Can't wait till GT5 is in my hands.


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Never heard of Mr. Blowing before...

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Doubt it on the stereotypical quote "many of them children."

Either way, this is credible and sony could of handled this better.

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Playing some Battlefield play4free. Has its bugs but still fun to play and its free.

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There is a reason why the 32x and the sega cd failed. No developer wanted to make anything on it and people didn't want to buy addons. If you want upgradable consoles, buy a PC. The reason I bought a console is because it lasts 5 or more years and I do not need to spend extra money keeping it up to date (hardware) to play new games every 2 years.

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It won't. GT5 only had a sample of nascar with 2 nascar tracks and a couple of cars.

For the video, the delay was for them to polish the game more and to add more features which needed extra time to implement.

If people would DO a little research, they would know that activision is more afraid of Iracing than anything else which is why there will be no game for the PC this year.

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I'm not going to try this till I know for a fact that a firmware update cant bans people or block these before I try the emulators.

One thing I would love to do though is play the nes duck hunt with the move controller. That would be epic.

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That is the reason I didn't post it because it was not up on their website yet. It just depends on who approves it.

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This is news?

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Japanese netizens are quick to point out that the handwriting looks “childish” and “stupid”.

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Its not the games causing the YLOD, its the amount of time playing a game and not properly shutting down the ps3.

I always let my ps3 run an hour after gameplay until it automatically shuts down so that it cools itself correctly. If you dont and shut it off immediately, it runs the risk of not cooling down correctly resulting in a broken ps3.

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Me too, dont go to the site! It has a Trojan Horse.

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Didn't you see him run into the car?

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Sorry, already pre-ordered at Best buy and got a Nissan GT-R GT500 Stealth Model for it (which is better than a 1-10000 chance that I can have one day in a supercar).

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No, only the premium cars have cockpit views from what I've heard. I wish all of them were but the others are going to have the same view as the cars did in gt4. But who knows, they could of added them in the final stretch of making the game and tricked every video game news site. Either way it won't be a long wait till you find out.

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I agree with ddurand1. Sometimes when the people on the other team cross paths, the auto aim can follow the person you aren't trying to shoot and ends up getting you killed. I hope that there is no auto aim in the next game. Either way I am am buying it because everyone else I know is as well as gt5.

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Because you can't race 43 cars on the track in gt5 but if i had to choose between the two, I would definitely buy GT5. More diversity in cars and racing styles makes GT5 seem like 5 games in 1.

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NR2003 or anytime sierra had papyrus working on it. I doubt this will be any good but who knows, just glad its not ea.

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It's the next gen thing whether you like it or not now, it is coming. Prices will soon go down and soon the glasses less 3DTV's will come(guessing around the time the next gen console's arrive) and everyone will buy them like hdtv's and blueray.

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I doubt it will happen. As the article stated from scee president,"a blanket charge for all online play was something that Sony would "struggle with", due its pride in the PSN's free-to-use policy."

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