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GOTY!!!!!!!! I know it, I know it!!

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Well, but if the game has only eight hours on the campaign mode, it is too short here, and in Japan.

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I don't know why Famitsu gives to Bayonetta a 40/40. It's a good game but not one of the best games in hystory.

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Last year I bought FIFA 09, but I think that this year I will change. PES 2010 looks like a really good game.

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Totally agree.

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I think that if you love Halo games, you will love Halo ODST. If not, you will hate Halo ODST.

At the end, the personal opinion it's the only matter.

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The only one conclusion with this review (and the others) is that Halo 3 ODST is a Must Have.

The media of the Halo 3 reviews was 9.5, but here is 9. I think it is a good mark.

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A great reason for not to buy Wolfenstein. This will be the first time on the saga that won't have Linux version. It sucks.

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WOAH!!! The video says that is "ingame footage"... Incredible!!

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If you want better graphics, you maybe must wait for the next-gen platforms

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A new copy of Devil May Cry/Ninja Gaiden. I agree wit [email protected], it's uninspired.

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Prototype will be a better game than inFamous. I am sure.

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It's a new game of Propaganda Games (the people who did last Turok). It's like an Oblivion, but in the universe of the Pirates of the Carribbean

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YEAH! Dragon Ball z burst limit was a cool game but need some more characters. I think this also could be a great game.

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If Konami doesn't lie, PES 2010 will be a great rival of FIFA 10.

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It's impressive!

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I not agree with OXM review. "Not enough room for exploration", if it is an action game, impressive, with a lot of big enemies, why do you need exploration?

For example, Rambo movie was a bad film because there wasn't exploration? or Kill Bill?

I think is more easy blame this type of games and not others like Halo 3, that is a mediocre FPS and has a lot of 10/10 in a lot of medias.

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I thought months ago that Ninja Blade was a bad game, but now result that is one of the best action game of Xbox 360. Great!!

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Max Payne 2 was produced by Rockstar, but the games was developed by Remedy Entertainment.

On Max Payne 3, Rockstar is the producer again, but is Rockstar Vancouver who developed it.

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Yes, of course! On Dead to Rights you have a dog, and on Max Payne not XD

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