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Physiologically, we all start out as women first.
They are the superior gender despite conventional wisdom.
You should see how many orgasms my girl can have, it's crazy! I get jealous

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But you can't call out the double standard.
That's not fair.

Come on dude.. you need to hate the switch
It's just better politics

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Sacrificing a small amount of textures and lighting in exchange for portability sounds like a good deal to me.

I don't understand the politics anymore. Graphics are still really good.
It's not enough that the games are coming.
The quality of graphics is EVERYTHING!!

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You're right.
Fans can't bitch if they don't support it

These games have to do well or they will back out.

I suspect that the hate going on for Switch versions will only motivate Nintendo fans to support them.

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Thanks for the link

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It's extremely dramatic
People can't just be happy for Nintendo fans.
It's got to get politicized.
It's like video game console choices are their own form of racism.

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Not awesome to downvoters because that would mean good news for Nintendo fans.

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I think this is good evidence against the argument that Nintendo doesn't do as well when it sells outdated hardware.

Microsoft came out with decent hardware, has adequate 3rd party support, but isn't performing like it should.

I see ads on Craigslist and local buying apps full of XBO's selling for $200 or asking to trade for PS4.
I'm actually not happy about MS progress because it could signal their exit which would be bad for ...

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Yea I'm still awaiting greatness.

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Wow really?
Knack is supposed to be a AAA flagship 1st party title.
And on a 60 million user base got beat out by Mario/Rabbids with a 5 mil user base?
Honestly I'm not surprised Knack bored me to death and I don't regret not finishing it. I only spent about 2 hours on it but it was one of the dumbest games

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Destiny is ok, not great.
I'm sure they'll be plenty of people to fork up $200 for a complete game that'll be $60 next year.
Trolls never stop though do you?

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There will be shortages
There will be anger
There will be scalpers

There will be retribution..

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"Generic" only because it's a video game,
Get out troll

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You could argue that the ps2 wouldn't have sold half as good had it not been a DVD player.

All this bitching about Nintendo using "gimmicks" when "features not pertaining to the actual function of the product" is the very definition of a "gimmick."

Not motion controls.
Not a tablet controller.
Hell, having a Netflix application on your console is a freaking gimmick.

Let's not ...

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Why do independent games matter to the MS/Sony crowd anyway?

It's all about power and performance to them so they shouldn't care because those games don't appeal to the lesser graphic fiends of the industry.

Do graphics really matter when it comes do unique development and gameplay? Or don't they?
You can't have it both ways.

Clearly having a choice between home console version, or tv and on the go is a one-...

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It sounds like the game is experiencing some problems, though nothing a patch won't be able to clear up.
It doesn't sound too serious.
I'll wait for the collection

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As a Nintendo fan, I have yet to pick one up. I've got such a huge backlog of other games to play I just don't have the time.

I'm waiting for metroid, or Fallout 4.
But I was thinking that a newer model could potentially be revealed in the next 2 years.

The fun factor to nintendo's software never disappoints, which is why I'll probably always keep playing. Their quality is guaranteed. And finding a used copy of their games ...

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Sadly I never finished it.
I probably started a new game 5 times but then something would come up. An event, a scratch, or a different game. Still, it's one I wouldn't mind picking up eventually

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Yea vita expansion was outrageous

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Vita storage expansion was worth complaining about. The price to expand was absolutely absurd. Switch's price to expand isn't even half of what Sony was asking.
From what I understand, internal memory is more expensive and breaks down quicker.
I agree with the article.

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