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I'm not sure what's driving these console sales.

There isn't much out there in terms of software to explain these numbers. I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised.

Go video games!.... #3
Worse console, yet has already made more money than the Ps3/360 did in their entire life-span.

They're still the best game developers too.

ZombiU was not very good. It had some pretty cool stuff, but the game wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Third party games are also overrated. #1.1.1
Unfortunately my favorite is considered the worst.

Zelda II was fantastic and unbelievably hard #13.1
My expectations ruined that game for me.

I wanted more adventure and less story. #12.1
I'd like to see them re-release the Ps4 with backwards compatability.

There just aren't enough good games. #34
I'm still waiting for greatness... #4.1
Still one of the best games ever.

After 7 years, nothing comes close to that experience.

nothing #5.1
You know Wii is a GameCube right?

Why spend millions to add GameCube function when you can go buy a Wii for 50 bucks? #4.2
Why not just get an external hd?
You can get yourself 3x as much memory.

Im not sure what there is to do with 500 gigs anyway. #3.2
They still make more money off video games than anyone else in the industry.

That still makes them king in my book.

Sony can sell 200 million consoles and they still won't come close to the amount of money Nintendo brings in. And they still don't charge for internet service.. Lol #1.4
Nintendo still makes more money from their gaming division than anyone else. That makes them still the king in my book. #6
Not really.

Zelda games are always phenomenal.

They strive for GotY, and you know it will play flawlessly. #4.2.1
Bayonetta is sick, and Shovel Knight is to die for.

W101 is fantastic and Rayman is superior on Nintendo. And there's Donkey Kong, Pikmin 3... It's stupid how much content they have already. #3.2
You're right.

Ps4 is all hype and no bite. #1.2.5
Gotta catch 'em all!!

... wait.. That doesn't sound right... #1
You mean your consoles DVD player?
Otherwise known as a "gimmick"? #1.1.2
Otherwise known as a "gimmick". #1.1.1
Like CoD and Assassins Creed?

At least Nintendo knows how to make a sequel every 4-5 years not every year, and makes them drastically different enough to remain unique.

Enjoy your sales, since games are MIA. #9.1
Maybe not in 2015, but right now it does. Ps4 is stupid boring and has been all year.

And what 3rd party games are "fantastic" exactly?

Isn't that what a PC is for? since graphics are all the rage? #7.1
I'm getting around to it #8.3
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