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This game is coming to PS4 right?

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Will it do the original anime justice? I can't see anything short of a demonic dark souls game type action rpg doing the anime justice.

It would have to be dark and brutal, but also deep and profound.

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Why use a new hero when you can just rape everyone with Pharah and Genji?

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I think you're right Fox. It's too bad that people will not allow criticism. I have platinumed both UC1 & UC2 and TLoU... I loved all those games.

UC4 was good but I would have preferred more shooting.

I guess gamers these days don't need action as much. Look at the criticism for Bioshock Infinite... Some claimed it had too much action. Look at TLoU's DLC... Many people were ok with it having less action.

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Nailed it.

Aside from that. I am kinda indifferent to Ciri. Hell, the Bloody Baron's daughter is a more interesting character.

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It's a pretty huge and detailed game, makes sense.

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I thought this incursion was fun, but it could have been better in terms of enemy diversity. No matter what its not as good as a proper raid.

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These recordings are actually pretty interesting… Many of the collectibles are.

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LMAO… Hilarious. Most people probably won't be able to tell cause TLDR.

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The new guy is not as good as the old guy... I really care about these few lines in multiplayer. It matters to me because I really like it. Troy Baker as Sam for example has me laughing all the time.

Why the hell is it hard for people to understand that these small details matter to some of us?

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I am freaked out cause someone said we might not be able to experience joy normally anymore.

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I think through DLC we will get a piece of the lower area of central park as well as Brooklyn which was being developed but is now withheld for DLC release.

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I remember this. Factions in TLoU turned out to be awesome... like Gears but better. This leak made it seem like TLoU's MP would be the most epic thing ever.

These leaks at first glance give me hope that features like tablet controlled drones which were cut from the game could come back...

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Dat Liberator doe

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Fuck. They got us.

This is the only game i wanted... And they got us boys. They got us bungie style.

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It really was the best shooter this generation... i borrowed my friends X1 to play it. My only problem with it was balancing. All the generation pilots would be on one team and the noobs on the other team. It was constant gang banging.

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WTF about Assault on the control room?

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Witcher 3 without a doubt...

Bloodborne had great art direction, combat and challenge.
It was kind of unfinished though. Dark Souls had more content, especially in terms of the covenants.

Metal Gear is good once you get passed the flaming whale and the pegasus.

But the witcher does it all. Graphics, story, music, voice acting... all of it.

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It was fucking corny... What the fuck is the X-Men like bullshit...?

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From TLoU to MGS?

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