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I hear that it's not that good.
It's another good sign for 3rd party support though.

Can we have the FFVII remake instead??

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I think the article should be "unsuspected"

It makes it sound like games are coming to Switch surprisingly without their knowledge.

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Well, when wolfenstein 2 does come out, it'll still technically be an older game.

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I think time will tell.
The WiiU seemed like a well deserved slap in the face learning experience for them. Don't get me wrong, it's one of my favorite systems, but it just didn't do what it was meant to. I really wish they would rerelease the complete BotW version as it was meant to be on the system so we can see what that was going to be about, but whatever I guess.
I think they're careful to make sure people get their money's worth.

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I agree that they're missing out on sharing the Japanese games that they seem to think that we aren't interested in. It took years of bitching to get XenoChron over and they sold through 800k copies easy.

I actually bought the essential Amiibo characters because I like them and they're fun just to look at. The added functionality is just a plus.

I thought MP3 was epic.
That game is still ahead of it's time.
The motion...

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The article is examining Nintendo's practices that other companies have been doing for awhile, so it's not just about Nintendo.

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I've played the snapmap feature.
It's not that cool to me.
People don't make very good levels.
They could always bring it back if enough people want it, which is unlikely.

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Umm.. Bethesda is rolling out 3 titles less than a year after the Switch launch. Obviously they see potential. Sure they're old games, but they've never worked with Nintendo, and having these games on the go is a completely different ballgame.
I can see people waiting to get the portable Wolfenstein over the prettier home console version. I'm sure Nintendo would enjoy the momentum.

If all their titles do well, and there's really no reason to think ...

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If a company hasn't made software in 2 years for a console they created, it might be game over.

Handhelds are supposed to be more popular. Wiiu is considered a monumental failure, yet came out a year later and is behind the vita in sales by less than a million.

You can find them used for a little over $100 and there isn't that much demand for them. Ive seen many people asking to trade their vita for a WiiU, which is completely bizarre.

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I'm sure this size will be twice as cheap by the time one half that size would be filled.
Nintendo's games especially are compressed so much it's like an art form to them.

Here's one half that size for less than $100

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As fond as I am of the Japanese monopoly over video games, I'm not keen enough to share your political enthusiasm.

I'm more inclined to root for the underdog in hopes that we continue to have a 3 way race. Gamers should not celebrate the domination of one company over another because we have seen how that type of rule turns into arrogance and complacency.

Less competition isn't just counter productive, it's ultimately an unfortunate disa...

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Physiologically, we all start out as women first.
They are the superior gender despite conventional wisdom.
You should see how many orgasms my girl can have, it's crazy! I get jealous

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But you can't call out the double standard.
That's not fair.

Come on dude.. you need to hate the switch
It's just better politics

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Sacrificing a small amount of textures and lighting in exchange for portability sounds like a good deal to me.

I don't understand the politics anymore. Graphics are still really good.
It's not enough that the games are coming.
The quality of graphics is EVERYTHING!!

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You're right.
Fans can't bitch if they don't support it

These games have to do well or they will back out.

I suspect that the hate going on for Switch versions will only motivate Nintendo fans to support them.

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Thanks for the link

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It's extremely dramatic
People can't just be happy for Nintendo fans.
It's got to get politicized.
It's like video game console choices are their own form of racism.

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Not awesome to downvoters because that would mean good news for Nintendo fans.

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I think this is good evidence against the argument that Nintendo doesn't do as well when it sells outdated hardware.

Microsoft came out with decent hardware, has adequate 3rd party support, but isn't performing like it should.

I see ads on Craigslist and local buying apps full of XBO's selling for $200 or asking to trade for PS4.
I'm actually not happy about MS progress because it could signal their exit which would be bad for ...

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