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agreed. im not a huge COD fan, but this game is really fun, it has the best campaign yet in my opinion. an yeah it was definitely not a quick time event. idiots.

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this game is amazing, especially for 30 bucks. it has tons of content and a great story and fun battles.

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i am having a lot of fun with this game. i play it almost as much as FF 14. amazing game.

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The PT demo was freaky as hell you are correct.

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im playing Alien right now, it is pretty freaking scary. i love to be scared though.

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Freedom Wars is a fantastic game. it really picks up once you get the girl.its amazing for the price.

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Dead Space 1 was THE scariest game ever. I love The Evil Within though, its fun as hell, but not scary.

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omg! cant wait!

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im new to the whole MMORPG scene, i never had a PC back when WoW and all the others were huge, but now that i have played FF 14 i realize how much i probably missed, especially FF 11, this game has been a game changer (literally) for me. FANTASTIC game.

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they did tease a level cap the other day.

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its amazing. it is the best handheld port of the game yet. its freaking huge!

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i do, and i will.

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nice, when i get my ps4 back from sony, maybe this will be released.

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i got online this morning for the first time since moidnight launch day, i got 4 rounds in, won them all :), and then i got kicked, and i havent been able to get online again.

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i like it except i cant play online, and yes i have the patch, i called nintendo and they couldnt help, ans i guess thousands of people are experiencing this. i might return it if they dont fix it.

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already got one, thnx though you idiot.this makes it sound like all gamers are complete cave trolls.

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great game

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i guess you are entitled to your opinion... i guess. just dont play it. Within another year there will be so much content, you will poop yourself.

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i play this game pretty much all the time, i freaking love it, and i never run out of stuff to do.

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