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You have me confused. See through what? I thought I was always very clear what I'm about. I'm not neutral at all. Sony is doing a way better job than Microsoft. That's my opinion. How am I hiding that?

But at least make an argument. Attack my points if you have a different opinion, don't just disagree with my personality. The respect I extended to Pappy does not extend to your reply. Maybe you should literally try less salt. It raises blood pressure.

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yeah you could be right. Checkerboard might actually be more effort than native. But what I'm getting at is would it be worth it to get 60fps? Many would say yes I think. Anyway I'm glad these new machines are getting options usually only for PC. They can still keep it simple but give you the choice. I think rise of the Tombraider in Pro paved the way for this.

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I really can't get into this game, I'm not seeing the appeal but in fairness with regards to looking disinterested, they are simply playing a game, who knows for how long. That's just what you look like when your playing. Sure if you take a snapshot of it you could say they look bored but can you say if you're playing cod for 3 hours you're all smiles and hoots and whistles? No.

I'd prefer this honest reaction to a 5 minute video with all fake enthus...

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that's just something a lot of people have been saying for the last 6 months. It's not Phil. Its the Microsoft's board members. It kind of came out of no where and has been repeated many times. Surely you have heard this yourself. It just seems like an invisible scapegoat to me. No one blamed this mysterious board when Don was coping all the flack. But thank you for at least thinking I speak with integrity even if we are butting heads from time to time. I do appreciate that. And ...

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Phil is a mouthpiece. A PR front. He's there to seem like he's your buddy, one of you, without actually doing much. Whenever he says something good he's a God. When there's something bad it's not him, it's the invisible higher ups that everyone is blaming lately.

Don't get me wrong, I think he's very likeable. Not Kaz or Shu likeable. I just want to squeeze that guys cheeks. But certainly way better than Greenberg or anyone that came before h...

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Everything's coming up M̶i̶l̶h̶o̶u̶s̶e̶ PS4.

Sony must pray to the old gods and the new. When you can say we expect annual unit sales in fiscal 17 to decrease year-on-year to 18 million units, you know things are going well.

Harvest away, you deserve it.

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" It isn't unreasonable to think the ps4 wont be able to hit the 100 million milestone"

Key word being WON'T.

Apparently you said the exact opposite of what you intended, that happens so I apologise somewhat for the barrage, but your poor writing and past character must bare the brunt of the lion's share of the blame too I'm sure you'll agree?

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Jesus moldy what's with you? Is this your new bit now? You start with praise and adoration. You try to lull us in close enough just to slip the knife in the back with some little dig talking out the side of your mouth.

And you don't even offer an argument as to why you think PS4 won't make 100m. You just throw it down like a flaming bag of shit on a door stop, and run away waiting for someone to stomp on it and the smell to rise.

So your idea...

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how refreshing, someone talking about the actual game.

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Yes yes we know, shipped not sold. But thank you, if someone doesn't tell us every single time a statement comes out we might drift through life thinking it was 60 million sold.

Oh, this informations a month old. So it probably is 60 million sold already or so close, what does it even matter, we would just be splitting hairs to argue.

But still, thanks. See you in 3 months.

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because it's nice to see competence rewarded even if it doesn't directly benefit us.

It indirectly benefits us though, with all the support Sony throughs behind PS4. That's games in our consoles.

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I feel bad for Ken. He did nothing wrong he was just a scape goat when PlayStation public perception wasn't as high. It was still performing well, someone just had to answer for the FUD. But he's the genius that lauded the groundwork for all of this.

Having said that, Mark Cerny made all the right moves this gen and PS4 is all the better for it.

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It's a stinky cologne.

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Lair was better than Scalebound.

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Some good points Kleptic.

The games media can act like theyre entitled to early copies but the fact is many of their ethics are questionable at best and a games reputation can be made or broken before its even out. Seems anyone with an axe to grind can find one thing in a game and blow it out of proportion and the whole internet (gaming world) swallows it up, repeats it as gospel and just runs with it. You can get totally unsubstantiated claims and people will repeat them y...

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Well they havent done WWII since last gen. Try not to read too much into it.

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WTF are you talking about? You sound like a child talking like that. I asked a proper question, trying to incite conversation not controversy. Whether people would prefer the resolution or the frametrate. I get a fanboy reply. I dont even understand what youre getting at. Do you?

Im well aware Scorpio is going to be better hardware than Pro. I have no problems with that, Im actually looking forward to it. Ive even defended it in this very article. Grow up and make a proper ...

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Ascension wasnt a bad game, it probably played as well or better than any of them. I just felt after GoW 3 which was so mind blowing, it just felt like one game too many. I really wasnt interested in another God of War for a long long time, and I rolled my eyes when people speculated if there would (or should) be one.

That was before E3 2016 of course. I cant believe how theyve changed the formula and how turned around I am on it. New setting, new camera, new mechanics. Fro...

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Dude, dont do that. Its up to the dev how they spend the power. Hes speculating for his game and his game only. Obviously not every game is going to hit [email protected] It depends on the game. Also its clearly going to be a step up from the Pro version regardless of where it lands so I dont see why youre laughing. Its like someone beat you in a race but failed to get the world record. They still beat you.

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