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"Hi Jo ker."


Its not just about having thick skin. Surely if the criticism is affecting you that much you should just stop reading. There are always other options.

Its just a bunch of clowns anyway, why would you keep actively seeking their opinion if its so terrible.

I would throw my computer off a bridge before I threw myself off one. #1.1.5
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For those hoping this was still some elaborate troll, its looking less and less likely. #14
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Thats a bold statement. He must planning a lot of wardrobe changes. #25
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Man this game is going to be nice. But I dont know if I should get it right away. I still have Dying Light, AC Unity and Borderlands all in their wrappers (got them all cheap or I wouldnt have bought them all at the same time) and I havent played anything else except Bloodborne since it came out, which I still havent finished approaching 100 hours and dont know when I will.

I think I'll pass for now as I want to get into Dying Light and clear some backlog but I'll pic... #27
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As awesome as that was, I'm disappointed after seeing the word manhunt in the title. #3
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As someone whose enjoyed Sony products since the 80s, this is very good to see and bodes well for gaming since Sony has driven gaming forward more than any other company and always had gamers at heart.

Sony's problem has never been quality. High price and billions spent on R&D for both PS3 and bluray really hurry them for years. The Japanese economy didn't help either.

It's a very well deserved recovery and good for all gamers whether you lik... #7
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For Michael. #2.1
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"watch how people pretend COD BLOPs is a PS4 exclusive "

Wow. Coming from a total xbox fanboy and considering how MS ALWAYS acts like CoD is an xbox franchise because that's where the dudebros live, that's rich.

No one's saying the game will be exclusive on PS4. It's just generally accepted that it will be better and sell more, like all multiplats do ? #1.1.8
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It would be a shame if this got delayed until 2017. Im kidding, Im kidding. #1
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Just because they have some similar themes doesnt mean theyre the same game. If that were true we wouldnt play sequels at all. #3.2
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I dont know why everyone is so mad. Kojima was the reason this game was going to be great, and now hes gone. If youre mad that hes gone, fair enough, but thats not exactly new news.

Did you all want them just to make it anyway and then cry because it wasnt as good as the demo, knowing from the time we found out Hideo was leaving that it wasnt going to be as good as the demo? #1.23
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I miss having more than two guns. Yeah it might have worked in halo, but a shooter is better for me when you have options. It was such a dumb trend for every shooter to follow. You don't know what's coming up in a game you've never played. If you get to an area where you need a snipers rifle and an assault rifle and you only have an RPG and a pistol you're screwed.

Let me carry every gun I find, unless it's a strategic shooter like rainbow 6 and you know t... #4
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I tried the Witcher 2 but I didn't get into it. Admittedly I didn't try very hard.

The Witcher 3 looks great and I'm going to get it. I would probably be worried about the learning curve if I wasn't a level 140 on Bloodborne. After Bloodborne nothing seems too hard. #3
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I have that skin. It is nice. #4
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I thought PS4 had been doing well in Japan lately. Doesn't seen that long ago since it past a million #7
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And completely off topic. Seriously, what was that about. I had to check the article again to make sure I hadn't switched tabs. #6.2
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Did you mean hardball?

Anyway, you answered your own question. They have the marketshare. MS is never going to catch them this gen. But it's important for them to be profitable not just sell the most consoles since Sony as a whole is relying on PlayStation more than they've ever done in it's history. #4.2.1
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Now you can race em. #1.1.1
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Wow, you are still clinging to that 42 countries thing huh? Really? STILL? As if it was someone else's fault other than Microsoft's. You act like Sony has an unfair advantage somehow.

Never acknowledging that 90% of sales come from the countries it's already in? Sony is not in those countries because it boosts their sales by a significant amount. They're they're to reach as many gamers as possible in as many places as possible. PlayStation is a global con... #1.6
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Well thats a fair point Shotty. If I was a Saturn only owner I would not be happy. I agree with you. It sucked then, and it sucks now. Whether Sony really did sign a deal or not I dont know. Saturn was dying a slow death so it made it easy for devs to choose which console if they were only going to support one. I dont think it always came down to a platform holder buying the game like the norm is now. PSOne was the clear market leader.

The difference is this time theyve choos... #4.2.6
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