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Well after this trilogy MS can then bring back more of an original Halo vision. If they can bring on Marty for music and take us to its original universe like in Halo CE they can save this game. I would also love to see Fable go back to its original vision as well. Seems like the only thing it was missing in part 1 was much more exploration and a longer deeper childhood story before becoming a man. The ending could of been much better in part 1 but unfortunately ended as if they ran out o...

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I get where you're coming from but let's wait and see what what happens with CD3 1st. Surely there is much more to it than getting it up and running on other platforms. MS built X1 for cloud compute so let's at least see what's possible. It would be great if Sony could simply rent servers and in time we will see they do.

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Couldn't Sony just rent servers from MS or Amazon? The end of 2016 is going to be an interesting time.

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Talk about a brutal beginning lol.

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When I think of cloud tech I think of games where everything within the world now has calculated blueprints instead of just drawings. Would be interesting if we started seeing a demand for architecture type gaming positions for the tech.

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For the 1st time in a long time I see gamers actually discussing what we all love most, the future of gaming. I hope we can keep this up and talk like normal mature adults regardless of platform. I also hope X1 finds success within CD3 and so should everyone because we all want this to work. I'm simply tired of the console war stuff and think we need more cloud tech discussions in the future instead of just sales and who has the best exclusive topics.

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At this point it's apparent game results are easier to achieve on PS4 and 1080p isn't impossible on X1. Due to time constraints and design choice these developers don't want to waste time trying to prove a point, the eye really doesnt even notice. X1 isn't a joke though, and for the mean time you can't blame the mindset of A Sony fanboy attacking the console. Last generation PS3 was easy to attack and there was a clear difference, 360 had the edge early on. The talk then w...

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Yeah I'm hoping to see cloud tech taken advantage of in Halo 6 multiplayer and online cooperative play. Hopefully things go well with the tech and this vision comes to light soon. As far as sales, who cares!

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I still remember when this game was hyped up and suddenly canceled. This was my most anticipated game back on the OG Xbox.

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We could go over the reasoning back and forth but I would find games that put you in the role of real life killers and rapists a little disturbing. Of course I don't have to buy it but that's my opinion nothing more. If someone wants to live moments in a game like this out, then so be it. Really I'm not understanding the purpose of even making this other than to remind us of this heinous act.

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This is to much! Soon we will start seeing games that put us in the minds of serial rapists and killers. There is simply no purpose for this unless I'm missing something.

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Hopefully things pan out well and this journey into the unknown soon becomes a reality. Although skeptical, I believe the tech being used will be what differinciates X1 from all other current platforms momentarily. The CD3 beta is going to be a big deal come summer time, so let's just wish David and crew Goodluck!

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Get over yourself! If anything Xbox owners are happy you guys get to see what all the fuss is about. Not sure why you think this would hurt gamers that have always known this game would one day go multiplatform. Smh

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Ok great, thanks for the info.

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I'm going to check them out. Sounds like a good bettery.

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The Xbox controller is simply done right for gaming. If anything Sony should be paying attention to what MS is doing. I say hell no to an internal battery.

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That's crazy! You must of had nothing else to play if you spent hundreds of hours just in SP!

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Does that apply to people that lose connection? Would be great if there was a button sequence to press in order to quit.

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Sony had a good show but not sure why the need to bring up Halo. Just your typical click bait fanboy media drivel.

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That's subjective even though it's a really good looking game.

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