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It's a below average game, get over it.

Review comes from a website targeting your typical western gamer demographic.

Would you complain if a bias fansite scored this game higher than it deserves? Probably not.

As the author, I've no grudge against Japanese games, or even those that lean hard on the whole manga/anime approach. It's a culture I'm not immersed in, but appreciate that there plenty of westerners who are.
... #1.1
Same here. Would be nice to see a fully working Wander in the not-too-distant future. #1.1
At least Basement Crawlers is functional. #1.1
Apparently Ninty are working on a range of amiibo cards that can be used to scan in characters. No figures, but at least it provides some alternative. #2.1

It's something I never normally do. Went to buy a Little Mac figure to use with my copy of Smash but they were all gone. Settled for Pit and Falcon in the hope that I can find someone who will be willing to swap. #1.1.1
You would honestly mark down a game just because it's only available on the Vita?

As for the PSO and RO comparisons, they are valid, though neither game is known well enough for general audiences to get an idea of how Toukiden plays.

As for the continual MH references, they are needed. Where other games in the hunting genre have their own, noticeably different approaches, Toukiden directly mimics its main rival.

Whatever way you look at i... #1.1
Would have preferred buy-to-play.

With sub-based MMOs I usually play flat-out for a month and then abandon it altogether (WOW being the exception). #3
Agreed and, by the sounds of it, EverQuest Next is fairly controller friendly. Fingers crossed! #1.1
Looking great. Was beginning to get bored of the old design. #14
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would like to give this a go :) #14
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I think Burnout Paradise takes that accolade. #1.1
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Though they have said a similar deal will be coming it's still disappointing for fans. #1.1
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Wasn't really going to play this for the online, but that does dampen my chances of even buying the collection now. #2
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There are more countries on this spinning rock than the sweet US of A, my friend. EU residents have been "treated" to a somewhat early release. #2.1
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Gonna download Kenshi now. Hopefully Rain will play just as well! #1
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Big DW fans, though always turned my nose up at the Gundam additions. Might have to give this a go! #1
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Still annoyed about the whole save issue. Is it possible to change the save system via a software update? #2
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Definitely an odd game by the looks of it. Will probably pick this one up in a few weeks when the price is right. #1
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Another thing mentioned about DUST 514 is how players can band together and create their own independent mercenary outfit with can compete against EVE players and the standing economy. #2.1
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Shame I got held up by a game-breaking glitch or I would have gone further. #1
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