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This game looks promising. Sadly, it is only for the PS Vita. I hope it gets a PS3 version

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You just have to wait and maybe they will remake it. I am also praying that Legend of Mana and Thousand Arms will be remaked since these 2 games are one of the best games I played in the PS

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It was exclusive at first but I think the developers realized that they should also offer it in the Playstation franchise.

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Noctis will appear in a different Final Fantasy. I will make a preview about it soon. You can subscribe to the blog to get the latest news.

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I think its fine that Lightning is the only playable character but it could have been better if Noel is also a playable character. It would be cool to see him changing clothes.

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That's what other gamers are saying. They toned down the horror effect in order to target a broader audience but it backfired and ended up being hated by fans of the franchise.

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I think this time it will be free since there is a PS3 version of it and it would suck if you will be buying the cd and then pay a monthly fee just to play the game

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This will be another hit video game considering there were other rpg games similar to SAO like Tales Series, God Eater and even Final Fantasy.

I've read some info about Sword Art Online Infinity Moment on this website :

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