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"Hi Jo ker."


I swear to god, in Ico I felt guilty every time I would start running and yanked Yorda by her arm and she would stumble and scramble to catch up and match your speed.

She just seemed so fragile and dependent on you, it made me a little sad every time, to the point where I would actually prefer to walk with her instead of run. #8
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Its Media Molecule who created possibly my favourite new IP last gen. For now thats all I need to know. #8
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I think gimmick is the wrong word. I dont see this as shoehorning motion controls in somewhere it doesnt fit at all.

Sculpting a clay model in a 3D space is going to be way more intuitive with motion controls than with analog sticks. I know its hard to unlearn everything we've already learnt, but try not to judge it based on every other game youve played where they used motion controls just to use them.

This looks to me like it will be used because its ac... #5.2
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I wonder if we'll ever see real numbers from Microsoft. #5
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I really hope this game turns out well. The reveal was fantastic. The setting, the character, the combat all looks top shelf but an RPG needs alot of elements to work properly to be a classic. Story, crafting, progression, AI.

Thankfully it looks like Guerrilla realise this and they are relishing the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone which is a great thing for any developer. Frankly I wish Bungie had done the same thing instead of treading such a familiar path.... #8
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He sounds like a child #12.1
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Ridiculous plot and bad dialogue? Was that your first metal gear, they're all like that.

I'm not saying that as an insult, outrageous scenarios and terrible acting are staples of the series. #4.1
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That would be surreal. #10.1
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Actually it used to be the case where consoles DIDNT have BC. That company you hate so much made it a mainstream feature that you now demand.

We all know BC wasnt possible with PS4 because the PS3 was so exotic so give it a rest. What do you want Sony to do, put a Cell chip in every PS4 so it can play old games?

Personally I'll always have a PS3 under my TV right next to my PS4 because I've never owned a standalone Bluray player so its no big deal for... #1.1.6
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Probably the best steering wheel you can get, and I absolutely refuse to buy it while Logitech is squeezing our tits refusing to make drivers so gamers with perfectly good G25s and G27s can use them.

I dont believe for a second its a chip issue. Logitec quit consoles so there was no driver support. Now they are reentering the market but they expect you to shell out again. Show some good will to your customers Logitec or live with my scorn. #4
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This needs to be real.

Morpheus looks great and the potential is awesome, but hardware wont matter if it doesnt have a killer app to make people buy it.

Sony needs an immersive 1st person experience to get people to shell out for Morpheus and since there doesnt seems to be another Killzone or Resistance on the Horizon (no pun intended) No Mans Sky could fit the bill nicely.

We need games for Morpheus Sony, not just cool tech and promise. #9
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Yeah the listing is good but I could think of half a dozen tracks that could be on there.

And I would kill for Guns n Roses. #1.1.1
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I found the whole saying passion 43 times in a three paragraph interview to be little more than PR speak. Honestly, if you interchanged the word passion with marketing, it would make more sense. MS aren't bringing anything except money and exposure. The passion for Tombraider lies on another console. Look how the last game sold and where it sold if you don't believe me. #1.9
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Thats pretty awesome. #3.1.1
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Well Im pretty sure "All" the PS4 guys DIDNT say it sucks and they "All" arent begging for it now either.

You just made all of that up so you could agree with yourself.

You shouldnt make a sweeping, generalised remark about a whole demographic who dont all think the same thing. Thats what people do in Russia. #31.2
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I'm not saying anyone is saying negative, I meant from the comments in the reviews (or lack of) no one is talking about it at all, but the scores believe me to think the game is great.

Just wondering why there isnt a bit more buzz. #1.2.1
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Does anyone care about this game?

The comments section of the reviews suggest we dont, but the review scores suggest we should. I just watched a video and it looked like fantastic old school fun. I may have to check this out. #1
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Did it occur to you it might have sold better if it were on Playstation?

Not just because the PS userbase is about double the XB userbase, thats just maths.
Not just because PS gamers are more likely to support these type of games, thats just history.
But because all of Insomniacs previous great games have been on Playstation, ergo most of Insomniacs FANS are on Playstation. Thats just commonsense.

Its a hard lesson that should have been obv... #1.1.18
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So glad they did split.

Nintendo would have tried to maintain their control over hardware and Software direction and keep Sony in their place as the weaker newcomer and Sony wouldnt have been anywhere near as creative or have as many studios as they have now.

The whole industry would be different and might not even have survived since Sony brought in adults and made it mainstream at just the right time. Gamers grew up with Nintendo, but Nintendo didnt grow u... #7
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You shouldnt fight who you are. #11.1
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