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Thank you so much for clarifying that. I don't know what I would do without people like you to keep me in check. #11.1.1
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I just started playing the PC version of this game. Within the first ten minutes I screamed and threw my headphones across the room without even realizing it. I am not too far into the game yet, but rarely has a game every given me such a sheer sense of panic. It's sooo scary!

I would be very interested to see what the Wii U gamepad could do with this game. There are some interesting possibilities there. #5
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I liked the article, and for the most part agree with what was said. PC is my primary home gaming system (my 3ds goes everywhere with me), but I too dislike the PC master race subculture. As a joke, it is hilarious; but let's be honest here, some of these "PC elitists" really do think they are better than other people, and I find that sort of behavior contemptible.

Although I didn't read all of the comments here, I am surprised how many people take issue wit... #11
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Too bad the game's release date was just pushed back to 2015. I was excited for this one. #1.4
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Any author of such an article that feels the need to use the f word lacks the creative intelligence to be taken seriously. #11
That PSU is currently sold out on newegg. Great deal though. #1
I ran out of bubbles in the 5 most overrated games of all time discussion, so I wanted to address your claim if I may, and I apologize for going off topic in this particular comment section.

You said I didn't offer any specific reasons on why I felt certain games were overrated, and I am scratching my head as to how you can say that. I gave several very specific criticisms pertaining to Last of Us. You said my claims were vague. Look, I didn't want to write a novel, s... #4.2.4
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Funny that you claim logic while utilizing a logical fallacy.

Argumentum ad populum #22.3
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I agree with you completely. However, the modding community saved Skyrim for me. But the industry has changed for the worse from my perspective and like you I recognize I am in the minority. But I still think there are plenty of good games out there. The funny thing is, most of the people outraged by this article are not offering any logical counter arguments, but are instead attacking the article writer, which is always the sign of someone who does not have a valid counter argument.
... #21.1
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I completely agree with you. #32.2
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Just because someone gave a game an 8 instead of a 10 doesn't make him a bad journalist. If anything I think he is brave for going against the norm knowing that he is going to get this kind of backlash. I also happen to agree with him with the exception of minecraft. I think if we take a step back and try not to have an emotional reaction, we see that this is simply a person with an opinion. #31.1
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I actually completely agree with this list. He never once says the games are inherently bad, he just says that they are overrated. As someone who owns every single game mentioned I have to agree. None of these games are bad, but none of them deserve the accolades they receive in my opinion. I would probably exempt minecraft from the list though. Minecraft is fun.

I played through all three Uncharted games, and while I did like the stories, I thought the gameplay was par for t... #51
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Ha, Jetpack was awesome! I loved making my own courses in that game. Thanks for bringing that up and giving me a nostalgic trip to the past. #5.2.1
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Animal Crossing: New Leaf 400+ hours and still going strong. #13
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There are a lot of great games mentioned here, but I would like to throw out a couple more. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and the Swapper. Great games everyone should play. #14
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My wallet is ready. #7
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Loved the first one. Played it last Halloween on PC. My flat screen is visible from the doorway to my house and it was fun when kids came to the door to get candy and commented on it.

"Wow, he's playing a Halloween game!"

Ah, kids, so easy to please. #5
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You get an agree from me, but seriously this is the Internet. I can totally believe it lol. #9.1
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I absolutely love Spore. In fact I feel like booting it up right now.


I liked the space part of the game the best. It had more depth than any of the previous sections. And while I do agree with you that your allies constantly call you back, so what? I just ignore them. Expanding my intergalactic empire and becoming the most powerful species in the galaxy is far more interesting than being bothered by a few whiny allies. #7.1.2
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You obviously didn't read the article. #9.3
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