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Maybe if there was a coming of age lesbian storyline the game would have received higher scores

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I can't wait to watch the reactions of all of your dopes when this system sells like crazy. It will be a success, that is my prediction. I think when Nintendo explains the revolutionary idea that they are implementing "3D tactile rendering" (just a prediction, I have no hard evidence other than logical deduction) people will be really excited.

But I also predict that no matter how awesome this new platform is, people will hate it for no reason whatsoever. Most ...

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"Good luck, after seeing that my excitement for the NX has lowered significantly."

Your knee-jerk reaction along with all the other geniuses on N4G who can discern the functionality and the fun-factor of using a controller by simply seeing a picture displays a supreme narrow-mindedness.

I am turning into a broken record here, but if this controller implements 3D tactile rendering all of you will be eating your words--because the feedback from the t...

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8.4! way too low, I would have given it an 8.52

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I had the same experience. The game was nothing but a repetitious 3rd person shooter masquerading as some sort of scary Stephen King novel. And while it was creepy and fun for the 1st few chapters, it got boring and stopped being creepy way too ealry. While I do appreciate the graphics, characters and setting, I got bored killing the same few enemies over and over and over, and there was no resolution to the story, oh wait there sort of was, but you have to buy the crappy dlc and oh, wait mor...

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Am I the only one who was expecting to see Q from Star Trek the next generation?

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But the rumor is that the NX is using 3d tactile rendering, which means that the programmable buttons would have a physical feel to them.

A map on the screen would have ridges, depth and elevation. This technology could be the future of smartphone screens.

This technology is actually old, it just has yet to be implemented on a mainstream device. Watch this short video, it looks really cool to me.

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I'm looking forward to it.

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I'm glad someone read my post. I'm personally excited and hope Nintendo does indeed implement this technology in an interesting way.

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But the playstation move wouldn't exist without the Wii making the concept popular. The move is being sold again in droves. How can you deny Nintendo's role in changing the way we play games? NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy, Wavebird, Wii, DS all had a role in changing the way we play. That's consistency.

Games are at a standstill right now. This generation has added nothing new besides better graphics. Games have not become more complicated, not anymore--that stopped a ...

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What about the rumors that this system is implementing 3d tactile rendering on the touch screen? Wouldn't that mean that this controller could create a traditional button layout like a standard controller?

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No it is rumored to use 3d tactile rendering on a touchscreen surface. Watch this video. That will be a revolution if Nintendo chooses this route. Controllers will never be the same. Thank you Cuerex for showing me this video :)

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But the reason they did not get 3rd party support was because of the lack of HD hardware. Great 3rd party games were not portable to a SD system, so the lack of HD was in fact the reason the system wasn't sustainable despite its success.

VR would be pointless without a different control input device, utterly pointless, because the video game experience wouldn't change beyond that extra immersion factor you would feel. It would be nothing but glorified 3d. This is obvi...

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I remember when the Wii was announced, it confused people. But after the concept was explained, it made sense and people liked it. Its achilles heel was the lack of HD. It's funny how motion controls are suddenly being embraced again in VR without a peep from anyone. Don't ever forget that Nintendo made that concept popular.

This controller could have that same effect. The new controller could be brilliant. Looks new, sexy and interesting. But let's not go too far...

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While Resident Evil 4 wasn't super scary, I think it's the best of the series. Removing the camera angles isn't the issue. Resident Evil 0 was a traditional Resident Evil and while a decent game, not scary at all.

Dead Space 1 & 2 managed scare and it did it in 3d.

"Capcom needs to find a way to evolve Resident Evil without sacrificing its identity." <---I agree with this statement, but let's not bring it back to tank controls...

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I still care. Resident Evil Revelations (only played on 3DS) was a breath of fresh air the franchise needed. I loved the first 4, I liked 5 and could not get into 6. So, I am not jumping off of the bandwagon quite yet.

I still play Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles on the PS3 using the brilliant and highly underrated PS Move sharp shooter. Which by the way I heard is making a well deserved come back (the gun not the game) with PS VR.

Back on topic, I am curr...

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Yeah, we need to watch out for Lonnie18, he's about to have a revelotion.

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You're right Lonnie (that's not even a real name), there will be no revelotion, because Nintendo is not in the lotion business.

Who named you Lonnie? Sounds like an Asian trying to say Ronnie.

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What?! I'm sorry, but you got it all backwards. When Hiroshi Yamauchi died, that's when the old school Nintendo died. When he ran Nintendo, the company always focused on the strength of the hardware.

Iwata (may his good soul rest in peace) is the one that didn't understand the industry and through his decisions put Nintendo in the position they are in now, which is playing catch up to its competitors. And he was alive when Nintendo planned it's foray into the...

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LOL! That is the most perfectly timed face ever!

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