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Could a mod either kill this article or at least fix the title to read 30? I don't want to piss anyone off and mislead people. Believe me, i'm kicking myself for such a dumb-ass mistake.

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It's 30, not 50. Very stupid typo, how embarrassing!

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Personally, I feel a little sorry for DualShockers, particularly the writer who penned most of those articles, as it must be pretty crushing to see almost an entire piece dedicated to criticising your site and work.

However, DualShockers hasn't done itself any favours with their constant, and no offence intended, but rather click-bait-style headlines on PS4 exclusive titles. It's meant to be a multi-format website, but looking at the amount of stuff they seem to pump...

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PS4 Slim will probably be the first instance of a price cut, can't see it happening for a while though.

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R.I.P., Andrew. Didn't know the guy personally, but was well aware of his work and I remember reading quite a few of his articles.

Tragic news and so sad to hear of a person dying at such a young age.

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Barry Burton is a legend, great article!

I always found it crazy how Capcom never brought him back considering his popularity, save for a few non-canon appearances.

Leon, Ada, Chris, etc are overused. It's time they re-introduced Barry, Rebecca, and Carlos!

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Looks brilliant, although the GameCube version still puts a lot of modern games to shame after 12 years; it really is a stunning-looking title, regardless of the fact it uses pre-rendered environments.

Still, I'd prefer Capcom give us a Resident Evil 2 remake in the style of the classic RE titles. Also, the fact it's not out on Wii U is atrocious considering it was a Nintendo-exclusive for over a decade.

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Hilarious, always loved Conan's 'reviews.' Fair enough if some people find him annoying, but his commentary is a right laugh, IMO!

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Brilliant game, one of the best survival horror titles released to date and puts a lot of modern 'horror' games to shame.

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This is a classic example of a game where you get out as much as you put in.

Even after my time with the game at the review event, my completion rating was barely 10%.

Yes, it is short, but IMHO, it's worth 30 quid considering the replay value, extra missions and various hidden content.

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Polygon is a complete joke, but the sad thing is, this sort of thing gets people talking about them, which is what they want.

Don't even waste your time, folks.

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Glad to see there are so many people out there who enjoyed Silent Hill 2 (and James as a protagonist, for that matter) as much as myself. Cheers.

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I haven't played Heavenly Sword or Enslaved, so i'm not well-versed in Ninja Theory, but as a long-time DMC fan I can honestly say they did a fantastic job here. Great game, really made me eat humble pie after doubting it initially.:)

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It worries me that some developers do seem to be doing a half-arsed job on PS Vita titles. Black Ops Declassified really could have been something to make naysayers sit up and take notice, but they royally cocked that up.

2013 better bring home the bacon!

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Suda51 is awesome, it's just a pity that his games don't really sell all that well.

Hopefully this will resonate more with the buying public than Shadows of the Damned. Zombies and hot chicks sound like a good mix!

Nice interview.

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Give me Uncharted 4 and Metal Gear Solid 5 at launch and it's a day one buy for me as far as PS4 goes.

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Never played any of the Deus Ex games, but this definitely sounds like an awesome experience. Great review, makes me wanna buy it.

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Great preview, looks and sounds like a solid racing game. Should give GT5 a run for its money!

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