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Case in point, my parents don't play games and therefore don't own consoles, but they babysit my kids sometimes, they have a bravia TV or Playstation TV and when the kids come over he rents a game for 4 hours, no download or install, just play right away...

And that is the big right away without the need for the console...that's worth 4$ for some.

EA Access is worth 5$ for others but not for everyone either, I don't play spor... #18.1
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If you mean the future of gaming is digital distribution, I agree and it's been on PC for years (who buys retail PC games anymore?).

If you mean that it's publisher based subscription services that are the future of gaming? I sincerely hope you're wrong. #16.1
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If you can't sell your game because it's digital, you don't own it, you own the right to play it.

That being said, I have over 100 games on steam that I can't sell and I have no problem with that, mostly because I didn't pay 60$ for each of those. #13.1.1
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well, India.

You guys think all PC gamers are pirating and that bugs me, I legally own over 130 games on PC, I don't know that any of my friends pirate games anymore.

This is India, I don't even know if it's even possible to legally buy the game on PC there. #1.1.1
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I posted about this months ago, when Ballmer was still CEO, there is a group of investors that want MS to split off xBox, Ballmer was not part of this group. They eventually were able to kick Ballmer out and put in Nadella.

Now, I'm not sure if Nadella is the guy this group wanted as CEO but he's a new CEO and MS needs some restructuring, I can only speculate on what Nadella will do with xBox, I don't think they can sell it at the moment as it needs to get esta... #43
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Last retail PC game I bought was GTA vice city... #15.3.1
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I wouldn't call the X1 a failure quite yet, but it is in a tough spot to say the least. It does have a lower user base and that gap most likely will widen. Not having many 1st party studios means that MS will have a harder time or have to pay more for 3rd party exclusives as the developer is basically cutting his prospective sale by more than half.

It's a vicious cycle, consoles need exclusives to boost sales (people often make the jump because of a game), you get... #22
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For the jealous ones, there's nothing stopping you from trying it out yourself...put in the effort and you might get rewarded. #43
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It does make sense, but catching up to PS4? I don't think so. It could happen that they sell more in June since this is a price drop and anytime there is a price drop sales spike...

For me, Xbox was not an option simply because of the price and performance gap. Now it's just a performance gap...but I'm informed and know about it. Most consumers chose with their wallets and starting in June they're the same price (in Canada it's 50$ cheaper than PS4).... #16.1
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proportionally speaking they sold about the same based on the user base... #14.1
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God did I try to love that game when I was a kid, I remember going back to it again and again to still not quite understand how to play it and then just fall in one of the holes not being able to get out. Did I mention I was like 5 at the time? #4
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As some stated before, this is more of a bragging rights thing as you can get similar or better performance with an SLI setup for cheaper. That being said, there are enough people with lots of money out there to make this card profitable for nVidia.

Think of it like the Ferrari of cars, you can tune many cars to beat a Ferrari, but it'll never BE a Ferrari. #16
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This is what's wrong with the patent industry. This just hurts innovation and does no good at all except for the bloated investors of Secure Axcess.

Because this is Nintendo, they'll probably win again, but at some expense, obviously. But the same cannot be said of the smaller companies being hit by these stupid lawsuits and have to shut the doors.

Get ready to see a lot of these with VR. #6
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DirectX (DX) is an API (Application Programming Interface) library that runs on windows and in this case the XB1 OS, Sony has a different OS and uses OpenGL which is an equivalent to DX but not made by MSFT.

Bluntly, DX is a set of APIs that let developers interact with the various components of the machine through code. #9.4
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because I barely sleep 5 hours a day, I can get about 2-3 hours once the kids are in bed on weekdays and maybe an additional hour or two a day on weekends. So between 15 and 20 a week.

But sometimes, rarely, the kids and wife go out of town and then it's GAMING WEEKEND...I get 30-40 hours in two junk food, drink lots of beer, don't clean-up anything. I'd probably die of malnutrition or exhaustion if I didn't have responsibilities the rest of the ti... #19
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1080p mattered for me on PS3, I don't know about you but I see a clear difference between PS3 1080p games like GT5 and most every other PS3 games. Even just switching between a 720p game to XMB, things just become so much sharper.

Why would it not matter now? This is just downplaying an obvious let-down in a next-gen system. #17
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Well, sex sells and that's a fact. #13
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As with any project there are three variables that can be adjusted to reach an end result: Duration, Cost and Scope.

In order to achieve an acceptable release windows, they play with these. Either reduce features (scope), augment budget (cost) or take more time (duration). Balancing these is the key here.

If it takes 8 to 10 time more effort (not longer), one can do as the author assumes and increase duration when in reality it either means less featur... #62
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As a gamer that owns both a gaming PC and consoles, I think you were expecting a bit too much from consoles. This is nothing new, they're freakin' 399-499$ machines for Gods sake...try building a decent gaming PC for that much.

You get what you pay for, that being said, we really haven't seen what the new gen will offer in terms of games, launch games are typically transitional. Expect better from the next wave of games.

But don't ever expe... #10.2
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Amen to that!

Totally agree and I'll even add that last gen was the best one for gamers IMHO because there was intense competition.

This gen is looking to be similar, with PS4 gaining somewhat of a lead but nothing large enough that Sony can sit on their laurels.

Greatness awaits indeed for all gamers on all platforms. #7.1.1
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