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This isn't just a ps4 pro article. It clearly says XOX is getting a 4k patch.

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I don't agree with him either but he is entitled to his opinion.

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1st Sony apparently doesn't fear MS so thats not going to happen and if it did it will do nothing to silence the XoX!

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I don't believe it will be 2013 all over again. Xbox X will do it's thing regardless of what the pro is doing.

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So basically you're saying watching youtube is like watching a 3d movie without 3d glasses. Totally pointless.

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Without a doubt games are needed and i truly agree with you. My comment was about indie games and how all of a sudden they are once again not important. If MS would clearly state what they're planning, this wouldn't even be an issue. Surely there is a reason for the silence but something tells me games are coming and MS is listening. In the meantime i personally feel excited about the Xbox x. Plenty of huge games to keep me excited for now but yes i ...

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Indie games were never a bragging point to Xbox fans or myself at least. I read past comments repeatedly sayinh this but also read there were really good indies as well. XBOX 360 had XNA which was ignored and still is yet Sony fans used indie titles to help up there exclusives this gen and still do. Now MS starts showing indies again and they're bad again lol. Really i don't understand the back and forth here. Also i don't understand why so many Sony fans are here again in Xbox ...

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" I think another showing of Crackdown 3 would be just as bad as Crandy Crush lol. "

Not the best showing but Crackdown 3 is still my most anticipated game.

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I just don't get it. Sure they need to show AAA games at some point soon but if they're not ready to be shown they're just not ready to be shown. Am i the only person who loved there E3 and thought that indies shown were incredible looking. There will be enough games to hold me over for awhile until announcements!

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Yeah they definitely have a lot to say which gets annoying because nobody asked for there bs opinion in the 1st place lol!

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But the Pro is irrelevant for the most part, plus this is constantly confirmed by Sony fans. . Not sure what's hard to understand about that.

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I agree...everyone might possibly be in for a surprise and then of course onto the next attempt at spin. Xox is the only console I'm excited for and with good reason.

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And? Lol wtf

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"News at 11"

Haha....funny stuff!

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Can't wait to see this bad boy in action!

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Not true at all!

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I think this times 20.

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I'm so looking forward to this game. An upgrading super cop with upgrading vehicles and weapons taking on all types of organized crime. Orbs way out of reach on tall skyscrapers that give you the chills having to climb and not wanting to jump down because you're afraid of heights. I'm not digging the visuals just yet but improvements are still possible and this is the way Crackdown looks . The destruction alone will be impressivie and those visuals looked great 2 years ago. Crack...

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"The funny thing about this and the thing that piss off many people, is the fact that so many xbox fanboys have been shitting so hard on Horizion for being a dull, boring, nothing new or exciting kinda game. These people change their opinion on EVERYTHING so long it is MS doing it. It is ridiculous and people are entitled to point it out."

Prove it? I don't ever recall Xbox fanboys talking down on it at least here on N4g.

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Something tells me that this console is going to sell like crazy! I'm talking a complete surprise to everybody including MS!

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