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It's all about "GAMEPLAY"...

I'm inclined to believe the WiiU version will outshine all others.
They've got one of the best development teams in Europe. The're going to do it justice. I'm glad they're not competing with MarioKart 8. WiiU is going to have an even better year than the last. #2.1.4
I was thinking that the 3ds would build more hype for the WiiU version.

Releasing WiiU first would kill that version as soon as the 3ds version released.
And everybody agrees that same day release would be idiotic.

I think it was a no brainer. #5
It's definitely the smartest way to go. That doesn't mean automatic success of course. #4
I still think Activision did a supurb job on COD. I can't understand how incredibly shallow fans are not to have a decent online community for the best versions of the series. Although I haven't played Ghosts, BO:2 on WiiU is clearly the better installation.

Two players with their own screen, and no sales? It's a crime against humanity.
Quite indicative of the mindlessness of CoD fans.

"Give me graphics, and no Nintendo, they're y... #2
No need for apologies. Go flamebait somewhere else #20
snap.. They said that for political reasons, not because it was true.

The irony is that Sonic sells more on Nintendo consoles, but you don't waste a bubble without criticising them #2.1.2
That may be, but you wouldn't say that if you played through Metroid Prime 3, on advanced controls. It looks just as good as any 360 game.

You're one of those graphics-hores that doesn't PC, aren't you. #3.2.2
Better to build more hype for the superior version than to kill it with a 3ds version that comes later.

I'm sure they have something yet to be announced. Maybe they kept emissary after all. The delay means something big. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. #1
The direct was more than I could've hoped for. Customized moves was certainly unexpected.

"...ready.... GO!!" #2
Apparently, they don't "need" to, but I think Nintendo should get more props for possessing it. #3
The 3ds and WiiU versions are the same game.

This implies that they're staying with Smas Bros in the future, and they're recruiting for an installation further down the road. #2.3
I'm sure the MK8 bundle will move more than 3-4 million.

Globally? MK8 should turn things around for WiiU everywhere if Nintendo plays their cards right. #2.1.1
Just give me the f@#&%$@ game already.

Im sure gamepad function holds Nintendo games to a different standard. Why would we have it any other way?

I'm sure gamepad function with Smash Bros. will be "disappointing" as well. #15
Why not just lift the gp up and look at both? #8.2.2
@Qrphe, @Knushwood Butt

I'm not sure you would say that if you've used it.

W101, ZombiU, BO2, Pikmin3, MonsterHunter3, Rayman Legends. And that was just off the top of my head. Typing this comment...
It's quite clear why it's necessary.

I can play ANY Wii game off of it too.

There's nothing new with next-gen controllers. There's no reason why Ps3 controllers shouldn't be compatible with P... #1.3.3
I would focus more advertising on the web rather than on cable.

Though, MK8 should really be able to sell itself.

MarioKart Wii sold over a million just last year... o_O

I'm predicting 12-15 million lifetime sales. #2
Best Buy has been surprising me with trade-in deals.

I was only going to get $22 dollars for Knack and $25 for BF4 from Gamestop.
BB gave me $40 for each.

...damn vultures. #1
7 weeks seems so far away.

Any sales predictions? I say 12-15 million #5
Besides console gamers graphic-whoring over next gen, I always thought PC was the way to go. I don't need better graphics, I need good exciting gameplay. Nintendo always delivers. I like how their games make me feel like a little kid, like when I played Mario 3, or StarFox 64 for the first time. Those moments rarely ever happen anymore. This "mature" crap got old ten years ago.

You can have Cod, AC, EA, and the rest of the 'duck n cover', blood and gore... #27
What are you playing?

Ps4 is a software desert #18.1
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