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Haha. I might have a sense of being melodramatic?

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Oh well. We had a good run, you and I, Drake. RIP.

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What does the engine has to do with anything but incompetence?
They should be doing boardgames or scenarios for AD&D.

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What else is new, regarding this series?

Everything seems the same, still their games was worth playing.
Now it's just a bit better graphics engines their feeble developers have their hands on.

Their strength has been:
- Progress in weaponry and skills.
- Characters
- Story going
- Content along the adventure

I have to agree that they have declined since DAO ( very much TW3 of yesterdays ...

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Bloody Avatar rip-off. Only complaint I have. So full of cow-fecis in hair styling aka left groupies. Nature vs machine, man-made things depicted as evil crap. As if humans is not natural. Just like ant made farms, man made things is.

A stunning game in every other regard. I might even buy it, but some parts will be less enjoyable because of the political stamps it makes through out the story. I was disappointed of my hunch that it would be so.

The story ...

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Bring it on, I say. That insomniac game trailer gave me goosebumps

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I'm playing The Witcher 3 too. The storytelling really makes me immersed with the game world. It's not childish and so far feels coherent and stable (lvl 10 ). A grown up game *ahem*.. After all the updates it has been enjoyable to enter the inventory, the character and quest log as well.

HZD looks and plays out (combat) phenomenally..which is the only positive I can think of right now. I can understand why Kojima fell for that engine.

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I have to say, I've seen some videos and it stands out from much I've seen.
Cannot say I have seen anything like this. A bit hardcore and to the point. Metal, wounds. Deal with it!

I get a vibe of realism, but cannot condone it at the same. I have never been medieval kinky knight or sassy samuraij. I think I will buy it at some point. Seems to catch the feel of actually being in battle.

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Step away from the case. Hands on the head and move back!
*hand on the holster while fingering on the trigger*

[edit n+1] CD Project Red - WOW! Best game on the ps3 and ps4 I have ever experienced. The Witcher 3. Cannot compete with anything I have played since the PS2 and FFX

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[Guerrilla has previously explained why Horizon Zero Dawn has a female lead, saying that its games had feature male leads for “quite a while” and wanted to do “something else” and something “fresh.”]

Something fresh? Something else? The game is more fresh than the protagonist. It smells Heavenly Sword galore to me.
I feel assured it's a political point, not a selling point. Coming out like this affirming this even more.

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Insomniac have a game I am excited about: Spider-Man.
That and Biowares ME:Andromeda

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@guyman. I don't want to "trash" R&C. It was as stellar as any R&C. I am glad you and everyone else that loved it enjoyed playing it.

Since I have played them all, I really had to play this too, but wasn't so captivated by it to replay it instantly. The comedy still works, fluid game play ( as always ). Cpt Quark was as he always are, full of it. Great graphics too. No complains at all. All in all, for me it was OK.

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I should have bought The Last Guardian. Maybe later in the summer.

Otherwise 2016 was very much dustbin material for me personally. I bought The Witcher 3, one year after release. A great game none the less.
UC4 was great too. I forgot it came out this year.
R&C was OK. But not so much more.

Why: I think I've experienced so much in games, I have hard time being as excited of games, no matter how great they are said to be. Like Ni...

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When I start using a PC for gaming it will be a quantum computer with unparalleled holographics.

Console for me. The hit in graphics aren't worse than dealing with configurations, viruses and miles of text on how to fix game X working with a specific PC setup...What I know of, I might add.

I understand the fraud by pushing Pro and Scorpio and what phoney else though. Still I won't miss any games because of having the lesser console version. Even a...

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Ann Marie Waters should assist him as a consultant.

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I'd say scrap that UE4 engine and replace it with the Frostbite engine. ( BF1, coming ME, etc.. ) If it's for sale outside of EA of course, witch I am uncertain of.

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I loved the inFamous games . They are, for me, a straight buds going ballistic in a balanced way.
Keep doing what you do. Believe in yourselves. Do not succumb to the demon of mediocrosy

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Tracy Lord beats them all

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So, when the PSN goes down (DDOS, etc), how do you play your games then?
*waving my fist in anger*

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I was promised 17-bit! Before that I haven't seen shit.

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