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"Hi Jo ker."


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Psi ops #1
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Actually it's completely accurate. All emotion, all opinion removed, that's what it comes down to.

1 frame at 60fps is 16 thousands of a second, a time so short that if I fired a 44 magnum from 10 meters away it wouldn't have time to hit you.

So think about that if you think a game at 30fps slows input to much. A consistent frame rate is more important than a fast one for a smooth experience. #3.2.3
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You HAVE been here a while. #1.5.2
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I believe your actually a PlayStation fanboy reverse trolling with something so delusional that no one could believe to make Xbone fanboys look bad. Tricksy little hobbit. #1.5
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No Tenchu? No metal gear? What a terrible list. Sniper? Those games were panned by gamer and critic alike. The last ghost recon was terrible. Most say the same about thief. The only ones I really agree with is Hitman and splinter cell. #3
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0.016 of a second. #3.2
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I agree. Screw the CoD crowd if they don't get it. There's plenty of other games for them to play like, oh I don't know, CoD.

One guy the other day was in here actually saying Last of Us 2 needed less STEALTH! Can you believe that? I hope he never gets a job with any power . #10
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There was nothing wrong with Uncharted 3, in many ways I like it more than UC2 like the better stealth sections, but it just didn't wow us like part 2 did so many seen it a failure. It's not really fair because it's a fantastic game in it's own right. If UC2 never existed part 3 would likely be heralded as one if the best games in the genre. #1.1.7
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It's not a bullshot. Bullshots are enhanced artificially after the shot is taken by devs and publishers. Photomode might add extra effects but it's still generated while you're in the game and it's exactly what you see in that mode.

The game still has close to that level of detail, you just can't seer it when you're driving at 200kph. What do you expect?

Honestly this sort of downplaying of the graphics just sounds like sour grapes. E... #6.1.3
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My idea as I've said before is, Joel and Ellie part ways, after 4 or 5 years Ellie had realised what really happened and is tormented by guilt at the people that died so that she may live, and for the infection not being cured.

She sets out cross country to find Joel, not knowing herself if she nearly wants to confront him over the whole thing, or kill him to make him pay. The game could be played in parallel with Joel's story has he hears of Ellie a intentions and hi... #6
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I was showing some people the gameplay reveal and they were truly amazed. The eyes are what always give it away but Naughty Dog have made incredible strides in crossing the uncanny valley. No more Polar Express style creepy little dead eyes. #9
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And from only 42 countries too. #1.1.5
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The screens do look quite stunning. This is an indie title right? Amazing. #4
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She must be Jealous. #4
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Pfft. Scamlanders. #3
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How could I forget? That look of shock was priceless.

But they DID open the final seal. Worth noting. #8.1.1
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Fahrenheit remaster with Sorcerers engine.

I can dream cant I?

Its Christmas, its the time of miracles - Hans Gruber #8
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It wont be has good as the Aussie move "The Interview" anyway #25
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Thats what I was thinking. Theres something about "The movie they didnt want you to see" that makes me want to see it more. #21.1
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I don't think that ever happened. Read the article. #5.1
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