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Destiny definitely looks like Halo and I think it will feel like Halo.
I love Halo and just like SITH I have followed Halo and Purchased it since day dot so I want Destiny to feel brand new.
Not recycled Halo with new skins and textures which is exactly what it looks like, bar the whole MMO part. To me it is essentially HALO MMO

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I really should get on Skyrim... However I think I may pick up a few more of these habits if I play such a huge game like that!!

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I love weird stuff!! But I meant for the price tag is there enough content basically.

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I still don't know whether or not to buy this!!!!

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This is true and I completely agree, the 2DS has a very specific target audience and I think they have catered to that audience very well with this console.

However... It is pretty ugly so its fun to make fun of it :P

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double post

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Not really, It wouldn't be a full fledged Pokemon game could even be something related to the pokemon trading cards, scan the cards into the game etc.

It wouldn't rival its own console, it would just expand its player base.

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I dunno why all these people are so against this idea...I would love a Pokemon game on my phone.

I do agree it doesn't 'need' to do this but I don't see a problem with it. Just as long as it is not full of in-app purchases!

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I wanted to get into this title, I had beta access but just couldn't find the time which is a shame as that basically meant that I would forever be putting off playing it and the monthly fee would just spike me

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I sort of feel this way too.

I think the game would sell much better if it was released November this year, however I don't think I will be jumping into next-gen until later 2014 so it suits me right now.

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This takes me back!

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My body is ready.

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Haaha!! Classic! This brought back some fond memories... and some angry ones!!

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i have it on Win8, so far its ok, it is kinda fun, first few levels are pretty easy but picks up however if you do not have a win8 phone or win8 then dont worry you arn't missing out on much

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love the idea of more games like this coming to the UK but I don't really think I'd get to play them much, I remember playing FARCRY 3 *SPOILER ALERT* and then got to the sex scene and my grandad was sat watching me play....... awkward....

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DRM is something that will eventually have to deal with when physical copies become obsolete (whenever that ever happens) and digital downloads are the norm.

I guess Microsoft wanted to go this way with consoles just like steam is for PC but there was no justification from them, if we were told that they would be cheaper I personally would of had no quarrel.

The issue lies in digital vs physical, why buy digitally and not have the ability to resale when you...

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