Can't wait till GT5 is in my hands.


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I'm going to wait till they make an HD3D tv that doesn't require glasses to use.

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What do you guys mean that NASCAR never had any good games.

Does NR2003 ring a bell?

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There is no wii 2 coming out any time soon. If anything, it is the next gen console and will come out in about 5 years with the others.

Hopefully this time the console will be in the correct generation.

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Yes, who wouldn't love to play those games in HD.

San Andreas was the best selling game on the ps2 and having it in HD with a chance of some trophies added into the mix. I would get it!

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Its better than their first name choice, tamPod.

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Its possible to play dvds on the wii, you just need a homebrew. Its funny that netflix is coming first instead of updating the wii with a dvd video player.

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I hate socom after zipper gave it to slant 6 to ruin. The old ones are great, this (confrontation)game just is not up to date with the way the controls (running button is not r3 and when i do change the settings, have to press it constantly to run) are set up and sometimes it is just too damn hard to jump over easy things.

If socom had the control setup like this gen of shooters, i would play it 24/7.

They did keep the button to speak in the mic which I wish all gam...

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Hope this game is good.

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If you're smart, you have to look at the many people like me that got the game for free.

Either way, $60 for this game is a rip off!!! Half the list from the last game but the same price, and this is coming from a van halen fan, look at my picture!

But what else would you expect from Activi$ion.

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I think they're a little late since its been out for a month.

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better not be something stupid like alan wake video

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It should come with the gold zelda nes cartridge. lol

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I use the premium version of TVersity and it has hulu streamed to your ps3. You just have to have a good internet connection, try comcast, lol.

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Dammit, tricked by HHg again

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Though they are losing money on every console sold, they gain that money back through game sales, blue-ray sales, psn store sales, psn Home sales.

Add all of that up and you'll find out they gained more money than they lost from the PS3.

Bubble please!

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I hope it is not the Atari 5200 version. lol.

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How did this get approved? The last time I saw the article, there were 7 reports

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yea, this isn't microsoft's fault, this is the tv idiots fault for not testing it first and calibrating it. This is coming from a sony fanboy too.

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I agree partly, gta was a good game but very over-hyped but I am tired of these episodes or dlcs, I want to see the next vice city or san andreas!!!

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