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can't wait to play titanfall 2 on this when they are both released on ps4 ;-) #49
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Reading this, sony hints at social functions.
cant help but think of ps home vr edition coming to ps4 when this thing launches.
If still a free app as it was for ps3 that could be pretty cool for all those that enjoyed home??
Wishful thinking???? #33
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And if you believe that you probably still waiting to buy the kinect game where you can interact with Milo (without a script) #29
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Chances are the guy in the add is an actor portraying the guy who actually solved it
The real guy prob looks like comic store guy from Simpsons, best ad glitch ever. #17
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Maybe their vision was in 1080p and xbone couldn't achieve this. They couldn't comprise their vision so put it on a console capable of delivering the game as they intended it :-) #10
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hats off to a dedicated gamer #12
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Sega maybe, be good to have them back in the console market #54
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Lets forget about slight graphical differences. The ps4 version is the only one capable of simulation of weather within the game while allegedly running the game at higher res and with better overall effects!!
I think that alone says a lot about the power of the two consoles!
4>1 #18
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can see them doing this more, plenty of xbones left in stock to give away #8
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toe jam and earl #5
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ok so if no publisher will add games to the service until they are at least 2 years old that means that cover pretty much every game for ps1 2 & 3 by time its released officially. How is that a failure.
Its like saying netflix and lovefilm are failures because they dont have the latest cinema releases on immediately (although that would be like movie utopia if they did)
All things new have the negative people like this that say its doomed, it'll never work etc etc
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2 + 2 = 4

(now lets see how many disagrees i get lol) #27
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I think people are forgetting how the world has changed since last gen.
With the internet and social media changes that are now well established and used by the general public, details regarding when certain retail outlets are getting more stock is more widely available to the masses which is why on those days people are prepared to try their luck and que in the hope they can get a console while they are still stocked.
Public awareness of how quickly they know that ps4 will se... #20
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Reading the threads it would seem only people sharing battlefield footage are having problems so I guess its just another programming bug on their part not a software issue with the ps4?
Anyone had problems with games other than bf4?? #15
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In the spirit of N4G I call u out as a Christmas fanboy lol #12.1
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I propose that the self proclaimed experts of amazing graphics (Gamer PC users) should be the ones to pass judgement seeing as they don't really care for XBone or PS4 #21
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At one point i saw mine was litterally 5 min drive away yet it was saying another 2 hours! Was tempted to go track him down #2.3
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Lol #126
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So with the 'power of the cloud' the xbox one can just about run games at 720p, does this mean disconnecting from the internet causes games to drop framerate or resolution even more? After all, no internet, no cloud power boost?? #121
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After reading the comments posted here I cant help but think that all gamers from both sides should just see Activision as just a lazy dev that has zero interest in optimising the game to make the best experience they can for gamers. They have milked the COD licence for years, taking gamers money and giving as little back as possible.
I think gamers from both sides should recognise this and not buy the game until Activision make something truly amazing that shows they are prepared to... #37
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