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oh man... funniest shit i've heard all day. #4.4.2
I'm not sure I want to play this game on any console. The first trailer I saw seemed ok I guess. #8
Except Rayman and Monster Hunter #1.3
Yeah, still awaiting greatness here as well.

I'm also waiting for the superior version of WatchDogs. #1.7.1
Why single out Nintendo is my point. WiiU's been out much longer, so how is it any more barren? #1.2.1
Does anyone else think that MS/Sony consoles are a little more 'dry'? Or is it just me?

This whole year has been a bit lackluster. 2015 looks like a much better year. #1
That's not surprising, but that's also nothing to brag about.

WiiU still has a long way to go before (if) it turns around. #2
I'm not calling for him to be fired, I just think he has served his purpose. Nintendo "should" be able to sell more WiiU's because of their reputation. But now Nintendo just isn't what they used to be.

I like their hardware/software, but regular consumers just don't take them seriously anymore. They have enough problems dealing with phones and tablets, let alone marketing their own hardware. #4.1.1
I could see "WiiU", but "Nintendo"? Hahaha... They said the same thing with Wii... and 3ds... and GameCube... and N64...

I have a Ps4 and I've played many, many games that haven't really excited me. So far 'Second Son' is the best thing I've played, but it's not much different than its predecessors. WiiU has so much more content.

They'll turn a profit by the end of the year, but the Ninten-dooom will never s... #2
Poor Rare.. It seems the best days are behind you... *sigh* #2
I'll take indies over any "big franchise 3rd party games" everyday of the week.

I'm going to go ahead and guess that you're not a PC gamer. #1.1
Stick to a name for your consoles that doesn't include the name "Wii"...

I know it's probably the only reason you still have your job, but, really.. I remember when Nintendo used to be cool.

I don't tell people I play WiiU.. I tell them I play Nintendo.

I'm sure Sony and Microsoft shareholders are a bit more disappointed with how things turned out last gen. Nobody's gaming division is doing wonderful, but let&#... #4
This feature actually convinced me to go back and get some of the old Wii games I never played, like Zak and Wiki and Okami. I also went ahead and bought the MP Trilogy, Xenoblade, Boom Blox, Punch Out, and Red Steel 2, which are all incredible games.

Anybody who says Wii didn't have any good games just didn't like Nintendo.

As many mistakes as Nintendo made releasing Wii U, they certainly are doing many things right.

If only it pl... #2
Wouldn't make much sense not to pull out Pokemon amiibo, so, kind of seems like a no brainer. #3
Still a superb game. I need to play that again. #4.1
I'm still considering getting one. Holiday or early next year, but 3ds may have a successor by then. #33
There are oodles of great Wii games you obviously haven't played.... good thing Wii U plays them. #10.1
As long as it's still making a profit, I don't see how it can be viewed as a failure. "Fanboy" or not, it's my favorite console ever made.

GameCube made more profit than any console since the Wii, those are the facts. I know that it's difficult to accept, but sales don't determine success, as the competition has lost billions off of their "successful" consoles. I won't bother with the pointless youtube link.

They... #1.1.1
I think it was rhetorical. I estimate at least 25 percent of these are in development. #2
... Because it's developing momentum and you're in denial?? #1
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