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Have you fought the Blood Letting Beast? #3.5
I read that and immediately wanted to type

"No. The Wild Hunt starts now!" #1.2
Hory Shiiit! #2
Anyone really serious about crucible add me. I play it quite a bit despite all the bullshit.

My PSN is T-BAG_Commando #8
Yeah!!! #67
Thats it? #1
The detail is not even what is surprising me. Its just Drake... an older more serious looking Drake... WOW. #1.4
OMG Icebreaker ! #1
Preach the truth man, don't be afraid of blind fanboyism. #19.3
You doubt the naughty gods? #6.1.3
Savage Starlight > Mass Effect #6
Vault of Glass #11.1
Both games have very good lore. Ordinary players can't appreciate it because its not robot cars exploding. #1.1.5
Its looks like a boring game anyway. #4
More or less than bloodborne? #1.2
Dude. You killed it with Bron as Robert. I think that actor is great and that character is written well.. but i don't think he matched up with my vision from the book..

Anyway... seriously though.

Hugh Fuckin' Jackman. #4.5
The thought of a boss like the smelter demon or flame lurker regaining health by hitting you back is deeply disturbing #12
Its a shame how many people blow the looting out of proportion and use it to downplay the public outcry and act like it isn't legitimate. #1.1.1
With how immature gamers can be... this probably going to devolve into rants about he was a thief (which is alleged) and thus deserved it. #1
LMAO #1.1
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