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sorry. how does that point to MS having yield issues?

1+ million sold = 1+ million sold.
This equates to similar yield

Your post makes little sense.
In two weeks time, MS will have more stock in much the same way as Sony?

Come on. try to apply your grey matter.

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not sure I agree, gg

The sales of XBO double the sales of the 360 at launch
That in itself is a very healthy sign for the XBO, given the 360 sold 80+ million.
Can you imagine if the XBO sold double the 360's sales? That would leave us with 160+ million sold for the XBO for the upcoming gen. None to shabby!

Let's not forget that the XBO also launched in 13 countries, while the ps4 attempted to monopolise its launch stock in the North of...

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The external power brick and the large console box contribute to the design ethic and overall lower temperature.

The XBO runs cool.
The Ps4 simply runs hot.
No way around it.

Thanks for your confirmation of the facts! :)

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The ps4 runs at 10-14 degrees Celcius hotter than the XBO.

this is a fact. proven by the evidence.

The DF comparison is out of date.
Please do try to keep up with the news.

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@ rainslacker.

Interesting post.
Are you onstaff at dualshockers?

Simple question.
Got a simple answer? - without the personal attacks this time.

Please forgive my enthusiastic passion for exposing abriael and dualshockers for what they really are.

I just can't stand for gullible fanboys being misled by a tabloid internet journalist.

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independent tests confirm that the ps4 runs 10-14 degrees celcius hotter.

It has also been confirmed that the FCC only approved an ambient operating temperature up to 35 degrees for the ps4.

Dat trouble

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PS4 failure rate on launch is entirely acceptable and a non event.

What is of major concern, however, is the fact that the PS4 has been rated by the FCC to have a limited operating range of 5-35 degrees Celcius.

That means, effectively that it is not safe to operate the ps4 in a room that is any hotter than 35 degrees. Anything above that has not been rated for safe operation without malfunction.

This is a big problem in Australia. It gets ho...

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Yo Look.

I call out Abriael's website dualshockers for writing a misleading headline and misrepresenting a statement made by a major corporation.

Abriael attempts to profit from this mis-representation and then gets personally offended when I call him out?

I still don't understand how MS lied.
That's a flat out lie to say that MS lied.
Nothing in their statement as reported by the article could be construed as a li...

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Believe it or not, this is one of the big reasons I am getting a XBO.

AS an older gamer, I am interested in my health and fitness.

What a great idea to combine gaming and TV with a new approach to fitness.


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Yeah that's an accomplishment. Cooler hardware is less likely to overheat and less likely to fail due to heat stress.

If you think that isn't important, then.. well.. hmm am I wasting my breath?

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@ nekroo

as flunkers said below, the operating temperature refers to the ambient temperature in the room at which it is safe to operate the electronic device.

So if the FCC rated the ps4 operating temp in the range of 5-35 degrees, that means it is safe to operate the console when that is the temperature in your room.

I am even more concerned now.
Australia gets very hot in Summer and temps above 35 degrees are very common here.

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MS did not say they were "Sold Out".
MS actually said "Xbox One is now sold out at most retailers".

Big difference.
MS did not lie

You were likely misled by Abriael's mis-representational and misleading headline.

Don't forget this is dualshockers.

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So MS states "Xbox One is now sold out at most retailers"

Headline: Xbox One “Sold Out” But There Are Still Plenty Right in the Heart of New York, Including Day 1 Eds."

Isn't that the same thing?
When you think about it, there is literally nothing new in this story. MS reports that most units have sold out. Dualshockers is reporting the same thing with a flamebait headline.

Oh who am I kidding. ...

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I have to be honest.

While I respect Sony engineers, it stands to reason that incorporating the psu into the design while also making the design much smaller will concentrate that heat into a much smaller space and make heat dissipation more difficult.
It's no wonder the ps4 runs hotter. 10-14 degrees hotter in fact.

What I am really concerned about though are the early test stations where the ps4 console was placed into an enclosed case and began...

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So the ps4 runs hotter on the casing, but magically it will run cooler on the inside?

Ok. Suuure.

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@ brich

wow 10-14 degrees cooler than the ps4?
Oh well, I guess MS's design decisions paid off.

how did people give you disagrees just because you stated this fact from the article?

This community is so sad.

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are you kidding me, abriael.
That wasn't a personal attack.

I have no grudge for being proven wrong.

I am just pointing out what you actually do.
I am doing this so others can see how the system is being abused.

Everything I have said above is true.
Why are you deflecting the truth with yet another strawman?

Man up, Abriael.
Admit the truth.

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30/1000000= 0.00003.

Or put another way that's a chance of 1:33333

Statistically speaking, you should be more concerned with your odds of dying from heart disease or cancer.


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Yeah that is the winning formula for game journalists nowadays.

Just start a blog.
Call it 'dualshockerz.com', if you like.

Now you can make a story on your blog about:
- any youtube video you like
- any forum post from anywhere on the internet
- any news source, including anonymous sources
- any rumour, even if it cannot be substantiated

All you have to do is get a few...

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