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The first 15 minutes of The Last of Us had more impact than I would get from a thousand hours of Call of Duty or Fortnite.

As a single player only gamer I think judging a game by a dollar paid: hours to complete ratio is ludicrous.

Since when is the quality of an experience measured in time?

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Hmmm, sorry if I was a little harsh. But it's tough right, putting something out there, and then having strangers critique you on it. Remember that.

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Looks like you "dropped the ball" on this one Jrock.

Congratulations on your notoriety though. The problem with bad attention over good attention but is your character and that of your site will forever be called into question when there is a margin call, ergo you will never receive the benefit of the doubt. You'll always be considered a shill now, even if you're actually not. The internet rarely forgets. Or forgives for that matter.

So ...

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Retirement hopefully. Let Samsung, Apple or Google fill the void. They're doing a crap job, they really are.

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It has the highest res, bad games available, no doubt about it.

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People were only building it up because where are the games? They need something exclusive to cheer for. If MS had some games then games like this wouldn't get the unfair extra pressure on them.

Crackdown is next on the chopping block. Here's hoping it's decent at least.

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Ori and Cuphead were budget games. Budget doesn't have to mean buggy mess. And the Xbox sites are trying too hard. I know Xbox needs a hit but they're so transparent.

When the dust settles someone will do a Xbox site to non Xbox site comparison and I bet there's a 3 point difference in the averages.

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If Sony showed just 5 minutes of actual gameplay from all these titles and nothing else I would still go away happy. Somehow I think the show will contain more than this. Has Sony ever disappointed at E3 EVER?

Games journalism. Complains Sony shows games too early, and then complain when we get gameplay of titles that we haven't seen in Acton yet and are releasing in the next year or so. I guess they would prefer CGI trailers for games coming out in 4 years.

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Haven't played it have you?

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Yeah na, you're wrong. I've always watched them but I only really got into them when I realised how well thought out and interconnected they are. Infinity wars is the culmination of every Marvel movie since Iron man. They've all been leading up to this and it's really interesting to watch all the little details in the earlier movies that are now barring fruit.

Fair enough if you're not into them but saying you've seen one you've seen them all jus...

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Psi ops
G Police
Colony wars

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He was forever giving hints.

Are you sure you want to go back that way. We weren't there already. Sure we go to our goal now is just look around?

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I actually liked him more as a character than as a combat ally. But each to their own.

I think he was brilliantly implemented. The best example of accompanying Ai I've ever seen. His behavior, character development, dialogue. The fact there's never a camera cut helps the back and forth so much too.

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Well I admit I wouldn't want to see your dumb comment get a sequel.

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I read a thoughtful article the other day on the secrets of God of War being hidden in plain sight. It's was ignored, had about 7 comments.

In other words trashy clickbait works. You guys can complain all you want but you all fall for it time and time again.

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Very impressive for a single platform, single player game in a stagnant franchise. Risk pays off again. This is why I love PlayStation.

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I'm really glad I read this. I'm just starting a second play through.

Also Baldur really reminded me of someone. Not just his voice but his mannerisms, even how he walked and stood. I looked the actor up and it's so obvious now. Jeremy Davies who I'm a big fan of from Justified. Now I can't not see him when Baldur is on screen.

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What happens next gen when they have nothing left to BC because they didn't make enough games this gen?

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Great level. Uncharted 3 copped a lot of flack I think just because it came after 2. Underrated game and level design.

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