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I read that and immediately wanted to type

"No. The Wild Hunt starts now!" #1.2
Hory Shiiit! #2
Anyone really serious about crucible add me. I play it quite a bit despite all the bullshit.

My PSN is T-BAG_Commando #8
Yeah!!! #67
Thats it? #1
The detail is not even what is surprising me. Its just Drake... an older more serious looking Drake... WOW. #1.4
OMG Icebreaker ! #1
Preach the truth man, don't be afraid of blind fanboyism. #19.3
You doubt the naughty gods? #6.1.3
Savage Starlight > Mass Effect #6
Vault of Glass #11.1
Both games have very good lore. Ordinary players can't appreciate it because its not robot cars exploding. #1.1.5
Its looks like a boring game anyway. #4
More or less than bloodborne? #1.2
Dude. You killed it with Bron as Robert. I think that actor is great and that character is written well.. but i don't think he matched up with my vision from the book..

Anyway... seriously though.

Hugh Fuckin' Jackman. #4.5
The thought of a boss like the smelter demon or flame lurker regaining health by hitting you back is deeply disturbing #12
Its a shame how many people blow the looting out of proportion and use it to downplay the public outcry and act like it isn't legitimate. #1.1.1
With how immature gamers can be... this probably going to devolve into rants about he was a thief (which is alleged) and thus deserved it. #1
LMAO #1.1
Dark Soul 2's areas weren't as interesting to me. Aside from the undead crypt before Vendrick (Where you have to stop the undead from hitting the bell) and maybe Drangleic Castle... Most areas were not as good as anything in Dark Souls. #7
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