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I think that the guts of the machine should remain the same with only improvements being to reduce heat and noise and power cosumption and possibly slight size reduction so they can keep inline with calling it a slim version as they have done with previous playstations however two big things need to be added to any new model to bring it in line with requirements of modern media players, inclusion of a 4k bluray disk player and upgraded HDMI to ensure 4k netflix compatibility. This way as far ...

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Clever PC coders etc will no doubt figure out a way to use the playstation headset on pc soon after it launches anyway so the question here will prob be which device will PC users use once they have a choice? Obviously PS4 users will only be able to use the PS headset as are unlikely to go and buy expensive PC.

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This is probably just a reaction to a significantly lower euro value against the dollar/Yen/GBP

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Because most tvs (even cheap models) can stream via dnla I feel that the time has passed for my console to require these features in the same way as having netflix and bbc iplayer is somewhat redundant now most tvs are internet ready smart tvs with access to these services. Last gen this was different as no devices connected to tvs could do this as easily as when ps3/xbox did. You could even argue that the success of these features on home consoles is what led to these features being put into...

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Ironic name no limits lol

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dont forget the rules of driveclub...never talk about driveclub

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see told you

now 349, same as xbone

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last paragraph sums up this non story
"Why is it so much more expensive? Haven’t the foggiest. It could however be due to the fact that it’s being sold by a third-party and that Amazon themselves aren’t actually selling the bundle officially, not just yet anyway."

So basically, the story is reporting on unofficial amazon price of ps4 bundle and comparing it to official pricing of xbone price. Guarantee that the official price of ps4 bundle is same or cheaper...

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Maybe a remake with it being so long ago, then if still proves popular a proper sequel

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Ha ha, first morpheus game looks quite wrong

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I think Singstar for ps4 is a dead cert for a release date at Gamescon
Online retailer Very in the UK seems to know something we dont

expected delivery date for singstar ultimate party PS4 is 14/11/14????

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My bet is that unless your upload and download speeds are stable above 10 mb you will experience noticable lag
Anything more and prob have no notiable lag

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I think as internet services become more interactive broadband providers need to look at upload speeds as are usually very slow compared to advertised download speeds. I get regular download connection of 60/70 mb but still struggle to get more than 5/6 mb upload. Strange thing is when using a mobile connection i always get much higher upload speeds relative to download speeds

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For everyone saying their internet speed is 20/40 mb and are complaining about lag, can u post speed results notibly for uploads not downloads. I only ask because quoted speeds are usually what they think they get as sold to them from the internet company which is always download speeds. As this service requires a good 2 way connection i would be interested to know what upload speeds users had that were experiencing significant lag

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Why would we need to see a game at e3 that a simple google search can show various updated trailers for, clearly sony thought that trailer wise they had little to add to what is already out there and the game obviously is already highly anticipated so no further hype required. Better to focus on new stuff and future projects.
I personally didn't have an issue with them annoucing psvita tv after all sony need to get maximum press coverage of it for it to sell so obviously e3 stage ...

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Forgive me if i got this wrong but isnt master chief collection just a rehash of old halo games!! Kinda makes your attack on tlou remake redundant. Oh and considering lbp has prob sold many ps3s over the years due to the no of awards it has won i am pretty sure lbp3 on ps4 will do the same

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lets get physical...physical :-)

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If u think about ps nows capabilities, the games are rendered server side by super powerful pcs that imitate console set ups to play old games which do not support 4k as even ps4 can't play them. Going forward sony could produce versions of games in 4k to play via ps now on a superfast broadband. After all the quality of the graphics depends on what is streamed from the superpowered pcs server side and not the limited hardware you have at home.

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can't wait to play titanfall 2 on this when they are both released on ps4 ;-)

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