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Some n4g cronies found this appropriate to condone (vote OK) ?
Wow *bobblehead*

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What about Minecraft? I thought that the worlds combined in that game would surpass our solar system in size.

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I believe in the devs. Thanks for the review /s. Too much emphasis on the game. I find it ok to be amped and passionate, just so....

I remember seeing spider-man from the first time and seeing whom is making it, I thought, holy fck! I could not see that coming. Not even a tiny bit. But I believe SONY did the right thing here. The've made so much good with Resistance and _R_atchet.

Never, a game I've played ( after heavy reviews and what I felt cou...

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To whom it concerns :
Well, if you see ratchet graphics here, you are in the loony bin.

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"Insomniac Got Tallent" ?

I never thought they could pull off such graphics. I wonder if they used some code of that HZD game.
I get that cinematic feel, looking at these screenshots. Really nice!

A small "hmmm..." though. Spider-Mans' suit look a tad bit too clean...or shiny. As if it had that new smell from the factory.

Otherwise - It looks just absolutely brilliant.

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Get ready for disappointment, I am afraid. If only Dirk Gently instead of that other guy was the head of the project, I'd see more relevance to pursue this title.

Why I say this, is because the outspoken SJW shit that Dinkelspiel did...or what's that shitheads name again? Redonkulous? Well...I can't see this as a good journey into an oddssey of badassery gaming.
Surprise me, Dukklerhammer!

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A Ghibli fan site?
I like those angles in a review I see now, and I did not back when I was a toddler. I _have_ to by this now! Never bought the first one. Ghibli seems to be a powerhouse of PC in japan anime, so now it might actually be a good game. I mean Level-5 did some jewels on the PS2.

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I get the feel of Kung-Fu Panda with some weird ...uh..vehicles? (Metal hand that shoots from it fingers and a bastardisation between a helicopter and a luft balloon

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Quite childish and fun name if you ask me. The tolerance level of today is just mind boggling stupid.
SONY should fix their own erroneous way to deal with this. How much work could there be? Fixing the name or scrap the whole ID? I bet there was more time spent doing this than fix the damn nick name.

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Before Devil's Cartel it was really good. I would love another, more creative than the DC was. On the PS4.
40th day was great fun for sure.

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Where is Army of Two?
Was really a kick-ass game....before Diablo blo blah.
Devil's Cartel

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Pffth! This is a nobrainer.

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The only mistake is the reviewer making it political. ffs. Just ruins it and belittles the game rather than anything. Disrespectful.

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I have an MT box for you. For you. Only $20!

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Anyone else got a flashback from the Mass Effect game? It's like Bioware got 'help' from DICE with doing the facial structs. That's just sad and I'd suffer greatly with BW if so.

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Single player games are dead when I say so!
Silly brats...

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Take a day off.. cough a little while playing a cold one on the phone with your boss. No harm done...just play me...a little automata?...some Deus Ex...some Witcher 3....just some! Give it a need it, don't you?
You actually are meant to play games!

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Not so much marketing as the true word of west Holywood. Check up with Charlie. :)

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This is such a non-issue. Why make it worse, mr Druckmann?

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I liked the formulae and the idea of Anthem, if playable and the free roaming aspects of it in place it could be equal to a great game.
A pixel here, a pixel there. It's like those measly 4% of the mass giving a damn.
Gimme some smooth play and tangible story elements. Take that extra pixel in that next patch, mkay?

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