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I dont know to be honest. Nintendo seems intent on being gimmicky and underpowered forever. But I dont want an Xbox just because its more powerful. Out of the all the games, Zelda is defiantly the one I want to play, but will I get a console based on one game? I did that with Wii. Worst console I ever owned.

I think I will sit tight and wait and see how Switch takes off. I need a price cut, more games and throw in a real controller.

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Uhm, neither. Unless youre saying PS4 is not allowed to play this game.

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Hard to believe now a console with 2mb of RAM changed the world.

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this is how you make your money, on razor blades, not razors.

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I don't think it's to do with Nintendo. It's MS trying to end console generations as they knew this one was lost. They're effectively starting next gen halfway through this gen.

But I did produce way back in the early Wii days that Nintendo would be the first to start a new gen and that when PS4 and Xbox 3 came out Nintendo's machine would be under powered and then would try to leap frog to the next gen again before it was time.

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What happened to project spark? One of the few games I was genuinely excited for.

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I've owned nearly every console except the Segas from 32x onwards, and WiiU and Xbone. People think I'm just a PlayStation fan and I love that they are dominating (well I do) but I also loved it when there was more than one console worth owning, and I could enjoy each one for it's own unique character. I'm like you, I don't see the reason for me to have Xbone. Not this late in the game. I don't think I'm missing much. It's not about money, I'm just not will...

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Man this blows. WTF are you doing MS? It's not even about Scalebound for me. I thought the game sucked. I liked the concept, open world dragon RPG, but the gameplay looked as boring as the main chariot looked annoying. Game want for me.

But it's about having a bit of follow through. Believing in your developers, giving them the resources they need, and making some Damn games and making them good. This was a new IP. That means possible franchise. And even if it doesn...

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I feel the same way about crack down. Won't be surprised if that's next. When is the last time that was even shown? Surely we should have seen something if things were going well no?

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I care because I've been a gamer for 35 years and up until this gen I used to own all consoles. I care because I wish I still had a reason to own more than just a PlayStation. I care because I don't like MS spoutting nonsensical hyperbole and their fans eating it up and repeating it in forums as if it were fact. I care because I was a big fan of the Xbox OG, back when MS didn't suck and gave gamers what they wanted, a legitimate alternative to the staple consoles, instead of just...

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C'mon Microsoft. Scorpio won't be around most of 2017. And I don't really care that you have more powerful hardware coming. Hardware us not your problem. You need games and that's where you're lacking most.

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Even though I don't have a 4ktv for GAMES like this and days gone, I'm glad I just got a PS4 pro.

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I came to the comments to say the same thing. Insomniac have definitely done their best work on Playstation. It would have been great to for all parties to have then under Sonys banner.

For all those saying they are not the same league as Naughty Dog, no theyre not, but they very well might have been. Thats the point. That path was not taken. Had it been they would have had all the support, the technical help, the budget and time, and everything else that ND got.

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Well thats good news for Sony, Im sure it only a matter of time before it has over 50% of the marketshare with regards to Occulus and Vive. But thats besides the point. Its good for VR as a whole they all do well and all cater to their demographic. PSVR is the mainstream option. By definition the mainstream option will sell more. The PC counterparts are the high end options, like PC has always been. PC's and consoles have existed side by side for many years, no reason VR cant do the same ...

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Ugh, no. Dont bow down to the crooked thumbs crowd. Offset sticks suck.

Oh well, its fine to have options, I dont have to buy it. Some will like it. Just not me or my symmetrical hands.

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That was weird.
But thanks.

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thats pretty impressive. Is there a list somewhere that has all the titles. Would love to play Crimson Skies again

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Really considering getting a Pro just for this game. I dont have a 4Ktv but I still think it would be a benefit.

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Yeah I was thinking about that myself.

Irishguy seem to think that procedural means everything is random. That creature A's torso is going to get matched with creature C's legs and so forth. He doesnt know that procedural placement of things is just another tool that GG can use or that they have total control over what goes where as far as environmental or creature design goes.

He seems to think that other games, ever tree and rock gets hand paint...

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You are an idiot......................... ..............if you think that Razzer isnt correct.

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