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I think he means in terms of quality.

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They were referring to total market share, which Nintendo already gains as they have no handheld competition. Zelda is not the big seller everyone thinks.
Animal crossing is coming too. That will be a system seller.
They are rolling out something big for the new year.
Switch is just getting started.
I suspect streaming apps and Virtual console to arrive when they begin online subscription.

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Yea, right now I like rooting for whoever is the underdog.
That Xbox does look hip

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If they get Pokémon out, over 40% “TOTAL” market share will happen. If you include 3ds.
They’re shipping over 20 million switches next year, which is huge.

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He’s extremely interested in getting people disinterested in Switch.
Because politics

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Did you sell your low spec vita?

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Spend 10 seconds to find out if what you’re saying is correct.
There’s nothing worse than a troll that’s uninformed.

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N’s software always maintains value.
Bet it stays above next Xmas.

Red Dead is coming to switch anyway.

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I feel like PS4 was the most overhyped system ever. It has good games but mostly 7’s 8’s, things that have already been done or are on pC anyway.
Last of us being game of the year was pretty pathetic imo

I had high hopes but still awaiting greatness.

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THE switch version actually looks crisper than one.
XBox looks fuzzy
You can’t really beat handheld. SWitch is the definitive version if you don’t use mods

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You seriously troll every Nintendo article.
Don’t you have games to play??
Why are you this loyal to fanboy politics?

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Easy there Debbie Downer

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Lol, Zelda 1 was open world. They gradually went to a linear formula and provided more exploration restrictions.

"Grittier graphics" is a poor substitution for decent gameplay. There are hundreds of games that look better than Zelda games, but prettier isn't better. I think we've seen how lazy developers get when people have great visuals and no real innovation behind it. People still play earlier installments of Zelda. Other sequels rarely get the same t...

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Mid 2018?
You'll be able to find a used copy of Red Dead for $25, next christmas.

Nintendo's used counterparts will still be $50 at that time.

Everyone will remember that Nintendo's software will still be worth twice as much over a year after release.

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Galaxy had a lot of surprises, plenty of nostalgia, and a very unique approach to gameplay.

They did exactly what they always do, and made a different installment.
Galaxy 2 was just as good, though I wouldn’t have put it first.

I found 3D world underwhelming

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They’re going to enter the Chinese market as well.

The U.S. won’t see half that production in 1 year. It’s going to be a worldwide total.

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It sounds like you’re back peddling.
There are plenty of things to complain about, but “shady” is a bit of a stretch

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They’ve already revamped TP
Older ones would be better

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I loved the 2nd one which was really difficult.

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How could a remake be like BotW?
Nothing is even similar to it.
It’s a great game anyway.

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