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"I'd love to know how he survived, what happened to the prothians, his feeling of hate for the reapers, etc"

The thing is, Bioware hasn't stated ANYTHING about what this character is going to reveal. Fans are assuming that just because the character is a Prothean that he's going to give this insanely rich back history and provide all these incredible insights when it will most likely end up not being anything like that.

If you really wan...

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The problem is it's likely to get great reviews, but if IGN or G4 give it top marks, people will assume that it's primarily to do with Jessica and less to do with the fact that it's a great game.

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It's one way of guaranteeing a top mark from IGN and G4, I guess.

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U mad bro?

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If the two latest Mario titles on the 3DS has shown anything is that it is essential for Nintendo to launch with a first-party title, preferably Mario, if they hope to have an impressive financial launch.

You're completely right though. If any third-party title was going to aid the sales of the Wii U, GTA V is definitely one of them.

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Unsure if trolling...

The interview in June is just one factor. If you continue to read the whole piece it goes on to mention several other factors that have occurred since then.

It's also posted under 'Rumour', not 'News'. At no point does this portray that GTA V coming to the Wii U is fact.

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Thats like saying Mass Effect 3 should get Game Of The Year because Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 were good.

Sequels have a reputation of not living up to their originals. I'm waiting to see how Dark Souls pans out.

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No developer is going to want to make an exclusive title that only caters to it's franchises previous players. Why would they want to make something that isn't going to allow new fans to get into their game and buy them? That's just stupid on every level.

Fable was able to adapt it's titles to keep it's hardcore audience happy and still appeal to new players (went a bit nuts on Fable 3 though).

Also, Crysis was originally a PC only title t...

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Easily one of my favourite comic book characters. I hate the fact that he gets overlooked in gaming.

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Love the gameplay videos looking at the 1998, 2001 & 2009 version of the game.

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Not everyone will get access to the weapons offered in the pre-order pack as they are set as 'exclusive' to the pack, not retailers, meaning they won't turn up on marketplaces at a later date.

Or so we're led to believe. They still dodge the question about the weapons exclusivity here but answer regarding the map packs.

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You had to have Veteran status which meant owning one of the previous BF titles (or MOH) & being signed up to the BFBC2 site.

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Because it's a well known fact that Zen Studios have been paying off gaming sites with codes to spread viscious lies about the PS3.


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Keeping with the Marvel theme, give the Merc' With A Mouth a table.
Deadpool ftw.

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Looks like a great return to the proper arcade racer!

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Can't wait to see the finished product. Can't believe that the trailer footage is only pre-alpha!

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The spelling and grammar mistakes in this article make me cringe.
"Screen Rant speeks with..." *shudder*
The article is just a very bad transcript of the YouTube video.

I love Mark Hamill as The Joker in Arkham Asylum and Batman: TAS and it will be sad to see him go. I guess he doesn't want to get pigeonholed into ANOTHER role.

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I quite enjoyed Rebel Assault II and I quite like TFU games as well.
I agree that Masters Of Teras Kasi was a big pile of pants. I remember playing that in my younger years and thinking 'why the hell would these characters be fighting each other'?

I want another Battlefront dammit! Those are some great Star Wars games!

On an article note, it would have been good to see some screenshots as not everyone would have played them and it helps see ho...

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With Sony Move already released and the majority of the hardcore fans owning it, I can't see why more people would be at the Move booth as opposed to the still unreleased Kinect.

It also confuses me that there's a Halo Reach booth there when the game has been released for over a week and smashed sales records.

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I have been dying to get my hands on it as I have been to-ing and fro-ing with my pre-order.
EGE will be the final deciding factor.

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