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Happy to see Hearthstone growing as an esport. Also, I need to play more Hearthstone. #2
Good riddance! It's time for a new meta. #1
That's terrible. Shame on whatever bored trolls did this. #1
Leoric's not a bad character, but he's not as fun as The Butcher, imho. He's a bit slow, and not as tanky as other HotS warriors. #2
"Because we want to make a profit." Really, that's the only answer. #2
Good damage, fun charging ability #1.1.1
I'm enjoying playing The Butcher right now, so I'm sure a nerf is coming. #1
Good. Heroes doesn't need a forfeit feature. People give up too easily. #1
If it ever happens, the Internet will explode. #3
Haven't played a single one of these. Maybe I'll pick it up when all the episodes are out. #1
Stimpacks are good if you're an impatient person and you want to unlock Hero League or level up heroes quickly. But if you're willing to take your time with the game, they're completely unnecessary. #1.1.3
In less than 24 hours, this game shall finally be mine! #3
I don't remember most of these games, except maybe Duck Tales. Woo hoo! #1
I still haven't finished Curse of Naxxramas. I have no idea when I'll get to playing this. #1
Your mom is adorable! This would make a great video segment. Stick a camera on her, get a capture card for the gameplay, instant gold. :) #1
Have you checked your settings? It might help to set your matchmaking region to "worldwide" instead of "local." Also, the bell won't work in areas where you've already defeated the boss. And, yes, it can sometimes take a long while. Hope that helps! #5.1
I thought this game was going to be a comedy, but it sounds surprisingly thoughtful. #2
Loved the first game. Glad to hear the second one is good too! #1
I owned the original Gameboy and never knew they'd released so many other variations! #1
Great interview! #1
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