Metal Gear?!


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A weapon to surpass Metal Gear.

EDIT: Wrong thread.

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I fucking love this! :O Can't wait to play it on VR!

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His opinion matters the most actually. It's a series he's been creating for almost 3 decades.

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As far as Kojima goes, the game is not only what comes on disc but everything around it. The game begins the moment Kojima announces a new game. Marketing is a big deal for Kojima and he's pretty good at it. He wants to hype the game and wants people to theorize and go nuts. It's what makes the wait fun. He keeps the fans interested till the release date. This has nothing to do with Sony.

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Rising was a rip off? How is that? None of the levels were part of any of the past Metal Gear games. Even Metal Gear Ray was modified to make it look different. The game won't be full priced either and we haven't seen anything else besides those 15 mins and why would I care if they reused the same map anyway? I am interested in the gameplay and the latter looks fun. It could be in a white room with 0 textures and it would still not make any difference.

I'm not g...

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Rip off? Konami said it's part of the MGSV universe what else do you expect? China? Moscow? They will definitely use parts of Afghanistan and Africa.

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and a hand

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why hide his face?

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But he said that.

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It was Kojima's decision to leave 51 out of the game.

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Eli's story is a subplot and Episode 51 was going to end that subplot.

The story of TPP has one main ending and that's Episode 46. That's the ending that most people talk about.

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Haters gonna hate

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The guy from those movies?

Thread end,

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GZ + TPP. GZ will probably be included as an episode pre-Hospital episode. Now regarding new content, there might be new content. Episode 51 being a priority for Konami.

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Because PT was one of the best things that ever happened to the genre if not the best.

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We saw nothing from RE7. So I don't even know why we should think that RE7 will reinvent anything. The demo was awesome but that was a PT copy paste.

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I thought that title was given to PT?

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What about him?

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I smell a Sony x Konami x Kojima collaboration.

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The pokeball sometimes freezes in mid air for about 3-4 secs before it captures a pokemon. This is frustrating. Didn't have this problem prior to the update.

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