Can't wait till GT5 is in my hands.


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Alan Wake will look better than uncharted 2? Really? lol. I think Rage will look better, but only on a high performance PC, not on any of the consoles.

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It is a good game, just took a year. Not paying $15 for a dlc that was promised free unless their is another one coming. Cant wait til Zipper makes the next one.

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They both are great games. I prefer GH over Rock Band because GH seems to be a bit harder. Playing expert on Rock Band can get boring but that is my opinion.

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Since video games, murders, carjackings, and violent crimes have dropped by half.

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Pirate games that are made by deutschbags!

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If anybody can tell me how to get 2 videos up at once, that would be awesome. I tried but the second video didn't load when I played it.


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Yea, I have been trying to post all of his recent reviews here. I was shocked that no one else was posting reviews from the one that started all video reviews on the internet.

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Great Article

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Its funny how just one line on twitter got all the way up to 700*

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More like hack the browser to make a better browser.

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If they couldn't sell it the first time, why the hell are they trying to sell it AGAIN at the SAME PRICE!!!

I know why, he supports Palin so he must be an idiot.

Here's the link to the not worth but priced $1,100,000 360 -

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wtf on the disagrees for HDgamers post? What he said is a fact, though, I do believe some day the ps3 is going to be hacked. It just hasn't happened yet.

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The Top Gear track is going to be awesome. I hope gt5 made "the reasonable priced car" so I can try to beat the celebrities times.

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I do not see why or how to compare twitter with

N4g is a news website more than a social website. People should be comparing n4g with or if they are going to compare anything to this website. Even those websites aren't closely like this one.

If you are going to compare twitter with anything, it would be facebook or myspace, not a news website!

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@ the troll,
Somebodies going to lose some of their bubbles.

Back on topic, I had the same problem. What you have to do is delete home and reinstall it. It is the same thing the article said but learned it first on the playstation forums.

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This would make it easier to drive on Grand Turismo psp than using the d-pad on the psp.

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Everyone has one but it does not make it hardcore by the number of consoles sold. For it to be hardcore, people that have a wii and a 360 or a ps3 need to prefer the wii better than the other consoles and that is not happening. Also, the games for the console in general are for the less gaming crowd like families. That is the reason hardcore games on the wii are not selling.

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Really, I don't care about the dlc's, what I want is another, better, gta (not saying that gta4 is a bad game, it was a great game).

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Yes the ps3 needs backwards compatibility because it is another reason for consumers that still own a ps2 to buy a ps3. It is also wanted by most of the gaming community as well and an other way for sony to make money the same way they are making money now by selling ps1 titles on the store.

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