Round 1.....FIGHT!


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Same here. The hubby and I finally made our way over there, but we stuck to the event, hotel, and whatever was in-between. We didn't have much time for sight-seeing.

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This is true... I would think that if you subscribe to wouldn't be trolling yourself on what free game you'd be able to download. You'd be surprised though...

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I mentioned that in the article. But, you're right, having the trailers and screenshots would definitely help. I'm sure they would include them. Other than that, I truly hope the research is done by the PSP member before they vote.

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That wouldn't be a bad idea.

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Really?! I had no problems at all with freezing. What system are you playing it on?

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They did a phenomenal job. You are very right...the year is still early. However, the first quarter is almost done. It's crazy to think about, being it feels that December just ended.

However it is my first contender for GoTY. Let's see how the year plays out! Upcoming titles have a lot to live up to now.

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I thought a lot about Dust: An Elysian Tail. =)

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Glad to see that you agree!

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I love having that option. I had my husband and kids hop on so we could test that out.

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I really cannot wait for Evolve!

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I still with the New 3DS XL was purple with a colorful mask.

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Bring it on, Naughty Dog!

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Many great games have spawned from Kickstarters!

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You are very welcome! Thank you!

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ah ok, sweet!

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This is a dup post.

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It would be perfect to get the game to new users with Nintendo systems.

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dantesparda must've commented without reading the article.

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Because I have 5 3DSs in my house, including two 3DS XLs. I don't want an XL and I don't want to have to wait for the model I want. Japan got both of them released at the launch of the NEW 3DS. There is no reason they couldn't do the same here.

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The name is just a big confusion. It's an identity crisis.

I want one too...but a white one.

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