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Usually it means it's a game on PlayStation

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The beauty of a platform holder making their own games.

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Dumb. Sony could announce they are halting production of all gaming hardware and are only selling out existing stock, Microsoft still wouldn't win. It would take 4 years to catch up.

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No he said the original is BC. Nothing about a new one.

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At this point I think the only thing MS can do to get me interested in Xbox again is show a new Crimson skies with a release date in the next year.

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PlayStation gamers are pretty spoilt. Theyre like rich kids whose parents give them everything. They want for nothing.

Xbox gamers are treated like crap yet somehow mistakenly feel grateful for it. They're more like an abused spouse. They stick out a crappy relationship because they think they can't do better. No one should put up with that.

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I don't see how something can be over hyped and virtually in media blackout for 3 years as well.

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It's not only ok. It's preferable. I just wish I still did.

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So what's worst? Having less games in the first year while you're still supporting your last gen console or having less games mid gen when your console is supposed to be hitting is stride in its prime, while simultaneously trying to rejuvenate your stagnate console with a hardware refresh and not giving any enticing reason to own it?

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They've been downhill for me since Kinect 1. Their focus and execution has been lacking since then.

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Well it's a love letter for the fans after all. I'm sure I'll love it.

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Nailed it DJ.
MS fans are apparently fine with the way MS runs things. Always with their heads in the sand.

PS fans are the ones that want them to lift their game, either because they're trolls, or they're gamers who would genuinely like more than one decent console on the market.

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Insomniac made a mistake going with Xbox for sunset overdrive. Crystal dynamics did it with rise of the Tombraider. And now Cliffy has done it with law breakers. That mistake is, go where your fans AREN'T and shun them, your game will suffer. How's that for a business decision? Besides, this game is the very definition of a genre that shouldn't be exclusive.

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I didn't even know it wasn't on Xbox. Such is my interest in this game.

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I reckon the stupid arse title is as much at fault as anything.

I mean Law breakers? Why not Gun shooters or Kill doers?

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Hands up who clicked on this story because
of the photo 👐

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Like it or not, we judge with our eyes first before our ears. Light travels faster than sound. It's like when you meet a really hot girl and you like her, then she talks.

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No wait. I misread that. I meant band of brothers was shooting higher than private Ryan. Fantastic series.

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Why would you Google that?

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Exactly what i was going to say.

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