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I love bandicoots. Some salt and pepper, wrap them in alfoil and just throw them in the coals.

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Ok. The Futurama reference just threw me. Is it possible he's actually joking and not as big a jerk as he seems?

No. Everyone's a jerk. You. Me. This jerk.

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Oh he's the master of baiting.

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Yeah, the 2 million X's Microsoft sell in the first year of launch are sure to bolster their numbers.

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Not only a pathetic shill, but off topic. Xbox has nothing to do with this article. This is what we in the industry call an exclusive. It's none of your business.

Frankly you're embarrassing. It's like Phil Spencer's hand is up your butt making your mouth talk. Games aren't going to change or evolve on Xbox. All they care about is repeating true 4k and console launch exclusive ad nauseam.

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"I hope you guys dont think that Last of Us had some major impact on the story or show for that matter. one line is not gonna make the show..which I dont gey why so much is being made of it. lol..."

Do you have any idea how insecure you sound? It's ok, just because you like game of thrones, doesn't mean you have to admit you like the last of us.

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my point was its not going to bring new customers in. It won't grow the fan base. PS4s are selling just fine. X is supposed to turn it all around according to some. I don't see it.

And I realised I turned my comment as much about the console as I did the game but the two are going hand in hand. The game is releasing along side the console, it's supposed to show off the power. And after 3 years radio silence it should have showed a lot more. The game AND the cons...

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This was an article? Save yourself the click. He basically says everyone "worried" about the game is doing it for clicks. The irony.

And furthermore he downplays the hype saying crackdown is never about graphics. While this might be true, never the less crackdown has been heralded as some technical showcase.

Firstly it was all about the cloud though that had strangely gone quiet. For years Xbox fans tried to convince us the cloud was going to t...

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And nothing really to do with last of us.

Not to mention we know nothing of how well the story or characters play out. It could fall flat or it could be amazing.

Gameplay looks anything but generic. You can play it how you want to. Time of day and weather effect enemies behavior and strength. Set traps, use stealth or go guns blazing. Did you watch the video?

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Wow. I'm even less excited now. I didn't think that was possible. Gameplay looked bland, I hate the jumping. Dialogue and character was annoying AF. Bring the pain. Good grief. That's gonna get old quick.

And the one big draw card, the destruct was practically non existent. I kept waiting for stuff to blow up. Anything. Give me a crate even. Infamous had this beat in every way and that's so old now.

I did like the visuals though.

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This sounds like a golf game for real golfers. Not your Insta 350 yard drives, chip to a foot from the hole and eagle every par 5 other games do. Golf is Damn hard work. A game should reflect that.

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Pappy, the more interesting excuses will be from the Xbox guys. No one denies XBO:X is more powerful than the pro, but those expecting a huge difference are delusional.

You're not going to see any huge leap like from PSOne to PS2. It will be more like going from a nice graphics card, to a slightly better graphics card. The games will be the same games. 4k checkerboard vs 4K is not going to be as big a deal as you're hoping and the excuses will be that PS4 pro is h...

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And no one's arguing multiplats matter either. But multiplats are a given. Everyone is GUARANTEED to have them. (Unless your are Nintendo).

Good exclusives are not a given however. And they are what gives a console it's unique flavour. What makes it feel different from the other consoles and thus, what makes it more desirable over a competitor. Not power, not controllers, not the service you will use to play online, but good solid games you can't play elsewhere. Th...

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Only virgins like breast? Everyone likes them. I've liked them since i was a baby.

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I was 22 when Crash came out.

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Really? The most hated design ever? The controller that popularised the now standard two analogue sticks?

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

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No thanks. Sticks are in the wrong place.

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I have a pc. I just don't game on it.

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This and Ori are about the only two games I'm jealous of. Is it on pc as well? I don't game on pc but I may have to make an exception.

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This is what happens when the games being reviewed are older than the reviewer.

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