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Breaking News: Microsoft optimizes GPU drivers...

In Other News: AMD, nVidia and Sony, scrambling to understand new concept of "GPU driver optimization" invented by Microsoft.

/s #9
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A little history on the whole rescuing the princess from a dates back to the Greeks and it has been a popular theme for romance since then.

Mario is the same thing taken to video games, where is the problem!

Edit: BTW, those books are typically aimed at women, get this, some of them actually find it romantic to get rescued... #1.1.4
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Civ is extremely well done, has a huge community, is going on 24 years and stronger than ever and has won multiple game of the year awards. How many IPs can say the same.

You not liking it does not make it crap, sorry. #2.1
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Seems obvious to me that it's all about personal preference, some like consoles, some like PCs, I don't see the point in arguing.

I was able to convince one of my friends in the past to get a PC instead of a console, cause that is what I prefer myself. It turned out to be a bad experience for him, he didn't like it, had issues he couldn't fix himself...

PC is not for everyone. #9
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@mhunterjr Your Walmart analogy is pretty spot on and you answered you question yourself...Steam is like Walmart, prices are a bit lower and there are tons more people that shop there than anywhere else. If a vendor chooses to not sell their product at Walmart they are essentially not exposing their product to a lot of consumers, lowering their visibility and potential sales.

Case in point, I go on the Steam store almost everyday, just to see what's on sale and such...a... #4.2.3
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I'll just leave this here: #5.1
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I don't think you're supposed to have your kids play M rated games, so guns explosions and killing are technically not ok for kids. #16.1
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To be fair, you can get a regular 290 for $399 which is more than you need for 1080P gaming anyways.

You also don't need an i7 for gaming, an i5 ($250) will do just fine.

But granted, it's still more expensive than a console. #2.1.7
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I also like the new DSR feature, I can't afford a good 4k gaming monitor but if I get a Maxwell card, I'll be able to down sample from 4k and get better graphics on my 1080p monitor. Looks promising. #6
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MS never destroyed anyone's career, they never laid off anyone... #8.1
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But But but, PC gaming is dying, I learned that on N4G! /s

"Intel’s Broadwell CPUs will bring Iris Pro graphics to socketed processors, which will compete directly with AMD’s APUs, allowing for super small gaming builds with capable on-board graphics."

In other words, Intel's next gen CPUs will bring gaming capabilities to most PCs without having to fuss with a dedicated GPU. #11
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-> Why not game on your phone (or other mobile device)?
he's talking about computing power not controls or screen, you have games on your phone, it connects to your TV, wireless, you grab a bluetooth controller which pairs with your phone, which is still in your pocket, and play on your tv. You plug it in when battery's low...just like a laptop.

-> Why not game on a roku box/Amazon Fire TV/etc?
with no more consoles where will the games be?
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Minecraft is nothing without it's community, it's a 5 year old game for god's sake, how many 5 year old games are still relevant today that don't have a huge community?

People still buy Minecraft because of the thriving community, I hope that Microsoft are aware of that and don't go doing anything stupid to anger an already skeptic community.

Things that would not bode well:
- stop updating the PC version
- micro-transactio... #39
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Case in point, my parents don't play games and therefore don't own consoles, but they babysit my kids sometimes, they have a bravia TV or Playstation TV and when the kids come over he rents a game for 4 hours, no download or install, just play right away...

And that is the big right away without the need for the console...that's worth 4$ for some.

EA Access is worth 5$ for others but not for everyone either, I don't play spor... #18.1
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If you mean the future of gaming is digital distribution, I agree and it's been on PC for years (who buys retail PC games anymore?).

If you mean that it's publisher based subscription services that are the future of gaming? I sincerely hope you're wrong. #16.1
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If you can't sell your game because it's digital, you don't own it, you own the right to play it.

That being said, I have over 100 games on steam that I can't sell and I have no problem with that, mostly because I didn't pay 60$ for each of those. #13.1.1
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well, India.

You guys think all PC gamers are pirating and that bugs me, I legally own over 130 games on PC, I don't know that any of my friends pirate games anymore.

This is India, I don't even know if it's even possible to legally buy the game on PC there. #1.1.1
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I posted about this months ago, when Ballmer was still CEO, there is a group of investors that want MS to split off xBox, Ballmer was not part of this group. They eventually were able to kick Ballmer out and put in Nadella.

Now, I'm not sure if Nadella is the guy this group wanted as CEO but he's a new CEO and MS needs some restructuring, I can only speculate on what Nadella will do with xBox, I don't think they can sell it at the moment as it needs to get esta... #43
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Last retail PC game I bought was GTA vice city... #15.3.1
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I wouldn't call the X1 a failure quite yet, but it is in a tough spot to say the least. It does have a lower user base and that gap most likely will widen. Not having many 1st party studios means that MS will have a harder time or have to pay more for 3rd party exclusives as the developer is basically cutting his prospective sale by more than half.

It's a vicious cycle, consoles need exclusives to boost sales (people often make the jump because of a game), you get... #22
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