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"Hi Jo ker."


Goddamn, over a million PS4s for the month of January? I thought everyone was broke from Christmas. #2
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Well I'll just put this out there. I personally am getting a XBOne and Im getting it for Quantum Break. I'm not saying thats all the console has to offer but its the game thats tipping the scales for me and finally making me jump in.

Now if I gamed on PC I can honestly say, I wouldnt bother, because why buy a system for one game if I can play it on a platform I already have, and a better version too.

These circumstances may not be the majorities think... #5.1.3
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Why would it be sheet metal? If anything it would be some sort of rod. #2.1.2
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I am kinda. I keep waiting for the bubble to burst (in USA only) but apparently that bubble is really resilient. #1.1.3
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The GAME will make more money, no argument. But at the cost of the CONSOLE is my point. Its important in the early years of a console to get the install base as high as possible and reap the reward of more games sales overall on the back end.

MS seem to be giving people reasons not to get one.

I mean if MS just want to sell more GAMES why not allow Halo and Gears on PS4? The games will sell more right? But its the exclusives that make a console different fr... #5.1.1
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I dont why MS want to give incentive NOT to buy an Xbox. I will still be playing it on XB because I dont game on PC but anyone who does and was going to get a XB for this game now has no reason to.

Seems silly to me, especially when this could potentially be a huge franchise. And further more, beyond just this game, its sending a message that if you dont have XB but want some of the games, dont worry about it, a good portion of them are going to PC.

And most... #5
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Who said I want MS out of the industry? Youre taking it to the extreme. Theres room in the middle ground you know.

I'm simply saying when Sony has dominated the industry was still good. You could say competition is good and I wont argue, but a blanket "Monopolies are bad" statement is not really true and has been proved. Twice even.

Thats it. I didnt say I only want Sony with no one to keep them on their toes. I dont want that at all. But I'... #22.1.2
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Well said -EDMIX-.

People seem to think the game is finished and just sitting there but theyre deciding to release it in chunks just to draw it out. Why? Theyre not charging substantially more. If anything theyre standing by their quality because if the game sucks, the worst that happens is you bought one section.

Going episodic is IO's way of saying we think we have a good product because if its not everyone will know and not buy it. Youre not waiting lo... #1.3.1
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Michael, Im happy to discuss things sensibly.

For starters, nowhere did I say, and I dont think Ive ever said (but pour through my comment history if you like to prove me wrong) that XBOne sales were doing bad. Please dont listen to raving rhetoric of XBox hating fanboys here and act like I was the one who said it when replying directly to me. Thanks in advance, I appreciate that.

I'm merely saying simply selling as well as a last gen console that was al... #4.5.2
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Why do people keep saying that? I mean I know it sounds right in your head, but its like the PSOne and PS2 generations never existed.

Can anyone really say Sony dominating those gens was a bad thing because all I remember was it being awesome with fantastic games and gaming itself growing hugely from a pastime for kids to a billion dollar industry that overtook Hollywood.

No small thing. I think people underestimate how much impact those gens had and how mu... #22.1
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PS3 was no failure. It sold very well from the get go. But the big buzz word last gen was Marketshare. PS3 was doomed they would cry, because PS2 had so much marketshare which PS3 did not, basically down to the fact that Sony actually finished their hardware before they started selling it and we're unlikely to see a console dominate a generation again to the extent that PS2 did.

Now XBOne is matching (more or less) PS3 numbers which people want you to think MS is happy wi... #4.5
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I lost 4 bubbles overnight for be reason.

Care to explain mods? #7.1.3
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You forgot to say in my opinion buddy. Sounds an awful lot like you're presenting opinion as fact.

I know she was the best fit for that role because Naughty Dog picked her. That's all I need. I really don't think they're just trying to help out struggling white actresses.

They picked the best actress and she happened to be white, just like they picked the best design which happened to be black. Accept it. Plus they picked her first.
... #13.2
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I heard that Seth Rogan guy isnt even an alien. Hes human for christsakes. #1.2.2
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No one cares now. #7.1
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Meh, I dont even need to go into a big diatribe on why this is dumb, its pretty obvious to me. She did the best audition, she got the job. End of story. The character wasnt even black when she got it.

Now I'd like to see what would have happened if they said, no, our best actress who got the part is white, get rid of that black design. Thats would have been more fair than sacking an actress who did a good job for the colour of her skin.

Yes, treating peop... #13
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Agreed. Too soon. #1.11
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I was really hoping this would be a sleeper hit. Cant wait to check it out. #8
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I just want to point out you sure are exerting a lot of energy to appear aloof.

Also I responded to your initial comment with an adult, well thought out remark that wasnt provocative but you chose not to engage me at all (Im ok with that, dont feel bad), instead only responding to the guys that were baiting you, so dont pretending youre not as guilty as anyone for getting sucked into these pointless sales debates. The difference is youre being hypocritical while most are fre... #7.1.7
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You realise the irony of how childish you sound at this moment right? #17.3
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