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"Can't wait till GT5 is in my hands."


I have the game and I wished I didn't get it. It was basically the same as Game Party which was terrible. I am surprised that it is outselling 3 great games. #25
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Downloadable games
What about Crash Commando? #21
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The only reason that the wii is up above all the competitors is because it is family oriented. I have a wii and a ps3. The wii is fun but it gets boring after a while. My ps3 I can never get bored over because OF the graphics and longer game play.

Wii= families, beginner gamers, normal people.

ps3 and xbox360= hardcore gamers, fanboys, and normal people. #4.11
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I'm sorry but the game cube did have terrible graphics compared to ps2 and xbox. #33
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It can't be an epic fail because it isn't finished yet! That is why it is called Home Beta. It is to fix the bugs and problems before it is released. #24
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The ps3 is actually making money now. It costs $300 dollars to make a ps3 and they are selling it for 400. They are making $100 dollars, not losing 130-160 per system. Was this article made last year? #30
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