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I agree with this.
I think it’s great hardware, it’s just a niche market right now

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would people notice the differences if they weren’t actively trying to point them out?

What’s with all the fuss?

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Clearly you feel better bitching about a console than enjoying your own.

It’s funny with all the “gamers” that claim to buy Nintendo products so they can claim they have dust on them.

Get a life

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Jar Jar was meant to be a Sith playing his role as the fool.

Even the voice actor admits this.

Jar Jar WAS the phantom menace and was supposed to fight Yoda in Clones.

Then came the Star Wars fans bitching a fit about him and Lucas changed directions because people were complaining non-stop instead of letting the man do his work. So he changed directions.

Episode 1 is not what you think it is.


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You know, consoles haven’t changed much.
Other than graphics, Sony and MS play it safe, and make no innovations.

Nintendo takes great risks. The others don’t.

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Definitely the worst Star Wars movie ever.

It redeemed the prequels.

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The point is that gaming should be about gameplay content, not visuals. Let alone shading differences. It’s nit picky.
Somehow gaming has become more about politics, yea it’s bothersome that people want to bitch about things they wouldn’t notice unless they took the time to point it out.

If you want to make it about visuals, you’re rooting for the wrong platform and you’re also in the wrong forum.

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They’d better be able to deliver with their online service.

If they enable virtual console transfers, I’ll be happy.

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Even a brand new game will be very similar to other installations in the series

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I read your first 2 lines..

Expect this version to outsell all of them..

But please continue writing paragraphs of disapproval

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Let’s constantly compare how the PS4 is graphically inferior to PC, cuz that’s what REAL gamers do!! 🙄

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If power matters so much, why is the superior XBox one X trailing in sales while the inferior Switch presently the best selling console ever?

Power doesn’t mean anything unless your into PC gaming.
You’re in the wrong forums

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“Overrated” like the same copy paste likes of CoD or Assassins creed that sell millions every year?

Troll harder

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You mean what an actual “gimmick” is?

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People don’t understand that motion controls and a game pad interface isn’t a gimmick.

DVD/BluRay players, web browsers, streaming services are.

Ps2 sold millions because it was a DVD player, and nobody mentioned the fact that it was by definition, a gimmick.

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One of my favorite systems actually

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I think that used games are costing devs a lot of money, so they’ll keep trying to find different ways to make more.

I think GameStop needs to die

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Simply saying your opinion as to what most people are saying is just confirmation bias.

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