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"What are you doing in mah swamp?! Shrek is love shrek is life... "


I'm just going to download my game and not complain, EA are giving it away for free and I've already gotten many free games from them already. I will not ask for much more (also It doesnt matter how old it is and if you wanted something newer they gave away BF3 a while ago). #2
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Ok WHY WHY do you care so much what it's called, here to ease your pains just pretend its called Hardline instead of battlefield hardline if it really annoys people so much. My flipping god get a grip mate! #2.2
Whatever makes you sleep at night mate. #1.3.1
Thinking up new pimping strategies? Say whats the charge these days anyway #2.1
oh yeah because microsoft would OBVIOUSLY invest so much money and time creating a "entire different structure with coprocessors for video, graphics , audio". But not have it ready after almost one year and lead to the loss of a lot of 360 fans to the ps4 and a tarnished brand image for the xbox one. yeah sounds about right. LOL NOT! #12.1
Wait I have to pay soley for online on PS4? Oh then why do I get 24 games a year? Oh thats right when you pay $60 a year you get 24 games (2 p/mo)... That averages out to $2.50 per game plus online multiplayer plus exclusive discounts plus cloud storage. I think its worth every penny! #8.2
Boom dayuum son! #7.1
" not really any negative spin"- Yeah because anything about nintendo thats negative is herasy and punishable by death right? #2.1
Exactly what I thought. #7.1
I don't know why but the game (apart from the low fps which is probably pewdipies fault) has a very grainy appearance, in fact overly grainy. Also I hope that there is an option for a 16:9 aspect ratio. #1.2.1
Or the snoopdog voice pack. #2.1
Ok I will strip you naked and call you fatty. #1.2
Russians, israelis and armenians= worst scumbags and terrorists in the history of the earth. #30.1
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That is what she said.
Oh and btw im talking about what my gf said about the differences between ps3 and 4 for destny. #18.1
I feel sorry for anyone who has a kinect i mean the only thing you could use it for is a di**o but not even a good #5.1
WTF is sasuke on about. #1.4
Oh so I presume Dragon age origins is a dried out game or far cry 4? What about all the good games coming out on ps4 later this year? Are thy somehow forgotten? Yes you may not like theur line up but dont confuse your own taste and opinion with weather or not games are good. If you ask me the ps4 lineup is better and more varied. Little big plant- creative fun game... dragon age origins- epic rpg... Witcher 3 bound to be amazing... Destiny- rpg shooter & farcry . Driveclub- nice looking r... #6.1.3
pssht games from MS? Lets look at their recent first part success shall we?
Metacritic (USER SCORES)

Ryse: 5.9
Dead rising 3: 6.6
Fighter withing: 3.0
Titanfall (we'll make it count because its MS): 6.2
Halo 4: 6.9
Gow Judgement: 5.3
forza 5: 5.5
Fable anniversary: 6.5
Dance central 3: 7.8
Average (mean): 5.9

Compare that to Sony's recent 1st party metacritic user scores:... #12.1
omfg omfg someone restrain me now before i rip this guy into strains. THE GAME RUNS AT 60FPS BUUUUUT THEIR IS AN OPTION FOR 30 (FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE THE FEEL OF 30FPS). ARE YOU INEPT AT READING YOU LITTLE FU**TARD!? #14.1
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