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Hopefully she won't have the month in the middle of a combat sequence.

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I find it tantalizing that he might just see the potential and hence the money in a project, then not even care to enjoy gaming. You probably would have made a better job! : )

..He probably had some Kobe steak before the announcement.

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So it's the remake of Yoshi Island then. He must've grabbed the IP from Ninty.
(Yeah, I was having a moped back then, in good ol '95!)

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As an ANTIFA general, I have to say this seems EPIC!

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Na-na-na-na-na-na-naa. Na-na-na-na-na-na-naaa...
...oh wait. Wrong hero. So embarassing. Any whooo...
I like it! A release date would be nice, as a final touch to the presentation..

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How many years did FFXV take? And how many remakes and shitty games went before it to make the economy for FFXV?

R* have the chest of gold to take their time. I think Polygon and GT series when it comes to quality and time to make a game. I might be sh-t wrong, but I have my estimates.

What was the time btw GTA IV and V and what is the estimate time between RDR and RDR2?

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Bad post.

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Charlie Hunnam-e-nam-nam
I'm not hundred per cent but I'd buy him.
Mikkel sure look bad asery but a bit tall and hence too skinny for a Geralt?
Geralt seems more robust in body and Charlie have that.
I don't know anything more about him though.

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Ok, my bad. I haven't read anything about that feature. I mean, Farpoint would be way better if the recoil captured ( if ever ) by the device was accurately tuned with the shooting.
If you have had first-hand experience with it, what do you think about it?

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So where is the dual shock version?
I need to feel the amp from the recoil goddamnit

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Someone should take that job of PR on Sony - Or I might be terribly wrong.

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It's a sony exclusive. I think SM(S) will release it when _they_ wants it, not by hype because of a source that 'probably' knows when.

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They do great things. Few do.

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harvest, usually tops while being low in price, having games galore and less the same time tops with their best games like HZD. A M I R A C L E !!!
And some say people are dumb....

When it comes to PRO - Looks promising. Give me another generation of VR and a PS5. Some kick-ass games to that. I am a buyer!

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I still miss the feel of perfection when you are controlling you character, no matter the game.

Always somewhere there is a bush, a corner or such blocking your vision when rotating and moving.
When doing those quick non-responsive taps of a button and/or a pad.

Those moments I lose that satisfaction of losing myself in the game. I think the devs could put more effort here, like I think Nintendo does(?).

Graphics are great! Don...

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They aren't story tellers. They are doers. BF-franchise. SW is built to harness a story, It needs a story or it's like everything else, just fluff and no soul. Story does not have to be deep as ME but you need some characters to it.

Fly an X-Wing without any other purpose to obliterate a Tie? I make slipknots more important.
They are just making it for the multi-player aspects.

Well, good luck with that gargantuan task, balancing it to ma...

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Oh da intornet of things.

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Well, when I work in AutoCAD I use a PS4 Dual Shock. It's unparalleled.

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