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Check the link for the first half of the video that includes the Smite beta key giveaway and news. #1
Or, if you watch the video, Sony has announced they're refocusing on younger gamers and families, leading many to ponder this question and I ADDRESS IT.

Holy commenting without watching, Batman! #1.1
A fair score, still not my kind of game. Stories are mandatory for me in a good game. #1
Try watching the video, there's a mustache there for the charity, Movember. #1.1
Definitely going to have to pick this one up, even though I was hoping for an 8.0 or higher. #2
I expected great sales, but this exceeds my expectations. This game may hit 10 million lifetime. #3
Ooh, I've been looking for a new tower defense game. Looks like Dungeon Defenders it is! #1
Fairing better than I thought it would. Still, with such a crowded shooter market, I'll be giving this one a pass. #1
About what I expected, sadly. #1
Much better graphics, Kinect functionality, and Halo's Warthog, a huge leap for the franchise and a welcome one for me. #1
It was very fun at E3, glad to see that made it into the final product. #2
I got hands-on time with it at PAX Prime and it is truly impressive. #1
Glad to see it came back around in the third volume. #1
Boy howdy, didn't see that coming. #2
Ugh, I still think it's just an ugly game from an art direction standpoint. #3
What a goofy game idea, glad to see it's come out so well. #2
Wow, seems they've really outdone themselves. Game came a long was from their demo at GDC. #2
Yeah, I think the rise of free-to-play games on the PC and awesome inexpensive games on mobile devices are going to force not just XBLA, but all console marketplaces to change how they do business or die. #3
I'm often amazed at some of the things in gaming that don't go through a research group or something for these kinds of indignities. #2
Well that's disappointing. Best get Puzzle Agent 2, then. #2
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