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You can be my hero... it don't matter if you're black or white... #93
It was nothing new in my eyes. #5.1.1
Looks more like "hey, a new Playstation!!" fans, with the amount of games PS4 has. Seriously, there's no reason to own one right now because there's no "must play" game. I'm sorry, but PS4 is just all hype and no bite.

I would be very unhappy if I didn't also own a WiiU, but that's just me. Maybe I'm still a bit salty I can't play Megaman 9, or Bionic Commando, or Castle Crashers or... #5
I would've been more excited for Metroid, but I'll take it.

I didn't care for SF:Adventures, so don't make it like that. #3

WiiU needs all the help it can get. They wouldn't be doing it this way if it didn't make sense.

Maybe they want to use this software for their next handheld.

There's plenty of reasons to do it this way. Don't be a sheep. #1.2.3

We're not just talking about any GBA games.

Die-hard Metroid fans can't refuse a WiiU now. And that's just the beginning.

WiiU needs all the help it can get. Certainly you agree with that? #2.1.2
I thought Nintendo was opting out of E3 now... /s #11
Why have it on WiiU when everyone already owns a 3ds?

maybe your percentage should come down a little? #2.1
Nintendo needs more incentives for WiiU purchases. If they're on 3ds too, then why purchase the console version? #1.2
Please.. I bet at least 10% only get a new smartphone.

Last I heard 52% of all gamers are on PC. I won't bother with the link. #2.1.1
I was expecting way more out of Japan. I'm not sure WiiU will bounce high enough to take any lead globally, but it could've been much worse for Nintendo considering. #15
Technically Nintendo is still taking Japan on all fronts.. as bad as it looks... spinny, spinny, spin-spin.

MK8 won't be the worst selling edition to the franchise. That's quite a feat considering WiiU's death... spin, spin..

I'm still betting breaking 10 million. Hell, even Forbes called it a "Golden bullet"... spin, spin, spin...

Damn, it!!

... all those banana peels...

... s... #4.1.2
Bah.. Im the biggest fan of battle mode, I actually kind of like it. It's not the luck of the items anymore. Having tracks makes it less jumbled.

It is dumb that Diddy, Dry Bones, AND Boo didn't make it??

I smell free DLC. #1
Well, since most gamers are actually using PC, I won't bother reading the article.

This is not relevant to a console site!!

"and/or console"...

GTF OUT!!!.. haha!! #2
I'm not a big mariokart fan, but the game is phenomenal. You sound like you don't have any games.

I'll take Indies over 3rd party forever. If you like 3rd party games then PC is the way to go. Consoles are for exclusives, but you already knew that because you work at gamestop... sizzle #1.1.6
Dont be a sheep #8.2.1
It'll be the best version anyway #7.1
Ill wait for the better version #3.1.1

Yeah, my expectations were high for MK8 and somehow those expectations were completely shattered. I don't really even care for MK that much, but it's stupid how good that game is. #8.2.2
Dont make bust out the vac #2
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