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Maybe not in 2015, but right now it does. Ps4 is stupid boring and has been all year.

And what 3rd party games are "fantastic" exactly?

Isn't that what a PC is for? since graphics are all the rage? #7.1
I'm getting around to it #8.3

What? #10.2
You just got bombed in the face.

What game even comes close to the excitement of Bayonetta 2 on other consoles?.. Last of Us? GTA5?.. ..smh... #4.1.5
Nintendo always has the best exclusives.

I don't think anybody can make a rational dissenting argument.

Nintendo is the best developer.

Everything else is either inn PC or not really worth your time. #12.1.1
Really though, if you don't want to pay the extra money, just wait around and you'll get the ones you want.

If Nintendo wanted to create such a frenzy of rare figures, they would've limited supply on their more popular characters, not Villager and Fit trainer.

Those are rare only because there's little demand for them. Now they're hot because Nintendo is adjusting to demand. Nintendo just needs to find a way to cater to those who can't... #3
Nintendo will always win the console war, because everything else is a poor man's PC.

Politics has overtaken the gaming industry as far as consoles go.

I'd point to Ps4 sales as a perfect example.

What sells?... GTAV.. CoD... A.C....

Ps4 is the most overrated console in history, and the WiiU is the most underrated console ever. That's what this is. #12
But is you didn't stick with Wii when it was winning though huh? ..

Because you're a poser, not a gamer.

Ps4 is all hype and no bite, best sales or not. I think it's a perfect example of why gaming is dying. #8.2
You know the idea of "selling" a console is to make money. Why not use that standard instead of # of consoles sold?
GameCube made more money than the Ps3 or 360, so by that logic GameCube won.

It doesn't make sense to sell more of a product if you're going to bury yourself in a mountain if debt while doing it.

Also, there's plenty of great Wii games, so that destroys the "less games" argument.

It wins... #1.1
Not much of a reward...
Maybe if you own 3ds. #1
Pfffft.... I'll believe it when I see it.

As much as I like Hoskins and Hopper, the original was a disaster, and the end made people think there would be a sequel.

It single-handedly destroyed every other Nintendo based movie possible.
In fact, I would go so far as to say every VG movie ever made (and there are many) was horrible, with the exception of MK and Prince of Persia, which were 'ok' I guess. It's fun to watch Street Fighter... #5
There are many reasons why the WiiU is getting shunned across the board, despite being the best console.

Console gamers are political and stupid. Why play the best games when they can play mediocre ones that look prettier?

Ps4 is the most overrated console in history. WiiU is the most underrated console ever. That's what we have here.

...smh #12
He's only talking Japan.

Global sales were around 7 million for WiiU, but might break 10 million by the end of the year, if they're lucky. #6.1.1
The point of sales is to make money...

I know you'd like to distinguish the two, but you do so at the expense of intellectual discussion.

If my product sells more than yours, it's a "catastrophe" if I bury myself in debt while doing it. #25.2
You want quality, you have to pay for it.

Personally, I think $60 for any Nintendo game is a modest price. Some of those games are worth a lot more to me.

Somehow, they always exceed my expectations. You can't put a price on feeling like a little kid. #21
smash bros. invented the trophy system #12.1.1
You know sales aren't as important as profitability.

Ps3 and 360 lost billions as "successful" as they were.

Gamecube made so much more money for Nintendo, and that's by a long shot. The XBox brand has yet to be a "success" regardless of sales.

You can sell 300 million consoles and be the greatest console ever, but if you're not making any money then it's a bit redundant.

Nice figures though. #25.1
yeah I love how nobody uses the word "gimmick" in the right context.

Motion controls are a gimmick but a blu-ray player isn't?...

...smh... #21.1.1
To be honest, they're pretty stylish without a console.

I might glue a Captain Falcon to my dash. #19
WiiU is the best experience for multiplat games (done right anyway), but die-hard CoD, AC, Need for Speed fans are unresponsive because it's Nintendo.

I'd call that "hate"

Older gamers resent the name "Wii".
It means "casual" #4.1.2
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