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Nobody noticed the soundgarden reference. #6.1.3
I was thinking the same thing. #5.2
totally agree.
Shovel Knight is superb.

I dont care about sales, WiiU is by far the best experience.
Ps4 is all hype and no bite. #5.1.2
What can I say that hasn't already been said?
I'm officially psyched up!!

Melee will always be their favorite.

It'd be nice to have a Super Smash Bros. Tag Team... #12
WiiU will stay where it's at until next year. It's making them plenty of money.

Ps4 is all hype and no bite regardless of the numbers. It's stupid how boring it really is. #9.1
Ummm.... what? #21.1
Everybody already knows PC is the way to go for 3rd party devs... but N4G is all about the GAMERS!!

I don't understand the "lack of 3rd party games" argument for WiiU anyway. Some of the Indie games are spectacular. #10.6.1
People forget that Nintendo was the only one out of the 3 to make a profit last gen.

Sure it's about the numbers, but it's more about the money.

The Xbox brand has yet to yield ANY profit for MS, wildly. #5.4.1
Yeah, Nintendo is on track to have yet again a better holiday season with WiiU. #8.1.1
It'll be over 70 by the time it's all said and done. #4.1
I just want zero mission #4
They 've been wanting to stick with a name since GameCube.
Idk why they don't just stick with NES. #6.3
I cancelled my pre-order, but now it looks like I need to get this game...

I'm looking forward to the remake. #5
It means Japan is a country that industrialized the gaming industry, and buying Xbox is counterproductive because it helps their competitors.

It's not that Xbox is lame.

I don't equate Americans buying Japanese games because without Japan, there would be very little market. #1.2.3
It's why "next gen" games are just pretty last gen games.
We all know this.

But let's keep bitching about power while simultaneously refraining from PC. #17
I would argue that it's because games are improving in no other area but graphics. #2.3
Because the Japanese don't shit where they eat. #1
N4G is more of a Let-Down than any Smash Bros. ever will be. #1
Let's not forget that the Ps3 was also the cheapest blu-ray player when the price dropped. #11.2.1
By "failed" you mean, will still make more money than the Ps3/360 did? !

I've got news for you, it's already more successful because Nintendo makes money off of WiiU, so, there's that. #11.4
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