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Great interview! #1
Gah! Can't wait! #1
Wow! That's...comprehensive. Great guide! #2
Every time I see a new WoW expansion release, I get a little nostalgic for my night elf Druid. #1
Ah, 2004. Also known as the year I discovered WoW and destroyed my social life. #4
Can't wait to play this after work! #4
You're missing out! :) #1.1
This seems like a long overdue feature. #3
When I read the title, I thought CD Projekt was going to put Obama in the game as a cameo NPC Witcher. That would be a great Easter Egg. #3
By having a complete disconnect from reality or irony. #1.2
Picking this up tomorrow. Looking forward to it! :) #1
I love co-op and I'd definitely like to see something meatier than L4D. Hopefully Evolve will deliver. #4
Both are very good, but I like Fables a bit more. Probably because I'm a girl and I like fairy tales. :p #1.1
"Because the old model was stupid." End of story. ;) #1
I should really play more Dark Souls 2. Stopped at the Bastille when ESO came out. #1
Can't wait to play it! #1
I was briefly addicted to Magic: The Gathering in college, so getting addicted to Hearthstone was easy. I love all the little details, like the interactive board backgrounds. #3
I'm thinking the same way! I want to finish this before Dark Souls II. You're probably thinking of Titanfall though. ;) #1.1
Looks interesting! #2
Dishonored does everything Thief tries to do so much better, and that's really sad since the original Thief games inspired Dishonored in the first place. #8.1
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