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It even matters because Destiny is a great game that is lacking stuff as a spiritual successor, that these developers have given us before. #1.2.1
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Sepiks not Septik. #1.5.2
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i really seriously don't like Top Gun... it has all those homosexual undertones and Tom Cruise. #2.1.3
Go away Val Kilmer.

I have never liked any of your movies. #2.1.1
God dammnit.

After Seeing Prisoners I wanted Hugh Jackman... and how could Ellen page be bad? #2
Never thought it would... but to be honest... if it was cross play... people like me who have been on since day 1 would destroy hundreds of noobies. #9
Looks like its Gamestop and Amazon, at least here in the U.S.

Every pre order guarantees first Beta access and then later came the sparrow... this Vanguard Armory is the latest thing but only for those select retailers. #1.1.1
LMAO... Yeah good one. #10.1.1
The units of currency in the UK are worth more than the american dollar so... how much more money is it really? #9
Are these Amazon only bonuses? #1
Fool me once... #10

STAHP #2.2.1
Its a Dark Souls thing... there are many people at Destiny who love Dark Souls and I have seen its Influence on the Alpha. #10
Read the books dude. #9.1.1
Of course he sounded bored... he IS boring! Peter Dinklage appears to many audiences worldwide to be a good actor... when in fact he is just the only face for a very well written character in amazing fantasy books.

I myself am an Actor who has read all of "A Song of Ice and Fire"

Sorry people... The Actor is shit and the character is epic.
Its like thinking Ben Affleck is awsome and super cool just because he will play batman. #9
You do realize altough it was the best game of the last generation... The Last of Us had a big delay right? #1.1.6
As a New Yorker and a lover of shooters and RPGs. I hope this beautiful game doesn't get downgraded. #2

Savage Starlight! #2.3
Looks OK #3
They said it was Seoul... #10.2
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