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If they release it after the xbox 720 they will have a really hard time catching up...

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If i would ever murder someone, it could be 26-year-old Yui Tanaka.

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Whats wrong with the 360 version? Realy blurry textures and some pictures are so dark that you dont see any details

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UZIAC is his psn. Last i spoke to him i think he said he was nr 62 worldwide.

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My cousin spends most his time chasing trophies. He has 94 platina, 416 Gold, 1292 Silver and 3863 Bronze. I know it´s really good in trophies, but how good is 118070 Gamerscore?

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I would like to see someone make a game of the mutant universe, either mutant space or mutant chronicles. Maybe a collaboration between Naugty dog and bethesda, or Naughty dog and bioware. Hmm, or maybe Guerilla and the above.

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And i will buy 2 more controlers when the fight is released.

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With hd it´s fine but when i watch ordinary tv converted to 3D the migrane begins.

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Now im just waiting for the real 3D games to come out.

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But with KZ3 ill might make an exception.

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But hopefully more balanced tham mw2.

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It´s the best looking game ive ever played and it´s Alfa code.

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The maps are bigger than in kz2, but since the controle are more responsive and faster it feels as you also move faster. Which make the maps feel well sized. The snow maps are pretty cool. I followed some footsteps in the snow that suddenly ended, then i tought what the f. But then i saw the blur that the snipers camouflage gives, just took the last steps and slit his throat from behind :-)

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I have only played 2 matches but i thought i could give my first impressions.

It looks amazing, the motion blur is gone, the AA must be MLAA because there are no jaggies at all. And i think they push more polygons because it looks overal better than kz2. The controles are faster and more responsive but still gives the player a feeling of weight. The brutal melee works great, it´s awesome to run towards some poor sucker and put the blade in his throat or eyesocket, especi...

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There are some stores that have the starter pack, but just the move controler is outsold.

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"Outside of the event nights, we encourage you to play together with other participants freely"

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Dear Beta Tester

The follow-up to one of the most critically acclaimed first-person shooters of 2009, Killzone®3, picks up where Killzone®2 left off – delivering new weapons and enemies, larger set pieces and environments, more varied missions and a whole new level of intense cinematic action. In the Beta you will get a taste of the multiplayer mode, including the all-new ‘Operations’ game type, party system and jetpack and exoskeleton vehicles.


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When Sony does 3D games it´s bad and 3D is a gimmick, but when a third party developer does it it´s magic. Yea thats totaly fair..

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So i hope for their sake that windows phone 7 will be better. But i doubt many iphone or android users will jump on that train.

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Ive only played pacific rift and super stardust. In pacific rift i can see the advantage of 3D because of depth you get. In stardust it was pretty cool and made the game more visualy appealing, but i didnt gain anything in the gameplay. I think 3D can be a hit as long as it´s optional. The price of the tvs will go down just as with the hdtv´s.

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