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Love the cologne! Too much of a pony smell around these articles for too long.. ;)


Fuck the vita.. that handheld is like a myth,, Never ever saw someone using it let alone playing it.. #34
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it has to be a classic that gets an remastered version!.. or a series bundled! #5
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Just quality! a good seamless experience. those are the standards i find important #9
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curious to know when AAA-games are going to debut this engine #3
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Soo Funny #10.3.1
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i gues i have to cancel, arkham knight too because of the jaggies and 30fps! #10
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Wow only 30fps, as bad as watchdogs, gtaV, Witcher 3, sunset overdrive, Infamous: Second Son, the order, quantum break. etc.. Sheesh only 30fps.. Order cancelt i guess! #6
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Well you Playstation bro's can share all the arcade games you have.. congrats.. #26.1.1
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It is a opinion piece, this whole generation will be just that..

I like the approach of Microsoft giving gamers games 'this' year.!
And i do like that sony takes it further with releasing a lot of titles,
but when you don't play indie titles then it's a bit quiet on sony's side.
And that's my whole problem with sony, yes they released their console early,
but gamers till date only have some third party titles to play or... #16
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You are right.. Like always.. about the pc thing.. not that other thing #5.1.1
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I am ashamed of all these gamers that RANT with their sickminded ADHD comments and whining about not getting there game on their system.. For Fuck sake grow up!

This is truly the worst generation of fans you can get..
it's not the systems that you all mention that suck! it's the Fanboys that suck.....

i'm admitting that nintendo owners and fans are better than the rest.. #35
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Timed exclusive whats the big deal!..
after the holiday it will be available for ps4 en pc..
Besides most gamers should shut the hell up, Ps4, and pc does exactly the same thing..
with numerous titles..

Just buy both consoles..
Not at both at the same time. but keep in mind of owning both. #5
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Well, i think since yesterday everybody is a winner.. ;)
if you own a ps4 be happy with the order, if you own a xbox be happy with quantumbreak.

3rd party titles for everyone. so there may be some differences between titles. but when you are playing from your couch nobody is going to ruin that for you..

In the end, PC is the bitch that makes comparisons. #15
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Good games or not! My interest is in the fact that Sony
has to put more money into their service and software.
Instead of making the console cheaper. They are finally earning
money off the Ps4, and that will continue even at the price that
they are asking from us. But instead of just profiting from a sold console, let them
put some more love into their machine 'FOR" the consumer and the 'PLAYER'

Don't get me wrong,... #5.6
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I don't care much for a price-cut i rather see them putting the money on the development and publishing table instead. Although they have a nice system, it's lacking some exclusives and OS updates, which is a shame if you ask me. Not working with EA's Access is a also a weird move.

I mean they did a good move with Mark Cerny on a hardware level, but they aint putting money on their software side of things.. #5
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TSS such a BULLSHIT ARTICLE.. Everything above 24 frames is acceptable for the eye... #11
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Some gamers just want to see the industry burn! #16.2
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Well, still need to wait for real comparisons beta is 900p xbox-one vs 1080p ps4
and with release they both will output at 1080p #11
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I hope that Rockstar makes an online playlist were i can complete these mission one by one, with some matchmaking group!

I just don't get that co-op from the openworld.. It's just robbing shops for me. #5
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city: London
character: someone new without a batman voice.
graphics: top notch
gameplay: better vehicle controls
weapons: more phone action instead of gunplay #8
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