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It sounds like you’re back peddling.
There are plenty of things to complain about, but “shady” is a bit of a stretch

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They’ve already revamped TP
Older ones would be better

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I loved the 2nd one which was really difficult.

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How could a remake be like BotW?
Nothing is even similar to it.
It’s a great game anyway.

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The game was broken on PS3.
It was horrifying.

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Unless you have a memory expansion, buying digital should not be the way to go.

All they need to do is announce Fallout and I’ll get a switch sooner

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22 seconds sounds pretty average for the game.
It's unfortunate it couldn't speed up for an older game

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Because the freemasons have to keep the transsexual bandwagon going.

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You have a good point there

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That's what I was thinking.
The mini is near 4x less expensive I would assume.
It's like comparing apples and grapes.

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Wow, nothing great there

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WiiU still has some of the best experiences ever.
It has plenty of titles.
It also plays Wii games so idk what you're talking about

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Yea, it's not true remote play if you need a good wireless connection at over $800

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It's not quite what I'd like it to be for the price.
Zelda is fantastic.
Skyrim handheld sounds like a dream.
THE indies look good.
THat with Mario isn't quite enough for me not to wait.
I'd like a $300 bundle
That's what I'm waiting for

If fallout 4 is released before then, I might jump in

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Here come the political fanboys.

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Umm.. Galaxy was just as good as 64, and a welcome addition.

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That's a fair assessment.
Although, it was a broken game on PS3

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It does for the crossplay function

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Wait until the game comes out and play it first.
Then get on n4g and gripe if you have to.
It's like these pansies have nothing to play, so they get on n4g and whine about whatever is happening with Nintendo

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You'd be right if vita came with 4 shoulder buttons and didn't require an internet connection.

Those memory cards though.. can't bitch enough about that.

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