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I read that someone stopped it's car on the road to pick up a pokemon.
The youth going around in hives like in a zombie state around in parks and other public areas.

Out doorsy for the doorky

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I must say they made a good game. Not stellar, not brilliant. Just good. With no complaints. VERY few I can put on that list. O/c there is faults. Nothing is this universe, but it did what it is supposed to. And they patches it, beyond it's life expectancy - spells passion. Bravo!

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I can agree on this. Make it a sequential ride though. Some segments in between that makes you catch your breath. A puzzle in between. Sorry to say, but I think he is right. Best game I can see in the near future is an exploring game with dips between the action.
Interaction with the environment and such.

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After that E3 trailer I am quite sold. I'll try my best to stay off from more videos and media outlets of it.
The theme Spiderman, and Insomniac doing it as well. If feel safe doing so before buying it.

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As long as Narfe is in there I am a happy hippo.

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Is this another meaningless guessing game "artacle" . Like a shaman or a weatherman predicts the forecast or events? I must say, drop the balls and park them for awhile.

It's too early yet. Too little is known - for sure - how the systems will actually perform. ( for me at least )

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Here some talk about fps and smapling and pixels per shades in the bathroom. They say 4K tv is greatest sonofagun! They say ....etc. I am glad someone think about the pure enjoyment they get from a good sit with their favourite.

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I think we have nothing to fear. We are all branded like cows on OK Corral.

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Just one question.
Did the latest sell with a loss?

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A jewel and a great addition to my game library.

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...and some patches

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I really hope ND stop caring and do their own thing. If it works or not, I have faith in their judgement if they do another different game. There is where they have excelled themselves.

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I was worried about this thorn nail I saw on a woman lately. I thought that all women was superior!
Oh the horror! I have to reconsider my whole belief of reality.

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A very good selling point. I guess that will come as a priced DLC if ever re-released.
Me, myself, still have a PS3 and the game, so I am willing to selling it for the fashionable price of just ONE! MILLION! DOLLARRR!

Seriously, a solid game. Just tiresome that training camp thing. It felt like a distraction from the story and the total campaign which kind of killed the gaming experience for me.

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Or saying "Jehova" (LoB)

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If a game is perfect, is this that game? I hate a perfect score...
What would be fun is, where is that? Tell me. As a gamer I want to have fun.

The thing is, I would subscribe if they had a way to do that with games from Naughty Dog.

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There will be - A shrewberrie. Sony Playstation NX! And will run - Forevvah!

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This sounds better than butter. And here it will be about $25 below the usual price for a game.

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Does he have a twitter? I need some laughs

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Messier Catalogue, Object 31. Or just M31

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