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Anyone declining should not need to be inclined to answer to the public why or why not. But this is teh internet times. I do not want to be that a public person in this regard.

Money must be good though. :) #20
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Sometimes I just hate the commercial side of gaming - entering my world. #60
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That sounds about right...too sensible for an answer. I think Sony could calf some gold with PC games, but that would give MS some money in the bank, more than it would profit Sony. All in all, I see a very simple equation here. #1.15
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All is a generalising term, is it not? #5
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Why do most of all opinion pieces smell so terribly bad?

- Here is a click for YOU!

is my understanding...commercials. Desperately so... #20
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I've seen my friend play it recently. I think it seems like a nice setup.

With all things done around "The Lord of the Rings" is, it _has_ to be story based. Extremely well done too. To top what has been done in the books and on the screen is so difficult.

You have to make it fresh in a new way. Give the player a feel you are there. Not just level up, get a good combat system, good graphics, side quest based game to make the story and a nice set... #2.1
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I find that a bad analogy. It is like stating: Haze and FFXIII were games we learned about in 2007. One actually came out, one didn't.

Well, now FFXV has a date. Destiny could be better off waiting before release too. #10.1
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Well, if you/anyone expect a good MMO for this game I think a "The Division 2" the MMO version with lots of content already made to work on for the developers.

Much like the WoW MMO was made. Everything was much already done for it to happen. With War Craft and Diablo in their backpack.

Co-op is really my thing so I am happy - If executed well. #8.1.1
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Is this an MMO? If so, I have less hope for it. Really cool idea, and I like what I've seen from it. MP is ok, as long it is founded as a stand alone. I feel it really needs to be so.

Also three years is nowhere near a decent MMO as it seems when counting in those MMO's released in the past three or so years. #8
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Well, that doesn't spell EA at least. Releasing shitty code before it's even been through alpha it seems.
I like that UbiSoft waits and better pushing time than releasing crap.

But you're right. Waiting game for me too. #5.1
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He's...! She's...! ...It's a very scary creepy voice, ok!? Very very mood setting! #2.1
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...hmmm. march 8th? The world has not gone ape by then?

I still want to see some initial game play after the release. See if it's what I think it is.

Good show though! #4
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Like the french say:

Pffth. I don't care.

To that, they probably are idiots not to see why it's not a plot hole. D-a**es.
No, I did not read the article for particular reasons. Namely : Spoilers. #21
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You mean he's not a sell out? He has integrity and character? I think he has so aplenty any ways.

We will see. #2.1.5
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I wonder what face will role the antagonist. #1.8
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It actually has a steady 5/5 from buyers off a site I usually check out, after a full month from the release.

The site feels reliable. So some fun factor has to be accounted to apply among the gamers playing it.

Feel disgusted, like I do, but don't hate the game.
Like Ozzy sung/sings: "I don't want to change the world, because the world will change me".
That is, in extent a cause to say "Resistance is fut... #1.1.3
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I like this. Hoping a lot. Feels a bit special. Innate feel was like Deus Ex with a spin of TPS and a group squad going on. #2
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At the same time, I hope he won't read these comments. It's like a hype-train that stifles a creative mind.

I have to say it again. Do not read those comments, Koji.

Go make your greatest magic and a Silent Hill!...I mean Whispering Wind of silence #1.1.10
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Give us 16px x9px right away, and the system will deliver!

This is sucha craptacular attitude problem without reasoning. #22
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Could of just have asked what makes a neo-cubist painting good? #24
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