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Please bring it back Phil! The only thing that held back it's true vision was lack of Xbox live. Had it launched after live it would have been a true competitor to even Hal0 in my book. #9
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Wow... Those visuals are looking really good. #1.3.3
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That's what I'm talking about. Nintendo forever! #11
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Reach sucked balls to me! Halo 4 was missing halo Music which kind of made it feel like a totally different game but still a solid experience. Loosing it's music to me was like loosing it's soul. #1.1.2
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I'm not calling any of you right or wrong and see possible truths in every argument! The thing is I don't think any of us should be getting excited or spreading negative talk about dx12 until it's actually out and being used for x1 games. #1.1.4
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What about the new Fable? After watching footage of it I thought the Visuals were phenomenal! Hopefully it was X1 footage. #1.1.3
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This is really cool stuff indeed! With a robot age nearing I vision this as a well-used device and tech in the medical field. Heck I couldn't imagine beIng a first responder to an Emergency (the only person with this device) and through the hologlasses being instructed what to do to save a life. Yeah I think to much but still good job MS! #27
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How about some links? Not trying to call you out but I would love to see a device this ambitious already out and available. VR itself has been out for many many years but I don't think It's disappointing that companies are trying to bring it to life. #2.4.2
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Well thanks for that answer. As a matter a fact I've never seen a reply like this on this site in quite some time. Bubbles up #7.1.1
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I'm confused! Yesterday when showing both dx11 and dx12 running side by Side the dx12 was able to preform continuously unlike dx11. It reminded me of that crackdown demo which was apparently using cloud tech. My question is do any of think Crackdown 3 will be coming to pc? My other question is do any of you think cloud and dx12 sound like the exact same thing or are they truly different? Something tells me X1 will be taking full advantage of cloud tech but MS wants to show us somethi... #7
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Yeah it's silly to compare the two. I do wish MS would have entered the VR world but surely they have reason not to yet. This AR is much better than they illumniroom stuff they were showing awhile back. I'm all for holograms and can see this working with movies for a true connection with the screen as well as live phone calls star wars style. #3
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Game looks great but man I'm good with just watching the movie segments. Looks like a movie that needs to be released one day soon! #1.1.20
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How about we all wait for the 1st dx12 games to release and then have this debate. #14
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Lol... Busted #4.1.1
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I thought the same. Looks great but at first I was like dang! #1.1
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I honestly don't blame Forbes for this. All of this craziness is the result of these stupid fanboy started smear campaigns that have been going on for years. If you people would just play your games and quit insulting others for having different tastes we wouldn't even be here. Now it's to the point where reviews are almost impossible to trust and crap like this keeps popping up. Honestly I hope this game is good and I don't even have a ps4. It just makes no sense to want a... #53
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I simply prefer X1 for its games and media features which I truly enjoy. If someone prefers PS4 I hope them the best but no list or Hype will sway my Opinion. #14
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Crimson skies would be great as well. Not sure why they never got a second version out there. #2.1.4
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You know I always thought Brute Force would have had tons of potential if it had been released with online multi-player. Enclave and Breakdown were also epic titled that unfortunately never got reboots.

Ot: This game really was ahead of its time so I'm extremely excited as well. This time I'm playing day one so I don't get left behind. #2.1.1
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Sony is not the only company focused on games which should be clear by now. MS is clearly capable of competing and delivering great experiences. I would say to just go with you like best if not both. For me X1 is where it's at and if you want to fork out money for a ps4 than be my guest. #1.3.3
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