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We spend more time defending WiiU than playing it, which is why you're here.

Don't criticize the defenders when you're here to stay on the offense.

That makes you a hypocrite and a scared one at that.

You should be scared. Sony and MS have been losing billions from their gaming divisions so maybe you should defend your own brand. I know how much it pains the anti-Nintendo crowd that GameCube made more money than PS3/360.
My 5 year old nephew beat AC4, WD, plays CoD...
He's great at all those games.

He's not as good at MarioKart, Smash, Metroid Prime, Mario Galaxy, because they're "too hard."

It's about politics with gamers like you.

Nintendo isn't "violent" enough for you, so you say they're for kids. Which makes you a poser. #1.3.4
I never really understood the Pokémon appeal. I've played some, but I'm more interested in other things they have to offer.

I do like Clash of Clans though. #1
Sony and Microsoft's profits were much less than a few million.

Try "BILLIONS" in LOSSES. #10.1.1
Yeah but, Im pretty sure MS and Sony are working on new consoles too... /s #2.2
You're such a liar.

If you hated it that much, you wouldn't have gotten rid of it.

Or maybe you're one of those fanboys who buys consoles just for the sake of saying that you don't play them. #3.1
"sure Nintendo will make money off of it..." LoL!!

Unlike the tremendously successful PS3 and 360...

No product is "successful" if it doesn't make money.

Am I alone on this? #10
It's funny to see the "anti-Nintendo" crowd trolling the comment feeds.

Nintendo sucks so much they have to take time out of their day to say how much they suck.

Wii wasn't awesome because.... Nintendo.

Ps4 is awesome because... sales.

I think there's still some animosity because Nintendo was the only one profitable in the last decade... #5
I never would've dreamed it would be so hard to get a hold of these little bastards....

I want less than 20 of them and it's ridiculous to have to pay $60 for Little Mac or $50 for Meta Knight.

Start a freaking voucher program NINTENDO!! #1
Yeah, Ford cars sell well too, and so doesn't McDonalds.

I'm betting that you were on the Wii bandwagon too huh?

At least @sprinterboy named off a few exclusives, though none are really "must have games" that warrant these sales in my view. #3.4.1
I really think that this means that there's less money for Sony to put into these franchises, so they sold it to somebody who could.

Yes, it's good for everyone. But I still think it's indicative of Sony's overall health, which isn't good.

This would only be bad for Ps4 exclusivity, which is something the Ps4 doesn't really need because they're still selling like crazy.

It's good for Ps4 owners because these... #3.2
I'm not sure what's driving these console sales.

There isn't much out there in terms of software to explain these numbers. I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised.

Go video games!.... #3
Worse console, yet has already made more money than the Ps3/360 did in their entire life-span.

They're still the best game developers too.

ZombiU was not very good. It had some pretty cool stuff, but the game wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Third party games are also overrated. #1.1.1
Unfortunately my favorite is considered the worst.

Zelda II was fantastic and unbelievably hard #13.1
My expectations ruined that game for me.

I wanted more adventure and less story. #12.1
I'd like to see them re-release the Ps4 with backwards compatability.

There just aren't enough good games. #34
I'm still waiting for greatness... #4.1
Still one of the best games ever.

After 7 years, nothing comes close to that experience.

nothing #5.1
You know Wii is a GameCube right?

Why spend millions to add GameCube function when you can go buy a Wii for 50 bucks? #4.2
Why not just get an external hd?
You can get yourself 3x as much memory.

Im not sure what there is to do with 500 gigs anyway. #3.2
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