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"What are you doing in mah swamp?! Shrek is love shrek is life... "


A small number increasing by a small amount is not deserving of a congrats. A BIG number growing by a BIG increase is contgrats deserving

When the amount their selling is soooo low its not hard to increase.

-----> Diehard Nin fanboys disagree buttons there your not gonna read my comment anyways may aswelll just hit it because your all illiterate 3 yr olds #3.1
The game looks fuc*ing amazing CANT WAIT TILL MAY 20 and 27
I absolutely LOVE IT.
You can change colour grading, zoom, orbit, pan, apeture,etc,etc amazing

1 feature they should add to the game (not just photo mode) is the ability to change colour grading and DOF real time... During gameplay. #1.4
It's because PS brand has a PROVEN track record.

PS1 blew the N64 to smitherines like it was Christmas in terms of sales and also had the BEST games.

PS2- First console with dvd player, destroyed the Gamecube+XBX to hell (in terms of sale) and offerd the perfect balance of 1st and 3rd party development.

PS3- First console with Blu-ray player, did not rely on casuals and the red ring of death to get more sales it was neck ad neck with the... #1.11
When you say 'standard' does that mean if I go out and buy a $400-500 pc It will by 'standard' run every game at 1080p 60fps.

Also have fun sitting in a dark room with not even the sight of girls for years whilst you count pixels and play GTA V oh wait haha I meant Dota 2 or some random inide game nobody has heard of... or maybe garbage truck simulator 2014 #16.1
Gameplay footage ---> E3 2014
Release ---> June-Nov 2015 #5.1
Wait wait wait...

Maybe its because the WII U has abysmal 3rd party support, under powered console at a premium price, trying to target casual yet again (with a gimmicky controller only diehard nintendo fans want), limited HDD space (cmon its 2013 and the PS4/XBX1 offer 500GB), no blu-ray support and also the fact that the PS4 is out for a similar price and can do everything the wii u does 10x better whilst missing out on some milked franchises that everyone and their mothers... #4.2.3
Nintendo games ARE designed for children. That's why they have simple controls, charachters and plot.
Hell even Nintendo's advertisment campaigns are aimed to attract kids.

Nintendo 1st party games ARE for KIDS.
~End of Story goodnight~ #2.2

1.) Had the Best 1st party support (Last of Us being the most awarded game in history, uncharted , Little big planet, GRan turismo, Metal Gear, beyond, heavy rain, God of war, Killzone, Resistance, Ratchet, etc, etc)

2.) No shit*y red ring of death that gave 360 its slightly larger number (it had a failure rate of about 30%)

3.) Ps3 was far, far more expensive,

4.) PS3 Was first consol... #2.1
OMG these MS fanboys are literally dense.

WHAT has the XBX brand ever done to gaming?

XBX got absolutely blown to smitheriens by the PS2 by sales, features AND games

XBX360 and PS3 were neck and neck in sales even though PS3 launched later, had a HUGELY difficult to understand architecture and the PS3 definately had better 1st party (Last of us, Uncharted, Infamous, Beyond, heavy rain, Journey, resistance, killzone, Little big planet, gran tu... #2.5.3
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These numbers are not "titanfall on xbx1" you mean to say Titanfall on XBX1 AND PC.
Which makes it less impressive.
And to top it off Titanfall is also being bundled with XBX1's #7.3
Weather or not they were patent "trolls" they own that patent and Nintendo CLEARLY has not done their homework.

I hope their as* gets sued because if I was the one who owned the patent I would make sure of it... #1.1.1
Why are people disagreeing with this comment? Are you saying that this is good state of affairs rather than a sad one?
WTF?! #15.1
The Swastika is pretty much banned in Germany, but I mean if they object to Nazis in the game why do they also object to KILLING nazis? Shouldnt killing them be encouraged :p #1.2
Can you remember when it was supposed to come out in november ;p
Hopefully after delays they have improved it. #6.1
isnt dark souls a T rated game :/ its not even really "violent" in the sense of you know other games. #2.2
So you WANT it to look like as*hole? #5.3
Yeah i saw this group of fanboys raping this guy on N4g because he argued when they said Mario KArt 8 was the best looking game this entire gen.

Stay away from dem nintendo fanboys that lurk, in the darkest most hideous place of N4G the wii u section #2.2
I do have the game, the textures and stuff look muddy and ugly as a**. But when you are relatively close to something (maybe within 300m), the graphical quality is AMAZING... It's rare that you notice these things when playing. Other than that highly recommend it for anyone with a PS4. #3.1
Why are people disagreeing?
What's wrong with putting some PS4 games on sale. The PS3 and vita owners have had more than there fair share of discounts.. #6.1
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