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Can't wait to play it! #1
I was briefly addicted to Magic: The Gathering in college, so getting addicted to Hearthstone was easy. I love all the little details, like the interactive board backgrounds. #3
I'm thinking the same way! I want to finish this before Dark Souls II. You're probably thinking of Titanfall though. ;) #1.1
Looks interesting! #2
Dishonored does everything Thief tries to do so much better, and that's really sad since the original Thief games inspired Dishonored in the first place. #8.1
I think they'll still hold up. The graphics are kinda crummy, but the games themselves are still fun. #7.1
Thanks for the tips! Picking this up later today. #3
Got to try this at PAX East a while back. It was fun! Hopefully, they work out the server problems. #1
New JRPG for my 3DS? Yes, please! So glad to see the positive reviews for this one. #6
Nice review! I'm debating whether or not I want to play Act 1 now, or wait until the entire game is finished. If I wait, there's always the chance the internet will spoil it before I have a chance to play. #1
Hmm good to know. Thanks guys! #3.2.1
I want to like this, but I couldn't even make it 10 hours into FF XIII. I'll wait for reviews and hope for the best. #3
I stayed away from the demo because I want to go into the game with a clean slate. Can't wait to play it! #3
Nice list. I've been meaning to give Ridiculous Fishing a shot, but I hear the battery drain on the Android version is monstrous. #1
I must be the only person not interested in Titanfall. I can't wait to check out Watch Dogs, Destiny and The Order, though. #1
The Witcher 3 looks amazing.

And although I'm super excited about Telltale working on Game of Thrones, I wonder if they're overstretching themselves. They already have enough trouble sticking to a monthly release schedule with two games in development. Now they have four. #2
Poor Kaz Hirai and Reggie Fils-Aime. No one will ever let them forget their awkward press conference moments. #2
I'd probably wear the Pikachu hat. Once. As a joke. #6
Wha?! More great games for my 3DS? But...but... I'm still not done with Animal Crossing! Or SMT IV. #6
A keyring Pokemon? Really? #1
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