"the last of us" just raised the visual bar for all games
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i'm super-stoked for LoU but "i am legend" was a huge steaming pile of crap......and there is NOTHING similar between it and this game trailer. "stakeland" is a movie with much more similarities to what this trailer is showing.

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that's too bad. but, at least they're trying. i'm sick of devs only putting out stuff for the MP side of things......stuff like new MP modes and skins and such. it's nice to the some SP support.

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to the fucktards who are disagreeing.....sorry, you're right - there is NOTHING more thrilling than tainted water....S

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it's great to see epic give support to the SP/campaign. insomniac has really disappointed me with their unwillingness to provide new SP missions for the resistance games. most devs this gen only give out the same MP mappack/updates crap for their games.......and that's too bad.

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hey! i just had lunch with santa, yesterday.....he didn't mention that!

edit: at nighmare23 below - i agree on the price.

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except for the dvd format on the 360....that does seem like it could be problematic. if it isn't - then yea, i agree.

as far as the wiiu - why would it kill off the ps3 or 360? both have sold well regardless of the wii. AND - who's to say the next nintendo console will sell as well? their last 2 (before the wii) were duds and now that the novelty of their motion device has worn off - whose to say how many of the current wii owners will rush out to buy a newer versio...

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hope so - i'd like to play it and i'm not getting a vita.

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i was let down by the last third of UC3 story too. SPOILER!!!!!!!!!! i mean, having the big reveal at the end be tainted water was kind of lame.

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who is jordan carver? is she a porn chick?

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that's crazy talk - i'll wait for gameinformer to confirm that the next batman movie will, IN FACT, have batman in the movie. LOL!

bubbles for you!

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hey - i'd love to read about 360 exclusives, too - but there aren't any.

and being excited about LoU isn't about being a "fanboy" - it's about being a gamer.

btw - what is your criteria for a "by the numbers" game? and as for the "OMG factor".....name a console game that looks like that.

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they've said it'll be out in '12

of course - there is always the possibility of delays.

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don't waste your breath - i've already mentioned this several times in different articles. this game trailer does NOT make me think of "i am legend" at all.

(and we don't even have to go back futrther than this year!)the trailer is VERY similar to the type of setup that was in "stakeland"........i don't think most people on this site watch very many movies.

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i'm not trying to be negative - and maybe i misunderstood; but, a month or so ago there was a story on here that said rockstar has already decided against a pc version of RDR.

edit: here's the original link -

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what is it with "i am legend"??
this doesn't seem like that as much as it seems like "stakeland" -
for example - the survival tactics are in stakeland (i hope last of us has the player trapping the creatures like in the movie!). mutated creatures - in stakeland. human enemies - in stakeland. middle-aged lead character with teen protege - ALSO in stakeland. limited ammo/supplies - also in stakeland.

doesn't anyone watch other ...

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agreed - for all of the MG fans that have played all the games over the years - "rising" is NOT a MG game at all.........it looks ridiculous.

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if you thought "i am legend" was scary, check out "stakeland"......it is a better movie and has more scares.

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this game just ROCKETED to the top of my "most wanted" list.

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after seeing the VGA footage, i have 0% interest in this game.

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while watching this trailer, the first movie i thought of was "stakeland"......... ..now excuse me - i'm STILL trying to scrape up my jaw off the ground after seeing this clip!!!

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