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Your statement makes no sense. Show me a AAA game that absolutely needs mods to be enjoyable...there should be a ton as you say "most multiplatform games".

Having mods available is different from needing mods for a game to be fun. You're turning a positive into a negative.

Having something is better than not having it...Having the ability to put mustard on a hot dog is better than not having mustard at all...your choice to put mustard or not. #4.1
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They probably shouldn't, but they will...I say let them try, something is better than nothing even if this something isn't that great...Prove me wrong Konami!

I wouldn't even be surprised to learn that Kojima would be involved in one way or another (adviser?)...I know I'd throw a couple millions his way just to have his name somewhere on the box... #10
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Also, in real life, when you die, you don't respawn...or fight zombies or dragons or dinosaurs for that matter...

gaming should be about real stuff, right? getting up in the morning and making coffee, bringing the kids to school and go to other words we should only be playing the Sims. #2
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People making a fuss over this are playing into the whole thing...It's all over the place, free publicity! This is exactly what was expected in my opinion.

Look around you...we have freakin' Nikki Minaj and Miley Sirus exposing their "Real" bodies to a much wider and younger, predominantly female audience...Isn't that much more sexist? Would it be considered sexist if Kojima had been a woman?

As far as I know MSGV is M rated. Not Miley... #27
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Nice teaser of things to expect in a few years...add VR to the mix and we're in for some exciting times as gamers. #14
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I imagine it that way:

Markus drove back home, sat down in front of his PC, surrounded by giant piles of cash and started coding a new game that he'll never release. #2.1
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I had good internet with SimCity, but could not play it for a full week after launch because of the servers also, every time I want to play it now...I need to sit through an update...which I just end up cancelling to play something else...

Forcing updates on single player games is ridiculous...the game was playing fine the last time...I doubt a patch to fix some obscure bug is absolutely necessary for me to play.

It's not an internet connection problem...... #22.1.2
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Online games yes, single player games/modes no...this is just some form of DRM with lipstick.

3 problems.

1. Launch of these games has been less than stellar with the impossibility to play because of server issues...can't play a single player game because of server issues...think about it.

2. Server maintenance stops you from time to time from playing a single player game.

3. When THEY decide to shut off their servers i... #22.1
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Except that in Rust, there is no written character, it's a survival game with no "story" to speak of...It's an unscripted RPG, sort of. It makes sense that people would like to play a character that they define (often as who they would like to be in real life or a character that pleases them), not just race, but gender, build, hair...all those options.

What about women players forced to play as dudes? Are we going to be forced to play as women also? Are w... #1.1.3
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I think charging for mods is a terrible idea all around...The main issues are:
- Support: There is no guaranteed support...if it breaks with the next update and the modder doesn't're screwed.
- Quality: There is no'll get cheap mods that are overpriced mixed along with great mods...scams and greed to come.
- Piracy: It will become a thing for mods...
- Community: There will be none...nobody will share code. Light side (F... #1
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Glad to see my old 3570K is still good enough to run this game...sadly my GTX 570 is not. #4
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I don't see the problem with remasters, it's not like they release those instead of new games and lay back looking at the cash roll in...

More content is always better, the games they remake are the good ones anyways...good for those that miss or missed them. #22
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Breaking News: Microsoft optimizes GPU drivers...

In Other News: AMD, nVidia and Sony, scrambling to understand new concept of "GPU driver optimization" invented by Microsoft.

/s #9
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A little history on the whole rescuing the princess from a dates back to the Greeks and it has been a popular theme for romance since then.

Mario is the same thing taken to video games, where is the problem!

Edit: BTW, those books are typically aimed at women, get this, some of them actually find it romantic to get rescued... #1.1.4
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Civ is extremely well done, has a huge community, is going on 24 years and stronger than ever and has won multiple game of the year awards. How many IPs can say the same.

You not liking it does not make it crap, sorry. #2.1
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Seems obvious to me that it's all about personal preference, some like consoles, some like PCs, I don't see the point in arguing.

I was able to convince one of my friends in the past to get a PC instead of a console, cause that is what I prefer myself. It turned out to be a bad experience for him, he didn't like it, had issues he couldn't fix himself...

PC is not for everyone. #9
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@mhunterjr Your Walmart analogy is pretty spot on and you answered you question yourself...Steam is like Walmart, prices are a bit lower and there are tons more people that shop there than anywhere else. If a vendor chooses to not sell their product at Walmart they are essentially not exposing their product to a lot of consumers, lowering their visibility and potential sales.

Case in point, I go on the Steam store almost everyday, just to see what's on sale and such...a... #4.2.3
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I'll just leave this here: #5.1
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I don't think you're supposed to have your kids play M rated games, so guns explosions and killing are technically not ok for kids. #16.1
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To be fair, you can get a regular 290 for $399 which is more than you need for 1080P gaming anyways.

You also don't need an i7 for gaming, an i5 ($250) will do just fine.

But granted, it's still more expensive than a console. #2.1.7
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