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give me a break... are you serious?

the games that sell are practically all annual releases. Assassin's Creed? Call of Duty? GTA5? granted that's not annual, but it's the same experience over and over.

you just look for an excuse not to like Nintendo because you're a console fanboy.

The difference is that Nintendo games never become obsolete. People will want to play Mario 3 and Super Metroid until the end of time.
that's what's so funny about these "wiiu failure" comments.

360 and Ps3 were a complete disaster from a business standpoint.

Gamecube and WiiU were actually more successful than Ps3 or 360 which is a very hard pill for console gamers to swallow #4.3.1
Stop!! No, see? Now I'm crying... 😭😭

I would pay a hundred dollars for an Alucard/Sephiroth amiibo combo...

Good lord probably more. #13.2.1
Bubble down troll #1.4.5

That's after Sony and Nintendo fell out. Sony just kept working with the technology and the developers stayed with them. Nintendo wasn't anticipating Playstaytion's success. But it seems they've all paid dearly for their market share. We gamers are filthy spoilt rotten to the core!!! #1.3.9
And so the "0" metacritic rating is thus JUSTIFIED!!

...war... war never changes... #2
War... War never changes... #32
Nintendo will be gearing up the NX's replacement by then.
In 7-8 years right? #1.1.14
I don't know why you got so many disagrees.

A console that you keep upgrading is called a PC.. LOL!! #8.2
You guys act like the PS4 slim isn't coming out.

I think this 'power fetish' has run it's course. I already have a PC.

How about Sony works with what it has? #49
Because they have next to nothing to show for what they have now.

What ever happened to the "Eye" and "Move"? I liked those. Now it's all about power?

I have a PC already, thanks #6.1.1
Lucario didn't put up much of a fight, but I guess everyone would agree that Mew2 would win #1

I'm sure Americans outnumber Europeans 10/1 on N4G. #9
Don't you Nintendo haters have any games to play?

Or are you that bored that you have to post a comment to state the obvious?

Nintendo is making money. I think that speaks for itself. #18
The irony of spending so much time analyzing why you don't like a game...

It's like this guy made up his mind before he even played it.

When have you ever seen such criticism of a game that was played this little?

There are many more reasons not to like AC, CoD, or GTA.. Same shit, different day.
Where's the criticism for those?
.. that's as far as my analysis goes. #15
I don't know what all the fuss is about. Am I missing something?

Doesn't this only project an expanded market?

Nintendo is pretty much advertising their games on cell phones, so more people are going to be playing Nintendo right?

Nintendo's business structure, although weakened, hasn't seen the multi-billion dollar losses that their competitors have had in the previous generation.
Nintendo still knows how to surpr... #4
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The same assholes claiming WiiU is a failure are the same weirdos claiming "dust on their Wii" and glorify their poor pc consoles.

Nothing new..

Im still am waiting for greatness.

"WiiU is Poor hardware!!
Screw having fun!!
How pretty does it look!? WHAT'S THE FRAME RATE!?"

This forum is a joke
You naysayers aren't gamers. You're posers claiming to be... #17
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You're one of those gamers that buys a console just to claim they dont like it.

Fckin weirdo...

You're a joke.

Mario Kart gets a new rendition every generation unlike you're precious CoD.. Drake.. AssCreed...

wtf man, nothing better to do troll?! #6.1.4
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You're a blind fanboy if you don't know that WiiU is the better console.

Ps4 and X1 are a joke. There's nothing new at all.

As underpowered as WiiU is, it's more fun no matter what you say. #1.7
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Lol, yeah I carry around my Wii in case I need to make calls. Not sure why the contempt for Wii... oh wait, it's because you're a butthurt fanboy with nothing new to play on your precious console.

WiiU made more money than the Ps3/360 combined already, and it's still dubbed a "failure", which would've made last gen a "disaster". I know that hurts your feelings, but you need to get over it.

Th... #13.1.2
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