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I am thankful for every day I am alive. I am thankful that I have full use of my four limbs, thankful to have a warm home and hot water, thankful to have a loving family and finally thankful to be fortunate enough to own multiple platforms in which I spend an excessive amount of time gaming. #48
While I really enjoyed the PC game, I am concerned about performance issues for Xbox. The game is poorly optimised on PC as of this time. A system more powerful than a Xbox One could only run it on medium settings, so how is the Xbox One going to run this smoothly? #6
4/10 means you have zero credibility not just as a journalist. but as a human being. Don't let children like this intimidate you into speaking your opinion. I enjoyed this series better than borderlands, because it had a better story and far more interesting characters. And I know a lot of you did too. I want to make something clear, I am not bashing Tales from Borderlands.

While I do not want to make my comment solely about comparing the two, it needs to be said that the... #3
I love this commercial. If only Nintendo had more commercials like this at the beginning of the Wii U era, maybe the platform would have sold better. #3
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The Gamecube Mario Kart is by far the worst Mario Kart ever made. It's rare in this world when there is an actual consensus on something subjective, but the reviewers and the crowd agreed on this point primarily because of the lackluster track selection. Mario Kart 7 & 8 are widely considered the best in the series--one of the Nintendo series that consistently takes a step forward almost every time. Should there have been a real battle mode? Sure, but the racing has always been my fav... #1.3
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My analogy is perfect. My system is better than your system, is the same argument as my dad can beat up your dad. The implication is one is superior to the other. But the point I am making is directed toward the juvenile nature of the argument. "My system is better than your system, nah, nah, nah, nah." #1.12.4
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While Fallout 4 does need some work to raise the frame rate on both systems, let's put things into perspective. If you saw a large plain white colored square with a single black dot on it, where would your focus go? It would go to the black dot. It is human nature to focus on the negative and let that obscure the positive things.

As a whole--and I have a friend that own the X-box One version and a friend that owns the PS4 version--the game is fun to play, and while Bethes... #1.12
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I think your position is completely fair. #1.1.1
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Interesting considering this is a review for the PC version. Sounds unbiased and one of the few reviewers bold enough to lower the score based off of the technical shortcomings. #1
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Because a game that releases next year is completely off topic. If someone said Fallout 4 it would make more sense. But inserting a similar game on another platform that comes out next year comes across extremely fanboyish, like trying to rain on someones parade.

In other words, the Sony fanboy comes across as insecure that the Xbox gets a timed well-received exclusive, so he has to say something about his system getting a good game at a later date. "My system gets a goo... #1.5.3
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Yes, the X-box One version is worse off than the PS4 version. And the PC version will look better, play better (because of the vastly superior frame rate) than the PS4 version, and have a near limitless ceiling of longevity due to the modding community.

I just do not see how mods will function on the consoles without lowering the frame rate even further. It might be possible to put a few on there, but if you want to retexture the entire game for the Xbox One and the PS4, you... #3.1.26
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Where have you been the past ten years? I use my PC in my living room all the time....have you ever heard of big picture mode on Steam? No, because you are talking out of your rear end worse than anybody in this comment section.

Big picture mode is designed so that you can play your PC and control the menus with a controller from the comfort of your couch.

How can you not know that in 2015? #3.11.4
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I have heard and/or own most of these, but infinifactory is something that never blipped my radar until now. It looks very promising. #1
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I do agree with all of your points except one.

"Will it have a library that cannot be found elsewhere?"

PC games offer a library that cannot be found anywhere else. Go to the Steam's home page and look at some of the bestsellers. While you will find many standard console games (Fallout 4, GTAV), you will also see an intermix of games that will never appear on a console. #1.4.1
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"But hey, you guys like the game and it runs great for you? I must be a hater and console fanboy! PC MASTER RACE LOGIC"

Hey, I was just having fun with you. You sort of went off the deep end there, you mad bro?

You cannot generalize my friend. There are 1000 call of duties, and Advanced Warfare is the only valid criticism. Black Ops 3 in Beta don't's Beta! Every other Call of Duty has received very positive review... #6.3
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It doesn't. And Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is getting mod support. Suck it! #6.2
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You are correct. It's funny that when Sony's stock reached junk status it wasn't even a blip on the radar here at n4g. Nintendo loses a percentage that still leaves their stock higher than it was a few years ago and here come all of overgrown infants telling us how big a deal it is.

While no one is thrilled with this news, let's not blow the news out of proportion. #1.3.1
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Sounds like a fun VN to play for Halloween. I'm going to pick this up. #1
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While I never jumped on the doom train, I really wouldn't get excited about 92 million in profit. That's peanut compared to Nintendo's profits last gen. Some profit is better than no profit, but Nintendo's coffers are not as large as they were at the beginning of the generation, meaning that they have less money to invest in their new platform than they did when the Wii U came out.

That's nothing to celebrate. As a Nintendo fan and a stock owner, I think t... #6.2
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Fwi, this does not include shipping. Still a good price. #3
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