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You don't get it. Telling someone my system is good (or even better) is not the same thing as telling someone theirs flat out sucks. Don't tell me what I should like our what I should dislike.

And yes, it annoys me when Sony gamers do it too.

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Actually is sounded like, hey, we're just making every character in this game except two a guy, would it harm anything if we changed this one to a female? I dont see a problem with that, why would you want all dudes?


I like they gave Drake a Daughter. I also like that she was voiced by Kaitlyn Dever, great actress. Diversity for diversities sake is not good, but its better than having everything the same.

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The amazing thing is, anyone can take these pictures, it really does look that good. I took many of the same pics myself, almost frame for frame. Need to get some good combat ones though as I didnt really think of it my first playthrough for some reason. Didnt see the Dolphins either. I need to be on the look out next time.

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I dont really care when someone says they love their Xbox. Its when they tell me why I shouldnt love my PS4 is when I get annoyed. Eddie is entitled to have his fun however or wherever he can.

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Im at work and I cant even load most of them. Uncharted is too awesome for my bandwidth.

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Are you comparing the amount of people who spend $60 on an exclusive title on one console to the amount of people that downloaded a free beta on multiple platforms?

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And anyone who thinks attach rate is more important than total sales is delusional. 2.7 million is 2.7 million. 2.7 million in a week is fantastic.

Does it matter how big a pool of gamers it took to get those sales? No. Sony would rather have 10 million sales from 50 million consoles (20%) than 5 million sales from 20 million consoles (25%). But why? Its 5% better attach rate right? Yeah, but its 5 million less sales.

Attach rates dont matter to anyone, e...

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I heard that Microsoft Shipped 10 million digital copies in the first nanosecond.

Slightly less for physical copies.

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Beethoven took til his 5th to make a masterpiece. Naughty Dog did it on the 2nd. Beethoven is a hack.
Im kidding of course.

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I miss the bubbles. Now how do you know when youre funny, or interesting or helpful?

Plus have you noticed there are a lot more jerks around now, seemingly saying whatever they want with impunity?

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Oh, ok my bad. I didnt waste the click, I was going off the first paragraph. Its still not a very good way to enjoy a series where much of the appeal is the love of the characters and its increasing references to past exploits ei its own history. You would start Lord of the Rings on The Two Towers.

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There's nothing new about that

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Actually he didn't play the original at all. He started on part 2. It's like he started on The Godfather II and said I don't like it, why is Al Pacino so serious? Who is Deniro playing? Why'd he kill his brother? This movie sucks because I don't get it. I better tell the internet years too late.

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You can ridicule someone TO DEATH ???

I'm a monster.

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Well if that isn't the most ridiculous thing I've read today I don't know what is. We just had ratchet and clank, alienation, Valkyria Chronicles. What's this steady steam on XBOne you speak of? Way to downplay the best game so far this gen. Naughty Dog sure have hurt a lot of butts.

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The PC screen actually is in 4K. The XBOne screen is not.

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Finished it last night and I loved the ending. Cant wait for some DLC. If its anywhere near the quality of Left Behind Im going to be very happy.

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Well heres Uncharted 4 on PS4. This is undoctered and it what the game actually looks like.

Here it is on XBOne

Here it is on PC in 4K

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I agree, if the game wasnt up to scratch graphically they wouldnt put it in there. Youre never going to see a game with a C or even B grade graphics with photomode because its allowing everyone to put the game under a microscope and go over it with a fine toothed comb. Most devs are trying to hide graphic faults, not put them on display.

Games like Uncharted, inFamous and Driveclub having photomodes is basically the devs saying our game is top shelf visually, we're con...

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Valve started this episodic gaming thing because it was supposed to mean quicker release and less time waiting between them. Didnt really work that way for Half life.

Are Valve even a software company anymore, or are they happy to just make their money on Steam? Their output seems to be really low for a company with such a legacy and so many resources. I dont think they really care about making games anymore.

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