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"X360 -> PS4 convert!"


Welp, I have to say my tune over Destiny has sure changed.

For about 3 months I defended the game, to now have fallen victim to what everyone else did. I've gotten bored of it.

And to top it off, instead of bringing me back, the DLC has totally killed my urge to boot it up anymore.
It was infuriating to log on after an expansion and see that all the mission were 'locked' with no instruction. And now the only thing to do is essentially-pre... #6
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I agree, FH2 is a better game.

But, I don't play racing games all that much (which would beg the obvious question of why am I buying both - I buy exclusives, usually no questions) and I am a huge graphics whore.

This is why I find myself turning on DC (for the pretty weather) whenever I want a quick race, over FH2.

Not to mention, these two games aren't even priced comparably.

I bought both digitally, full price.
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Thanks to the devs for improving on the game until I was comfortable purchasing it, and at quite reasonable price of $49.99, which is cheap as a Canadian who used retail $69.99+tax! #12
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:S I first saw these posted on my FB, and I thought they were last-gen vs current-gen.. whoops. (granted I only glanced)

The first pic seems oddly matched with the wrong bridge. #5
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Reddit Secret Santa sounds like a wonderful way to end up with a Dildo in your mail box #9
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Hoping for snow, but gladly take stability. #3
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I had remained on the fence, but now I will gladly play it! #7.1
@darkrider66 #10.1.3
His advice is basically

// go create another hashtag that can be smeared by another toxic minority, and also not be taken seriously // #10.1
"Even if 90% of the supporters are good and 10% are bad, the bad are poisoning the message for everyone. That’s not an evaluation of right and wrong, just an observation of a clear fact."

So, he is 'rigthfully' focusing on the toxic 10%?

"I strongly recommend that someone organize a “gamer’s union” of sorts, with a real mission statement, with real rules, with real organization and leadership."

GEEZ,... #9
"GTA 5 Main Characters Can't Be Killed
GTA V Main Character

One of the new aspects in GTA 5 when compared to the other video games in the series is that there are 3 main characters cannot be killed. You can play each one at any given time and players can run into other main characters around the town. However, you won't be able to kill them. Instead if you keep following them, they will turn and knock you out."

Woah, I didn't kno... #3
I must be forgiven. Because I didn't know this until 2011 when I bought my first PS console. (The drought of X360 exclusives made inFamous 1+2, Uncharted 1+2, and Socom4, and the superior version of Mass Effect 2 irresistible.) #3.2
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Believe it or not, critics don't need kickbacks to speak negatively. #12.3
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two things.

1. I'm not that hyped for The Order.

2. I always buy exclusives, regardless of platform.

..... so, *throws hands up* #22
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the biggest xbox lover site" don't know what to say.... #17.1
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Your complaint is ..... and make sure I get this right....

that you can't complete everything in one weekend? #1.10
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I believe the difference between PC and PS4/X1 will be the 30frame v 60frame. (I'll be going PS4)

RadBrad's footage looks awfully nice, though noticiably 60FPS. #3.2
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I know TheRadBrad was demoing it, and his only choice was alpha-build on PC.

Looks good though #3.1
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Same here! #13.1
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I DID! #7.3
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