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Banning a website from XBL? Now that's one way to stop your games from getting panned. ahaha

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No wonder why this didn't happen before its release, lol

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The list of games that need to be brought over from Japan is incredibly long. I agree with a lot of these, but there are entire sub-genres that gamers are deprived of in the US - unless they can read/speak Japanese and import.

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I wouldnt say I missed anything. Wii U will get slammed when Sony and MS unviel next year.

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Guitar Hero II - Bucket Head achievement

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The more publishers making games on more platforms, the better.

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I thought you were supposed to let your entire network go down and/or go after a single 20 y/o kid? You mean you're supposed to just build a stable network and catch thieves red-handed?

Well yea, I guess that is the way to do it, lol.

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Keep waiting. Sony appreciates your patience, lol

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You wrote that wrong. It should have read - "successfully pointing out how lame PS3 is"

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What? WTF? There is no good thing about this. I have to hear idiots ragging on my PS3. I just want to get back online and put this behind me. This ain't nuthin but some BS tryin to get hits off the downtime.

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I could give 2 s**** about Perfect Dark or Killer Instinct. Now a new Sly Cooper and Shenmue 3 REALLY peak my interests.

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That was epically fast, ha

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Netflix wins. This horrible trial has only proven that Hulu has a lot to learn.

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Yea, because the whole HD DVD vs Blu ray wasn't gaming related, except for the fact the disc format war is what pushed Sony ahead. Welcome to 21st century gaming.

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Another Capcom fan has had his eyes opened to one of the greatest fighting franchises ever.

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Who says I don't like it? Did you gather nothing from what was said? It's under utilized. How does that translate into I don't like it?

Please retake an English class.

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No debating that. Certainly Nintendo did what was in the best interest for them, their partners and their stock holders. Just a shame how shovelware blankets shelves and quality gets lost in the mix.

It's just gaming though. McDonalds, quality of automobiles. It's business in general.

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And you've just described the Wii library.

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I still don't think Kinect is being fully utilized in games. It's like hackers have done more with the technology than Microsoft has so far.

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It's a shooter. How do you think it's not going to be compared directly to other shooters.

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