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It'll be over 70 by the time it's all said and done. #4.1
I just want zero mission #4
They 've been wanting to stick with a name since GameCube.
Idk why they don't just stick with NES. #6.3
I cancelled my pre-order, but now it looks like I need to get this game...

I'm looking forward to the remake. #5
It means Japan is a country that industrialized the gaming industry, and buying Xbox is counterproductive because it helps their competitors.

It's not that Xbox is lame.

I don't equate Americans buying Japanese games because without Japan, there would be very little market. #1.2.3
It's why "next gen" games are just pretty last gen games.
We all know this.

But let's keep bitching about power while simultaneously refraining from PC. #17
I would argue that it's because games are improving in no other area but graphics. #2.3
Because the Japanese don't shit where they eat. #1
N4G is more of a Let-Down than any Smash Bros. ever will be. #1
Let's not forget that the Ps3 was also the cheapest blu-ray player when the price dropped. #11.2.1
By "failed" you mean, will still make more money than the Ps3/360 did? !

I've got news for you, it's already more successful because Nintendo makes money off of WiiU, so, there's that. #11.4
I can't say I disagree with your analysis. WiiU is miles ahead of the competition, and it's tragic. Haters gonna hate. The same "underpowered/kiddy/rehas h" claim against Nintendo, is flung by the same hardcore CoD/AC//Destiny crowd.

Nevermind that Bayo2 was saved by Nintendo.
Gaming has always been political, but good god, what's with the contempt for Nintendo? #9.3.1
Well, the Move controller was abandoned, but will it work for PS4?

This says DS4 for Wii #9
PS4 can wait. There's nothing unique about it yet.

I wish I would've waited to start my PSN subscription to be honest.
The free games are cool, but not enough to warrant a $500 pricetag. #7.1
You're all wrong.

It's PC/WiiU.

This gen is still bare-bones. #4.2
Yeah, it is still the best, no matter what it "looks" like.

Everything else is emulated from GameCube controller, or one of its predecessors #2.1.2
wow, obviously Nintendo's not older than "everything!!"

No, in the beginning, God didn't say "let there be Nintendo." #5

yeah, ok, but why is this WiiU headline news?

oh, I see, pre-order hype. Go XBOX!! #20
"The data is for these teachings are stored in the Amiibo."

This is why I don't read the articles. #7
Wow, they're really pushing to please their hardcore fans. I liked Brawl even though Melee is better overall.

The movesets are a welcome addition.

I have a hard time seeing how 3ds doesn't help create more WiiU Smash buzz. You know Nintendo always has something up their sleeve. #2
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