X360 -> PS4 convert!


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Honestly, I can't see myself using VR unless I can sit down & using a controller...

And don't get at me with BS exercise argument, I go outside for that.

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Yea... the N4G mods consider that "plagiarizing" (*cough protecting spam sites *cough*)

OT: to be fair, the site loads wicked fast, it did 're-load' for each photo for me.

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I'd love for someone to PM me....

I'm dying to know whether full-retail was originally planned..

80$CAN is sooooo steep for Minecraft in space.

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"sign up for the beta now"

wait, ain't this trailer brand new?

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I own all consoles too.

What makes me think the X1 is being represented well is because the tactic, such as contrast, are conducive to these comparisons, in my experience.

I've compared nearly every multiplatform game from 2013-early '14 on both system, in person

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Like so often, 1080p looks soft/faded, & Xbox One's lower resolution appears more "sharper / contrast."

As a former Xboxer, I know that the softness of the Playstation isn't represented well.

Battlefield 4 was a prime example, as I tested both to see for myself.

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if you wanna call 10m / 20m "no where near"

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Dude, I'm Canadian - & you're wrong.

Battlefront SP - $69.99
Call of Duty's Season Pass - $49.99
Battlefield 4 SP - $49.99
BF Hardline SP - $49.99
The Division's Season Pass - $49.99
Assasssin's Creed SP - $39.99
Rainbow Six SP - $39.99
Dying Light SP - $29.99
Alien Isolation SP - $29.99
Batman Arkham Knight SP - $29.99
Far Cry 4 SP - $29.99
Borderlands 2 - $29.99...

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Scare tactic!


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You do realize this means they are effectively now selling their $50 Season Pass for $29.99, for the next two weeks, now.

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Ya, giving gamers 2weeks notice of price increases, THAT'D SUCK


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LULZ - the Canadians who already bought it at ~$23US ($29.99 CAN$) WIN BIG TIME!

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I, for one, really liked the original Homefront! I really liked the multiplayer & campaign!

This Beta was trash though.

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And no comparison or article from IGN.....

That's so strange

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It's usually the case, they cut one aspect to stabilize others..

If this is any indication to their resource management, we may be seeing improvements across other aspects as well!!

Yay Bethesda, now expand our settlement caps!

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The cynic in me fear'd that the update negatively impacted the draw distance!!

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I know. The whole story is utter BS.

No retailer in the world would comply with such lunacy!

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I might not be $100 over, but I got one with an additional 1TB (so 5TB total) for at least $50 less

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This will likely be my first LEGO game !!

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Those screens DO look better

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