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"X360 -> PS4 convert!"


YES, YES, YES! #18
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Hopefully they don't try to pull that off as a "Big E3 Surpirse" hahah

But, yeah, they might as well - or greatly lower the price of the "full-upgrade" #4.1
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Well, seeing as one of the gripes of having stuff wired is *seeing* the cable, perhaps it won't be a huge deal #10
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Surely DICE understands that with Battlefield 4's premium being "not over" with Final Stand, I have no interest in another Premium at this time.

Paying them for more, while they are still delivering on promises from the last seems, to me, just seems wrong.

Not saying BF4's Premium hasn't delivered.
But it's kinda like the fools who put down $250 on Halo 5 in light of MCC - it's just an indication that some of us with fork... #4
Nvm, misread #6.1.1
Or 9pm PST, in some cases =D =D #6.1
PLS don't tell me Evil Within is on there... cause I paid for it last night. #11
hotdamn, with shipping to Canada - that came out to one pricey toque.....

I got it coming tho #1.1
OMG I want that beanie (ahem toque)

... and the maybe the mug. #1
Safe to say it'll be better than the last Fast & Furious game. ;) ;) #16
It's not hard, but RAGE is my hardest I have #10
I actually rebought South Park so I could

I'm jelly of your Uncharted plats, ive always found those games (despite amazing) too time consuming to go for completion #12.1.1
No fall damage, confirmed

Really well done, for being shot in 1stperson. 1stperson filming always feels so disjointed, especially when done well, cause it exposes how unrealistic the things we're used to seeing in games are IRL #1
most of these should be labelled 'shameful plats' #10.1
Is it just me, or should the "most shameful platinums" automatically be omitted from the "easiest list" ?

Most of my platinums were super easy. My list goes:

BF4, Walking Dead 1, Sly 1, Sly 2, South Park:SoT, Resistance: Burning Skies, RAGE, Walking Dead 2

The Order 1886 should me my #10 tonight #12
codename: Class4 #2.1.1
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I know I'll probably get hated for saying this, but I think the shard sticking out of his head is really stupid, and seriously kills any realism whenever in view #11
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As much as I agree, phrasing it "have to" is incorrect #9.2
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You know, I recently have switched to using the Chromecast. (though I have never used Fire or Roku)

I was always using PS3 & Apple TV.

For files that my PS3 won't play, I now cast them using VideoStream (a chrome add-on) #9.1
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I live in a tiny apartment, and have a really good router, and I still deal with latency. (on the Vita)

Enough that I can't play anything worth-while. Sure, I can play shooters, if I compensate for 1sec-latencies.
But I even found it too laggy to play Risk.

This is what has kept me from getting a PSTV. I'm much more inclined to spend an extra $300+ to get a second PS4, no lag, full HD. #3.1
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