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Just one question.
Did the latest sell with a loss?

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A jewel and a great addition to my game library.

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...and some patches

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I really hope ND stop caring and do their own thing. If it works or not, I have faith in their judgement if they do another different game. There is where they have excelled themselves.

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I was worried about this thorn nail I saw on a woman lately. I thought that all women was superior!
Oh the horror! I have to reconsider my whole belief of reality.

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A very good selling point. I guess that will come as a priced DLC if ever re-released.
Me, myself, still have a PS3 and the game, so I am willing to selling it for the fashionable price of just ONE! MILLION! DOLLARRR!

Seriously, a solid game. Just tiresome that training camp thing. It felt like a distraction from the story and the total campaign which kind of killed the gaming experience for me.

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Or saying "Jehova" (LoB)

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If a game is perfect, is this that game? I hate a perfect score...
What would be fun is, where is that? Tell me. As a gamer I want to have fun.

The thing is, I would subscribe if they had a way to do that with games from Naughty Dog.

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There will be - A shrewberrie. Sony Playstation NX! And will run - Forevvah!

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This sounds better than butter. And here it will be about $25 below the usual price for a game.

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Does he have a twitter? I need some laughs

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Messier Catalogue, Object 31. Or just M31

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@LordMaim: Thanks for the advice, but just get your gears together and think about why someone do not game on the PC.

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Sad to see Quantum break go exclusive. It seems like a wonderful idea. Oh well, I can always take a Walkthrough on Youtube.
UC4 is a given. Mirrors Edge looks very interesting now, after having gotten a taste for parquor in Dying Light.

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I believe more in that we will find cans of 'perri-air' instead of yoda in COD Laser dudes.

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My two ören. Go with something you feel a passion for and wants to realise.
Go robot programming and creating something to cater for a certain audience, there will be a loss in performance and skill. The result will be generic.

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They made a heck out of Motorstorm and I am glad I bought it. I salut you?

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Still a while before release. I hope for a patch so they can still fine tune the game more.

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I like this a lot more. Maybe I will start believe in those reviews again.

How many times hasn't a demo/beta been out to try out a game, and the retail version is way off the mark? I have lost count.

People obviously have a short term memory.

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I like it. The final copy the players will buy. No hoky-poky tricks down the rabbits hat.

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