must suck not to care about that.

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We were talking about decent "hardware" which Shovel Knight doesn't require.

I'm talking about how shitty all these games are for people who "don't" get shafted on hardware. If you're as "old school" as you claim, than how are specs even a factor for you? You're clearly contradicting yourself. You're just another sheep in the herd of Nintendon'ts. You can't fool me bub. I've been around a lot longer than you kn...

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Create a voucher system.

Let us buy the figures now, send them when they're available.

That's the only way to scalp the scalpers.

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Yes, let's purposefully lose money, for the sake of making the product that we want to make money off of, seem more popular.

You should keep your thoughts to yourself.

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