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Thank you for not only changing that ridiculous search method but for also adopting a qwerty keyboard. What is it with on-screen keyboards that aren't qwerty? It's illogical. Have you ever bought a PC keyboard that wasn't qwerty?

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If this is part of a mission then it might very well be a set piece but weather is random and tornadoes can happen anytime.

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Looks freaking insane

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Phase 1 Make Great games and sell them.
Phase 2 ?
Phase 3 PROFIT !!

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Yes. I played the whole game solo. I love games with squad commands, seeing a plan and executing it. Though not as deep as previous games in the series there's still plenty of strategy to be had with this game.

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Fake concern. Any Marvel fan, Spiderman fan or action game fan would have no reservations by now. The game looks like a guaranteed hit at worst, bonafide masterpiece at best.

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I was expecting this to be just a great game but it sounds like it's going to be something special. Their magnum opus.

I didn't think anything would challenge God of War for game of the year but maybe this will. Insomniac are delivering their best like Guerrilla games and Santa Monica did before them.

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I think we all did

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I'm in the same boat. I was 18 when PSOne came out and already a decade long gaming veteran. I was walking around with a pocket of holiday pay. I was actually thinking of buying a pistol until I saw a PSOne running at Kmart.

People forget it was PlayStation that changed the industry and got adults into gaming. Suddenly there were consoles in nightclubs. They had great soundtracks. I actually won a PlayStation in a club in a Wipeout tournament. It was the coolest thing e...

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Thanks for the heads up

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Skull, games are cheaper than they were 30 years ago and cost hundreds of times more to make. You did the maths.

I'd rather pay more up front for a game I chose to support than this practise of getting bare bones games and then nickel and dimed to death.

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Antisocial gamer here. Multiplayer died with splitscreen for me, and online consoles have brought more problems than benefits in my opinion.

The only online social aspect of gaming for me is talking about them with you guys, and I'm fine with that.

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