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When is the release date? #8
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Ahw the one game that i truly will miss, shame we don't live in a world where every game is playable on every system! #4
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Leave superman be.. Rocksteady studios would be fatigued if the should move forward in the comic realm. They should need to take a creative break. And their bond with WarnerBrothers is perfect for them.

I say let them adapt the Harry Potter novels and create something amazing. Let them discover the world of HP and move to interesting and even scary bits of that world that hasn't been seen in the films. The even could follow a different lead. #6
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Activision should just launch a Online Only Call of Duty, where multiplayer is being expanded over a span of 2 years and while implementing a mulitplayer only Call of Duty without SP, they should work for four years on a reboot of the franchise.

Because COD has definitely lost their identity over the years. #14
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I don't see myself putting 400 hrs in to a game, It would be impossible to play it again!.
I think something should have balance. 400hrs should have not one Singleplayer story but two or more. So that we could actually finish something. #9
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I don't think Rockstar is being hated on.
I do think their hated on by people who don't play games.

Ubisoft is a company who is being hated on, and the same goes for EA.
and Activision.That is because they are so large that most of their portfolio is being marketed to generate a lot of money by distributing payed content.

Something we don't really like especially if its content that should be in the game when launched.
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This game actually makes my jaw drop multible times.
Their storytelling is absolutely amazing.. #4
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Because you can shout really loud CAPTURE! and kinect will do it!

After shouting it 5 a 6 times.

;) #8
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How do you switch looks for Yenneffer? #3
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It still has the same vision! So No!
And it still looks really great! #8
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The title is misleading because they explain nothing about dualplay! #3.1.1
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What a clickbait article! Yes it's true, but i would only call something a downgrade if it runs bad and has weird bugs like let's say assasinscreed unity! #18
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The wrong bit is selling it before release.
Lets hope that CD-projects changes the gaming-industries take on DLC..
And lets hope that Rocksteady Studios are giving a good story to tell with their DLC.

I say be gone with DLC, and reintroduce "True" Expansions packs like Valve did with Half-life. #3
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To be honest, I think it would be wise to tonedown the media outlet of every major developer and game. We have become sour and stupid, a generation who wants to discuss plots before playing the games. Everybody thinks he is a genius who knows best. Therefore we don't even deserve most of the info studios are releasing because every little piece of info get's burned into the ground lately.

Not to be skeptical but i think we are heading towards Ben's description: <... #17
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Don't Care about the size..

Its not about the size its how you play with it! #25
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To us maybe it's only a game! To some psycho's it is a murdering simulator. And for the media (cough 'Fox News), It's the honey that will fuel some stupid debates.

At least we can wish this game pushes the gta series in a better light. #7
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Can someone explain why my exotic engram gun, was converted into credits instead of a juicy exotic-gun i was promised in my inventory. ? #14
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Never go full VR, Everybody knows you never go Full VR. #12
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i dont get where all the destiny hate is coming from! sure the story means nothing.. But the shooting feels really good. #7
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Love the cologne! Too much of a pony smell around these articles for too long.. ;)


Fuck the vita.. that handheld is like a myth,, Never ever saw someone using it let alone playing it.. #34
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