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Worlds Adrift sounds amazing!

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really looking forward to deadwood. hope they get funded on kickstarter!

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I was hoping this would launch for around £400 or so, I can't see £599 being the launch price...

Amazon have listed the PS4 at the same price, and have stuck 599 euros on the European sites too.

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I probably wont.

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Hardly "deep trouble" - their stock has been much lower than that in the last year alone. The low for the last year is only 1,000 Yen; I'd expect this to be nothing but a blip.

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I hope PlugHead are happy with the traffic they got for this.... because this was clearly only to get gut reactions and get traffic.

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The Game Informer article was posted today.

But yeah, have since spotted the same/similar specs have been posted elsewhere - will pen this for deletion.

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Game Informer, the sister company of GameStop are reporting this also:

They haven't been confirmed as fake, just that they haven't officially announced the specs yet. The official twitter feed simply said "We have not announced any specs".

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