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Why are the xbox fans getting down voted?

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They already did. Why do it again?

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Are draws really so bad? I'd prefer that to losing.

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LMAO. "wow that new episode was free"
You are so right. This guy was probably just too young to play the original so he doesn't know.

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My ps4 takes forever to load.

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Mass effect has always had good music...

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LMAO. You must have beenough cheering loud AF.

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I ask everyone who joins me to send me a screenshot of their gear. I kick them if I see shitty or weak builds. Does that make me an asshole?
Does it really? Maybe I am tired of carrying kids that are effectively dead weight because they don't know how to put a gearset together? I am not sure about after the patch, but before the patch it was harder and took more time to carry lame kids. Stop trying to do Falcon Lost or Underground on Heroic if your gear sucks, plain and simple. I...

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I saw this headline and was thinking "fucking Pachter is at it again."

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I'm a Zarya main... If they nerf her, I might just quit. I am already tired of playing her and getting solo ulted especially by Pharah. I have many many Zarya hours and i can tell you... Zens can easily counter the graviton surge with transcendence or Lucios can by dropping the beat.

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Did bungie snatch some of your player base Blizzard?

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That porn on you're MacBook?

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It is really sleazy for them to do this. Out of spite I cancelled my pre order.

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This game is coming to PS4 right?

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Will it do the original anime justice? I can't see anything short of a demonic dark souls game type action rpg doing the anime justice.

It would have to be dark and brutal, but also deep and profound.

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Why use a new hero when you can just rape everyone with Pharah and Genji?

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I think you're right Fox. It's too bad that people will not allow criticism. I have platinumed both UC1 & UC2 and TLoU... I loved all those games.

UC4 was good but I would have preferred more shooting.

I guess gamers these days don't need action as much. Look at the criticism for Bioshock Infinite... Some claimed it had too much action. Look at TLoU's DLC... Many people were ok with it having less action.

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Nailed it.

Aside from that. I am kinda indifferent to Ciri. Hell, the Bloody Baron's daughter is a more interesting character.

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It's a pretty huge and detailed game, makes sense.

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I thought this incursion was fun, but it could have been better in terms of enemy diversity. No matter what its not as good as a proper raid.

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