Can't wait till GT5 is in my hands.


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Tversity can play hulu videos but you have to have a good internet connection otherwise it plays badly. I use it mostly for videocasts and a way to save avi videos on the ps3 since it has it's own codecs so it can play on the ps3, than after the movie I just hit copy and i got the dvd on my ps3.

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I agree with SprSynJn,
these games are two different types of shooters. It's like comparing socom with with halo 3. One is a fictional scifi shooter and another is a combat shooter.

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BenCrazy explains GT5's goal to change gamers into car-drivers and car-drivers into gamers.

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nascar is not a redneck sport or an unpopular sport!

Anyways, I hope they update the drivers stats and their cars after every year so anybody is not stuck with old cars after playing the game after a couple years.

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This list sucks, I didn't even see action 52 which IS the worst game ever made for the fact that some games you could never pass and some games didn't even play. It also cost people $200 DOLLARS!!! I also do not agree with some of the games on this list like paperboy. Seriously?

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I would love to be able to accidentally run into a building with a plane or a helicopter and watch the building being rebuilt come up in a span of a couple days in the game.

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Finally, a nascar game that is better than NR2003!!! Once I saw Jeff Gordon's racing suit I almost sh*t myself.

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No, this will not be a great thing at all. Their would be no competition against systems which means no new ideas, products, and no CHEAP PRICES because of no competition. If they combine, the people greatest hit would be the CONSUMERS!!!

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Last years E3 I would call a tie between 360 and ps3 with the wii not being anywhere close. This year I expect the ps3 to get the most attention because of all the new games coming out and the new version of the psp. After that a close second for microsoft. then the wii not even being on the maps for the third time in a row.

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In Mitch Hedberg's words, this article is "full of $hiit."

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They better not ruin a classic. I would love the game (if they are in the process of making the game) if it has all the original maps from redneck original and redneck rides again as well as new maps.

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Yes, but even a $5000 dollar computer would not be able to handle the graphics and the physics of gt5 like a $400 dollar ps3. Why would anyone want to buy it for the pc if you needed a supercomputer to run it?

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All time worst sequel= Cheetahmen 2, it followed in the footsteps of Action 52, which was the worst game (games if you want to call them that) ever made!!!! When it came out (action 52) it cost 200 dollars and was full of glitches, atari graphics and games that were unpassable or didn't work AT ALL. Though Cheetahmen 2 was not actually released, they were found in a warehouse. The cheapest one on ebay is 650 dollars if you would like to waste your money.

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I like my firefox. I tried google chrome it is a tad bit faster and the layout is close to firefox but firefox is safer. Another reason I prefer firefox over chrome is when I'm downloading something from the internet, firefox puts it in a different window while google chrome keeps it in the same window, so if you accidently exit out of chrome, your file that you were downloading would be gone and you would have to start it over again.

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If they need more room, can't they use more then one disk?

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It should be in a firmware so that you can do it with all the games for the ps3. I would use it and I know it would be great to use on a tv at playstation home whenever it comes.

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I am done reading articles from this guy. All of his articles that i have read from that site is a bunch of crap that is pointless to read at all. Either it is old news or dumb stuff that everyone that visits n4g or reads about games already knew. this IS the last article i read from the "hardcore" Christian gamer.

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I would like skate if it had a better camera angle that i could see where i was going. Other than that i would say skate beats tony hawk hands down graphics wise and control style though TH is more fun to play. The camera angle in skate though pi$$es me off.

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I got a ps3 ($399) because if I bought a 360 ($199) with xbox live ($50), after 5 years I would have spent more on the 360 ($449) then on the ps3 ($399).

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I'll have to disagree but Buckethead's awesome!!!!

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