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ignorance is bliss

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7. Maybe they are just kids.

There is a lot of that...I remember doing that as a parents never knew about it....but I didn't have any money and my parents thought games were too expensive.

I probably wouldn't be gaming (and buying all my games) today if it hadn't been for that.

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This is quite funny, I was in a meeting yesterday with a MS rep. and he was boasting they had over 200 million devices with Win10.

And someone from our group said: "That is counting XboxOne right?"

So he said: "ok, 150 million then"

and I was thinking, hmm, 50 million xBox Ones...right.

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Come on people, do you really think Facebook would have shelled out $2 Billion for Occulus if it was just a gimmick? And if $500 is too much then why is the thing so much in demand (see pre-orders)?

I already own the PC needed for Rift and hopefully Vive just like a lot of other PC gamers out there. I don't however own a PS4, so PSVR is more expensive for me.

Personally I like the look of PSVR, it looks more like a consumer product and if the price is r...

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To be honest, I looked at the holiday sale, added a few titles to my cart, looked some more in case I would find games that I liked more than the ones I put in the cart. Then something came up and I never went back to complete my purchases...Sale ended, I bought nothing, and I don't even care, it doesn't feel like I missed some huge discount.

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The $84CAD price for a game is a direct conversion of our current dollar for a $60USD game. It's frustrating but it's the way it is...hopefully they'll readjust when the dollar comes back up.

But you guys just get ripped off...your games should cost around £40 based solely on conversion. So yeah from over there we do look like a whining bunch, but the fact is that nobody likes to see the price increase on their favorite hobby.

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Your 1440p phone had to split to 720p for each eye.

Rift is 2160x1200 split vertically to 1080X1200 per eye.

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I was just like you a few years back...I needed to have something in my hands that I can put on a shelf...I didn't trust digital distribution and it seemed to me like those games had less value that their physical counterparts.

Fast forward to today, and it's the total opposite, I haven't bought a physical game on PC since GTA Vice City. I think the single biggest benefit is that you can't lose/scratch/break the disc (which has become an issue with young kids)...

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A lot of what you mentioned it true, but I don't think it has as much of an effect as you think.

Piracy is less of an issue now because of Sales, it's just not worth it anymore. If you look at top selling games on Steam, you'll see the AAA games that just came out (Fallout 4, AC:S, BO3, even GTA5 at full price...) so a lot of PC gamers do buy full price. The ones that wait for Steam Sales are not Day 1 buyers.

Free to play is what it is, micro t...

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The way they structure the game (MP) makes it almost impossible not to purchase the Season Pass. You need to spend another 50$ to make that original 60$ worth it.

As much as I want this game, I'm just not buying into this's not a money thing, it's a question of principle.

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Amen to that and long live healthy competition!

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Neet! been waiting for that update for a while now...

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Your statement makes no sense. Show me a AAA game that absolutely needs mods to be enjoyable...there should be a ton as you say "most multiplatform games".

Having mods available is different from needing mods for a game to be fun. You're turning a positive into a negative.

Having something is better than not having it...Having the ability to put mustard on a hot dog is better than not having mustard at all...your choice to put mustard or not.

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They probably shouldn't, but they will...I say let them try, something is better than nothing even if this something isn't that great...Prove me wrong Konami!

I wouldn't even be surprised to learn that Kojima would be involved in one way or another (adviser?)...I know I'd throw a couple millions his way just to have his name somewhere on the box...

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Also, in real life, when you die, you don't respawn...or fight zombies or dragons or dinosaurs for that matter...

gaming should be about real stuff, right? getting up in the morning and making coffee, bringing the kids to school and go to other words we should only be playing the Sims.

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People making a fuss over this are playing into the whole thing...It's all over the place, free publicity! This is exactly what was expected in my opinion.

Look around you...we have freakin' Nikki Minaj and Miley Sirus exposing their "Real" bodies to a much wider and younger, predominantly female audience...Isn't that much more sexist? Would it be considered sexist if Kojima had been a woman?

As far as I know MSGV is M rated. Not Miley...

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Nice teaser of things to expect in a few years...add VR to the mix and we're in for some exciting times as gamers.

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I imagine it that way:

Markus drove back home, sat down in front of his PC, surrounded by giant piles of cash and started coding a new game that he'll never release.

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I had good internet with SimCity, but could not play it for a full week after launch because of the servers also, every time I want to play it now...I need to sit through an update...which I just end up cancelling to play something else...

Forcing updates on single player games is ridiculous...the game was playing fine the last time...I doubt a patch to fix some obscure bug is absolutely necessary for me to play.

It's not an internet connection problem......

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Online games yes, single player games/modes no...this is just some form of DRM with lipstick.

3 problems.

1. Launch of these games has been less than stellar with the impossibility to play because of server issues...can't play a single player game because of server issues...think about it.

2. Server maintenance stops you from time to time from playing a single player game.

3. When THEY decide to shut off their servers i...

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