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Well, the Move controller was abandoned, but will it work for PS4?

This says DS4 for Wii #9
PS4 can wait. There's nothing unique about it yet.

I wish I would've waited to start my PSN subscription to be honest.
The free games are cool, but not enough to warrant a $500 pricetag. #7.1
You're all wrong.

It's PC/WiiU.

This gen is still bare-bones. #4.2
Yeah, it is still the best, no matter what it "looks" like.

Everything else is emulated from GameCube controller, or one of its predecessors #2.1.2
wow, obviously Nintendo's not older than "everything!!"

No, in the beginning, God didn't say "let there be Nintendo." #5

yeah, ok, but why is this WiiU headline news?

oh, I see, pre-order hype. Go XBOX!! #20
"The data is for these teachings are stored in the Amiibo."

This is why I don't read the articles. #7
Wow, they're really pushing to please their hardcore fans. I liked Brawl even though Melee is better overall.

The movesets are a welcome addition.

I have a hard time seeing how 3ds doesn't help create more WiiU Smash buzz. You know Nintendo always has something up their sleeve. #2
Im not actually that excited for anything coming up.

Xenoblade is the game I want. #21
It's still going to be the superior version, regardless of anything you just said... deal with it #1.1
Pachter, Pachter, Pachter... you didn't predict the billions of dollars that Sony and MSN lost last gen did you? #34
I guess that means he likes the PsEye, Move, and Kinect.... all of which aren't sold with their respective consoles.

At least Nintendo sticks to their guns. #15.2.2
That's just their way of getting us to shut up about it. #3.2.2
WiiU may be better in a lot of ways. I have to say, none of the games I've played have disappointed....

But I just bought Rayman Legends and Deus Ex for the first time. I keep hearing that WiiU has the superior versions. #8
What about the scrapped cut-scenes? I still haven't seen those. #8
I still have yet to find the campaign cut-scenes that were scrapped from the game. I'd like to see those details first. #11
I predict Ps4 reaches around 14 million, WiiU breaks 10 mill., and Xb1 at 8 mill. by the end of the holiday. Of course I'm just tossing numbers around, but it'll be interesting to see WiiU try to minimize Ps4's momentum. And I haven't done any research on upcoming software releases, so I could be completely off. #3
They could've used another shooter long before COD bowed out. The same people bitching about rehashed games that go gaga for COD... no thanks. I'll take another Conduit though. Or Red Steel... oh wait.. #3
Because they are trying to make money... and WiiU will have it's best holiday sales numbers this year regardless. #1
well, let's face it. It's better politics to gamers that despise Nintendo. Keeping the Wii title was the death-nail. Wii made a profit and their competitors didn't, so of course we should boycott Nintendo. If it can be played on WiiU, it is not that good... and you suck for making a Nintendo game... on and on with the politics #3.1.2
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