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mutiplat games that matter are ALL better ON PS3

Get oFF that M$ DI** XBUG

Multiplat games that matter are allllllll better on PS3 #14.2
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Better on PS3

XBUGS owned

mutiplat games that matter are ALL better ON PS3 #5.1
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All those games are coming in 2008.

However that SUK BOX 3 FIX ME has just 1 game this year --GAYERS 2

KZ2,R2,LBP and GT5 P are all coming this year.

ENJOY garbage games on your SUK TRASH BOX 3 FIX ME ---XTARD.

By the way would x360 even remain in the market during november/december

I seriously doubt it. The only stronghold of 3 FIX ME -- US is also gone. XBUG 3 FIX ME is simply finished now

MGS4 is due... #19.3
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The PS3 is just 5 million behind XBUG 360
However i expect the PS3 to sell over 500,000 this February

NPD of FEBRUARY 2008 will be very interesting (ofcourse no one trusts that VGCRAP). x360 sold over 100,000 units according to VGBUG LOL . I seriously doubt whether MS could even sell 100,000 per week EVEN DURING the XMAS SEASON IN US THIS YEAR.

In FEBRUARY,2008's NPD i am gunning for

500,000 PS3
200,000 /150,000 XBUG 3 FIXME

I am anticipating the PS3 to outsell everyt... #16.3
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@george and Mcloving
YOUR COMMENTS are reported as SPAM

Just because you dont have anything except a DVD player and RROD doesnt mean that ps3 doesnt have anything too

PS3 will not have the same glory as PS2.PS3 will surpass PS2.

especially if you look at UK everything changed after Blu Ray victory. Ofcourse that CRAPCHART will say otherwise but MCV and CHARTTRACK does give you descrpitions about gains in PS3's momentum in UK

That X360 is TRASHBOX DEFECTI... #5.4
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x360 is already irrelevant
with no games for 2008 except Gears 2 and is the least selling console in the whole world

The sales will plunge even further when MGS4 hits the scene #8.1
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@XBOTS above
just because your x360 cant handle great graphics/games doesnt mean that ps3 wont be able to handle them too.

Crisis is easily possible on PS3. However nothing is possible on a LOW POWERED x360 ----oh yeah Gears1/2 whose grey,low poly and washed out graphics look sh*t vs UNCHARTED (a first gen PS3 game) #32.3
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KAZ plays games on his PS3 too and this is why PS3 outsells x360 in terms of software sales in both europe and Japan

DO u even play your 360 or you get RROD every 2/3 days #37.2
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You will need atleast 4 QUAD CORES to beat CELL

However in terms of TRE,RAYTRACING/complex calculations you might need 10 of them

However an EMT64 is easily more powerful than XENON ( said by CAPCOM themselves) #41.2
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@etownme Haaaaaaaaa
CELL is wayy more powerful than QUAD CORE.

It is not just powerful but 2x as powerful as 2X QUAD CORE processors on a single die. google for benchmarks.

CELL can fully raytrace . Does that give you an idea about its power.

If you run the FOLDING HOME project then you will see CELL dissipating energy at a constant 250 gflops.

PC cores will take atleast 2 more years to reach CELL's power. It could be even more who knows but dont expect... #40.2
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-- Reported by the community --
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You mean great with FAKE numbers
PS3 beat x360 in January(USA) by 40,000 ..i repeat 40,000 units

How come they have x360 beating PS3 in JAN+FEB by 70,000 units ?

Even their own website is saying that PS3 has beaten x360 in February

So is Vgchartz refuting NPD numbers for January?

WOW are guesstimates better than retail Tracking? #6.1
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@power of GHEY
PS3 has beaten the x360 in UK last moenth.

Theres no way x360 could reverse the feat after the Blu Ray victory.

The week after Blu Ray triump saw players jump 6 fold which included ps3 as well.

In XMas last year ps3 went on to beat x360 in UK. What makes u think that x360 will ever beat ps3 in UK? especially with such a 2008 lineup LOL #4.3
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I can assure you that this will be the last month Vgchartz numbers are posted on N4G.

as soon as NPD is out for FEB we will do a comparative analysis . There will be huge discrepancies which will be forawarded to the admin.

Hopefully this month sees the end of highly dubious Vgchartz numbers

BTW even after seeing NPD's January numbers why do you even refute other comments. I mean There is no way x360 could outsell ps3 in Jan/Feb when it was outsold... #3.3
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SNUKA aka INYOURMUM aka THE MART --------PS3 has beaten x360 by 28000 units LAST WEEK

so there is no question of whether the ps3 beats x360 or not.

This is SPAM cuz PS3 went on to beat X360 by 40,000 units in NA (according to NPD)

in FEBRUARY even VGCHARTZ are saying that PS3 has beaten X360 so there is no way if you add those 2 numbers and dont have ps3 on top.

PS3 won in JANUARY

PS3 will win in FEBRUARY

PS3 will win against X360 by a minimum margin of 60,000 units for the co... #7.1
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VGCHARTZ tracks 0 retailers. VG numbers are just guesstimates
Their owner IOI is a guy living in UK. He has access to 0 retailers in UK and US.

PS3 is on top on VGCHARTZ but those figures are way underpined and x360 sales are wayy higher.

Yea complete picture by GUESSTIMATING so that X360 beats PS3 in islamic countries after IRAQ invasion???? and we have to believe that too #4.1
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@jenzo you dont get this game
cuz this is PS3 exclusive.

We ps3 owners get this game cuz this is miles better than generic multiplat titles like RB6 and GRAW

Your comment is reported as SPAM #1.2
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@sonarus ANECDOTAL UK sales here ( VG is definitely CRAP)
HMV UK ( UK's biggest store)

PS3 is at no 20. x360 nowhere in sight


PS3 at... #1.6
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360 didnt beat the PS3/PSP in europe
It is only VGCRAP that inflates x360 sales to make it look good against the PSP/PS2.

ask any european on board whether he /she is even aware of a console named x360. You wont find any except a few British. However lot of x360s in UK have already been traded in for PS3s.

anecdotal sales evidence -- in the UK top charts there are 9 ps3 games vs 8 x360 games ( x360 had 4 new releases vs 1 for PS3)

last week ps3 had 8 games vs 6 for x360

... #8.1
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lol that is a website operated by an 18 year older
But VGCHARTZ is also crap. there is no way x360 outsells ps3 in UK

Did you even look at its OTHER (middle eastern) sales.

x360 beats PS3 in Middle Eastern countries????

Woow that means Middle easterns are buying American products after Iraq invasion. What a lie VGCRAP. even a 5 year OLDER wont believe that #17.1
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