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"X360 -> PS4 convert!"


To be fair Naughty Dog has shown less than R*

hehe #5.1.1
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I'll be the first to admit I love me some better textures =D #1.1
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I can't believe how different the X1 dash is already compared to launch. #5.1
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Do you say that in a bad way?

Cause I think they beefed up the hardware specifically in order to do so.

Which aint necessarily bad. #6.1
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This is my pick (if I were to order)

I like burgundy accents, what's sure what color to go for the PS4 removable plate.

I would love to get my DS4 in that gun-metal grey. #1.1
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Anyone have any idea why they would only offer their service for iPad **Air** and not iPad 1stgen or 2nd??? #14
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Those stickers looks amazing on my (also red) bike :D #4.1.1
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Air flow is extremely important though. This has forced me to keep mine in sight. #3.1.2
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Just a few kids?

You obviously haven't seen the Bungie forums as of late.. #1.1.8
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Literally the only thing that is kept from Xbox One for a whole year is the few pieces of gear, 1 MP map, and ghost/vehicle skins.

I've seen plenty of people who seem to think the whole season pass expansions (story-related) content is being withheld for a whole year. #6.3
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He said "I hate that long time players can easily destroy the new players."

You said "play longer"

Think about that for a sec. #4.1.2
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yup. zero animation. #1.2
I will take one gladly.

Though, I am still confused about whether I need one at all... considering I pre-ordered the Guardian Edition on PS4. #20.1

would you know whether this is necessary for those you've pre-ordered the Digital Guardian Edition?

Like, won't I get my Beta access thru my PS4? on 07/17 #18.1
I may do the same. #6.2
I picked up on the sarcasm.

As if anyone is going to take someone making assumptions of their RL friends seriously.... #2.2.1
The irony with your analogy above is that Microsoft has done that to Mac owners by selling the same Office software with less functionality than the Windows version.

Not to mention, never 'a year' later either. #8.2
We can argue over the fairness of the Season Pass being the same price on both systems all day.....

But to say it was "a horrible marketing choice" is ridiculous.

The fact that we're talking about Destiny - alone - proves that wrong. #12.1.2
I think people are acting as though it's a whole expansion of additional content being withheld for a year.

Both system's Season Passes grant access to 2 expansions.

It's just the PS4 is getting additional stuff for each expansion as well.

I imagine we're talking a extra piece of armor, and ghost/scooter skin. #11.2.1
Yeah, but it's not exclusive content for X1 that's the problem, it's the exclusive content NOT on X1 that we have issue with...

Is that so hard to understand?

(sarcasm, :P) #6.2
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