Metal Gear?!


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Not for Nintendo but imo, I don't see myself buying a handheld device if I already own a Switch.

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Publishers are not equal to Devs.

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Do you think he will reveal the female character? :o

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@Nyxus: Death Stranding.

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Metal Gear - Kojima Productions

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I honestly really wanna know who the girl in that thumbnail is.

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No shit!

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I played RE7 in VR from beginning to end and I can assure you it's fucking scary and it's no joke! The VR made a big difference!

If Outlast has no VR mode then I don't think it can be scarier than a horror game in VR imo.

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Honestly it got out of the horror genre and it made the series into a Survival Horror/Action series. Resident Evil 7 on the other hand took the series into a whole new level while going back to its roots!

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From what've seen so far, it's going to be something completely new and special!

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Creativity > Money

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I am 4 hours in (VR), not only I think it's the best VR game available in the market, in my opinion it's the best RE game since RE3.

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Same hypocrites who complained about the lack of lengthy cutscenes in MGSV when they were the ones who asked for the cutscenes to be less frequent and shorter in length.

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Can the damn thing release first before we can be thankful for anything?

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I have to disagree with you there. First person is the smartest decision Capcom took for the series and by going back to its roots I think they meant a horror/scary game rather than a survival action game. In my opinion RE7 is much closer to RE3 in terms of horror than it is to RE4,5,6.

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He is the best among mankind.

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Death Stranding!

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PT did that. RE7 looks like PT and that's PERFECT! That's what we all want! Now downvote!

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I haven't played the first one but I am pre-ordering RDR2 now!

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