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Well at least he had an easier time of it than Fumito Ueda

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Is it me or do the human characters seem more believable and lifelike and the androids seem more wooden/uncanny valley?

I mean that would make perfect sense if true. Is that deliberate? Or am I just dreaming (of electric sheep)?

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So basically the only reason for someone to get an XBOne who didnt already have it is Quantum Break and that did not perform as well as many hoped, myself included.

This is why you are not only losing MS, but losing so bad you feel the need to start a new gen so early. MS is set to change the console landscape and Im not convinced for the better, and all because they cant compete when on a level playing field, so they need to change the rules to a way that others cant compe...

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Yeah, Im expecting a lot of "it should be perfect because it took ten years to make" comments in reviews. Basically punishing it for its development cycle rather than judging it on its merits.

Not gonna matter to me, Ico and SotC are 2 of the most moving games Ive ever played. Truly emotional masterpieces, yet both of them had plenty of technical faults. I think this will be the same.

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Is the game this jerky or does this guy just suck?

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Not that I agree with everything you said, or have time to counter and points right now (Im at work) , that was a very well thought out and spoken opinion. Good to see.

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And then your bike breaks

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That god damn tape deck. It was so sensitive I had to leave the room while it loaded or it wouldnt like all the commotion going on. I dont know how many times I would sneak a peek throught the door and it would just crash right there in front of me like it heard me coming in. GRRRR.

The floppy disk drive (back when Disks actually were floppy) was a godsend.

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MS just doomed its sales for XBOne S for the next year and a half and Neo is a marketing disaster because they didnt show anything? Riiight.

Pretty sure Sonys intend at E3 was to talk about games. On that level the show was a triumph. Im more excited than I've ever been for PS4 with the games that are coming up. MS on the other hand didnt show one thing that made me finally want to jump in other than Malibu Staceys wearing a new hat. Scorpio just made me glad I hadnt bo...

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Something like;
"hey, here is something coming in a few months that may better meet your needs"

MS should have posted those ads about PS4 when the released XBOne.

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Sounds like all the other pirates would be laughing at me.

YAR HAR har har

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Funny the amount of people that came out after the Sony conference claiming half the games were running on Neo. Nothing was shown running on Neo, thats just what 1st party PS4 games look like in 2016.

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Id been looking forward to this game but I didnt know it was a multiplayer game. Thats disheartening for me though I get that a lot of people will like that. Is there a single player mode?

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Is that what you read?

I read that he trusts Sony and knows they wont try to interfere with his creative process and just stay on the business side of things unless asked.
That that trust saved a lot of time hammering out understandings in the beginning by not having to discuss what each other wanted and just knowing through a great history.
That Sony want him because he is who he is and understands that talent like this doesnt need to be herded and micr...

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Why would they constrain him? Sony will let him do his thing like they usually do with their talent.

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Games are way more complicated and involve so many more moving parts now. It's only natural they take longer. The mistake is giving a date before you're sure but then games wouldn't get a date until crunch time started.

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The thing is Scorpio will get VR. MS wont make it, they will just buy it off someone else. Thats what they do. It reminds me off Jurassic Park.

Dr. Ian Malcolm: If I may... Um, I'll tell you the problem with the scientific power that you're using here, it didn't require any discipline to attain it. You read what others had done and you took the next step. You didn't earn the knowledge for yourselves, so you don't take any responsibility f...

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I want to know what sort of commands I can give AI teammates and can I switch between them.

I loved Conflict Desert Storm and Full Spectrum Warrior as well as the Ghost Recons before Future Soldier and Rainbow 6 before Seige. Tactical games with Squad commands need to come back.

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No need to bring my van into this...

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Except interesting

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