Metal Gear?!


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He is the best among mankind.

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Death Stranding!

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PT did that. RE7 looks like PT and that's PERFECT! That's what we all want! Now downvote!

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I haven't played the first one but I am pre-ordering RDR2 now!

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I actually played all the different versions of the demo including the Kitchen VR and I can confirm that RE7 IS INDEED THE RESIDENT EVIL game we have been waiting for.

This is coming from someone who didn't like RE6 (didn't even finish it!) and who admires and loves PT!

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@naruga: Did you even play RE7 demo? There are literally no enemies and it scares the shit out of me. This is the horror RE we have been asking for! The fact they took the FPS direction is even better!! Smart move Capcom!

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Sony owns the IP.

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It already looks like something a PS5 would do! Kojima is saying that the final game will look better than this!

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Even when he shows gameplay?

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After RE6, I never thought I would care about the next RE but holy fucking shit RE7 is like everything we ever wanted in a horror game! It looks like PT but much much longer and this one has 100% VR support! Can't wait! I already played all the demos they have released including the Kitchen demo in VR and can't wait for the game to come so I can scare the shit out of me!!!

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We're tracking his mouse pad now?

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That looks like Solid Snake with a red bandana.

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January can't come any sooner..

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Agreed Nyxus!

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Exactly. Another clickbait article.

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Because they like to get scared.

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Kitchen is for sale?

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Speak for yourself! I am very grateful for what Sony have been giving us!

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Can't wait to play this in VR!

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What's the point of Pro if it can't do 1080p60fps? What's the point of going 4K if 2k isn't happening?

I'm pretty sure devs will make sure that games can at least run at 1080p60fps with the extra power otherwise I'll be using Pro for VR given that I am enjoying the latter so much!

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